Ancient Dinosaurs, Asteroids and Kata Tjuta

Ancient extinction event

Scientist have recently concluded that dinosaur gases may have warmed the Earth. Alcheringa confirms this and gives information about the comets that impacted the Earth 65 million years ago.

Researchers have recently calculated and discerned that giant dinosaurs could have warmed the planet with their gases. Scientists have calculated the methane output of sauropods, including the species known as Brontosaurus.

By scaling up the digestive wind of cows, they estimate that the total population of dinosaurs, produced 520 million tonnes of gas annually.

This suggests the gas could have been a key factor in the warm climate 150 million years ago. You can read more here, and on BBC Nature.

This is what Alcheringa had advised me while sitting with the Australian Indigenous Sacred Stone from the stars – known as an Alcheringa Stone. This was in 1994. This was the same time astronomers observed comet Schoemaker-Levy 9 break up into pieces and slam into Jupiter.

Spots indicating comet collsion with planet Jupiter
Brown spots mark the places where fragments of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 tore through Jupiter’s atmosphere in July 1994.

Shoemaker called it Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 because they were observing the 9 parts of the comet on their way to hit Jupiter and were eagerly observing their journey towards the planet Jupiter. I saw the Astronomers on TV excitedly view the comet crashing into Jupiter as they watched. “They called it a string of Pearls”

It happened in 1994. This was the same year we were given the information about Uluru being an Comet. I felt it was a replay on Jupiter that had happened on Earth.

I began writing the diary “The Book of Love” sitting with the sacred Alcheringa stone on 22nd August, 1994. (I had no idea at the time of how things would unfold)

They say there are cycles within cycles.

A Dinosaur Problem: lack of oxygen

Alcheringa had advised that the Dinosaurs had become so large and so dangerous that a reluctant decision for their destruction was made by the Hierarchy of the Star Worlds.

That the huge herbivores were eating all the grasses and leafy green leaves from the trees, therefore killing the trees and that it was destroying the earth’s atmosphere – for carbon dioxide could no longer be converted to oxygen.

Coupled with that the huge dangerous killer Dinosaurs were fighting with each other and killing one another. The bodies were so large it took far too long for the bodies to disintegrate back into the Eearth. The odour of decaying and disintegrating herbivore bodies was horrific and the earth’s atmosphere was being deprived of life giving oxygen.

With the decision that the Dinosaurs had to be destroyed a huge Asteroid was engineered and brought onto our earth by the starpeople. It broke into nine pieces but the main body of the Asteroid landed in the centre of the land now known as Australia.

The comet broke into nine pieces

This rock (or inselberg) is known as Uluru. Three years ago,I was called upon by Alcheringa to sit at my computer and he would prompt me with questions to research on Google and write an article about finding the giant Impact Crater that was caused as the Asteroid came into and landed in the ancient Eromanga Sea that had existed in the centre of Australia.

This is the article presented on my website as ‘Alcheringa tells the Story of Uluru.’

In the night, only a week ago, and just before I saw the headlines of the scientific study that Dinosaur Gas May have warmed the earth, I was prompted by Alcheringa to write a little more about the connection to Kata Tjuta and Uluru.

Alcheringa has already advised us that the Asteroid plus nine parts of it had spread around the world and that the main part was Uluru (or Ayers Rock) in Australia. As it landed in the shallow Eromanga Sea it pushed the sea bed ahead that formed into very high mountainous mounds we now call Kata Tjuta (or The Olgas).

Superimposition of the shallow Eromanga sea over Australia
Superimposition of the shallow Eromanga sea over Australia

If I can digress here, if you were to read St. Germain’s description

(With permission from the Publishers of the book Earth Birth Changes, I have been kindly allowed to quote St. Germain’s graphic description of The Fall of Atlantis. (Click here to read St Germain’s description of the Fall of Atlantis)

of how the earth reacted when an asteroid hit the earth at a time between 10,000 to 14,000 years ago, you can easily understand how it must have been and even worse when the Dinosaurs were destroyed, 65 million years ago on Earth.

Scientists do not agree that Uluru is an asteroid. (Its mass extends six kilometres beneath it.) Uluru is described as Arkose rich in Feldspar. It has been shown that asteroids do have feldspar present.

Kata Tjuta is conglomerate rock looking very much like an ancient sea bed.

Scientists describe Uluru as tilted to 85 degree angle and Kata Tjuta has tilted some 20 degrees.

Much of Uluru and Kata Tjuta is hidden by silt and sand and that they are really massive from what you can see above the ground.

Kata Tjuta looking back from West to East to Uluru in the far distance-the ancient paleovalley exists in between
Kata Tjuta looking back from West to East
to Uluru in the far distance. (The ancient paleovalley exists in between)

Scientists say that Uluru and Kata Tjuta are part of the same left overs of a huge sediment base that has formed hundreds of millions of years ago. And yet Kata Tjuta is conglomerate rock looking like an ancient sea bed and still breaks up. Uluru is arkose sandstone rich in feldspar and is naturally grey in colour.

The whole of the centre of Australia, called the ‘Red Centre’ is covered in red iron oxide earth clay, which St. Germain mentions in his description of the Fall of Atlantis.

Coming back to being prompted by Alcheringa to write this article he has given me an image of how Uluru came in at an angle – hitting the seabed – pushing up the sea bed to form Kata Tjuta at a lesser angle and forming a GIANT impact crater which has since dried out and filled after ‘the Fall of Atlantis’ which affects happened all over the earth.

drawing of sea bed at Kata Tjuta
Drawing of Sea Bed at Kata Tjuta and Uluru; (click image to see larger version)

Alcheringa reminded me of how scientists have discovered a paleovalley that exists between Uluru and Kata Tjuta beneath the red sand linking them on the ground. Underneath the ground where you cannot see – there are mounds they call amini-Kata Tjuta. That to me is showing a direct push ahead of the ancient sea bed by the incoming asteroid.

For scientific analysis and more information on the ancient sea beds and the paleovalley drainage at Kata Tjuta and Uluru, see the summary of the article on this matter at the CSIRO website for The Rangeland Journal.

Sudbury Basin

Peru Meteor Crater

This Sudbury Crater in Ontario Canada was pointed out to me by a scientist back in 1995.
It looks like an impact crater that has later been filled in.

The scientist told me he understood what the message from upstairs was about regarding Uluru.

It all sits in the middle of the hypothetical Centralian Basin, which contains the Armadeus Basin, which I wrote about here.