Egypt and Australia: Part 2 of The King Tut link

sarcophagusThe January 2016 meeting of the Mystery School was planned to recover material lost from the earlier session. However, “upstairs” has a plan that more information needs to be uncovered for synthesis to come together about the journey from Egypt to ancient Australia (Lemuria) to be understood, and for this understanding to elicit further from the soul memories of those present. You can read Part 2 of Egypt and Australia: The King Tut Link here.

March 2015 Newsletter

templars playing chessHello Everyone,
Welcome to our March Newsletter for 2015. In this newsletter we read about the formal induction of a UFO Case into a US History museum. Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell speaks about Consciousness and we look to Chinese officialdom wanting the Dalai Lama to reincarnate for political purposes!

We also read about a monk who was mummified hundreds of years ago; some Buddhists claim he is not dead! Patricia Cobbles and Julia Kusel speak about the progress of Ascension, and their writings both illustrate what Jalarm told: there are many fellow travellers, and many mystery schools; there is much work to do to assist the little Earthling to make the transition to the 5th Dimension. Sadly, the news came out this week that suicide is the biggest killer of those under 45 years of age. As Jalarm and “Upstairs” confirmed earlier, the message of unconditional love amongst these times of change must go out.

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