January 2016 Newsletter


Hello Everyone,
we are so hopeful and so inspirited – inspired really – by the energy, determination and clarity that many young people have. The daily news rarely brings good news, and young people make a positive contribution our world, reminding us that not everyone is a nimby, (not in my back yard) and our world is transformed with love for everyone, daily. It is so wonderful to know and see these young people taking positive actions for our world’s future.

In this newsletter, we offer you some articles on shaping and forming DNA, and the 12-Strand DNA activation. In the Mystery School, Jalarm has revealed that the inactive DNA will begin to flower. It has also been shared in the Mystery School that time is faster; we share one reflection on time being faster. We always glory in the natural phenomena of our Mother Earth and bring you some images. Wi-Fi is prevalent everywhere, what are the effects of all this radiation? This is a question all might give some thought to. We read about how awe is induced in humans, and how hygge keeps Dutch families happy. And God. The Interview with God.

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