Cosmic Sai Baba Introducing Andromeda Val from the Galaxy Andromeda M31 with a Message January 1st, 2019

Cosmic Sai Baba

ANNOUNCEMENT: Please see the February 6, 2018 message from Cosmic Sai Baba introducing Andromeda Val to readers of the website.
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Meeting January 1st, 2019 – Moss Vale.

In today’s meeting, 3 questions are asked:

  • About Human DNA and how it relates to raising our consciousness to 5th Dimension.
  • About the Opalized Dinosaur bones found in Australia – and the connection to the extreme heat coming from Uluru which they say is an Inselberg and is an Asteroid that came as a fiery mass, landing in the ancient Eromanga sea.
  • About the Sasquatch, Yowie, Yeti, Bigfoot all being the same race on Earth.

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January 2015 Newsletter

colourful sun

Hello Everyone,
Welcome to our January Newsletter for 2015. The Bermuda Triangle has been named as the source of many mysterious events. We look to a story about a crystal pyramid in the Bermuda Triangle. Conscious Evolution is on many minds as many seek to aid the Earth and all who live upon her by taking up Ascension. We share one article principally for its importance in highlighting that old habits of mind – hardest to eradicate – have to go. Many a strategy is shared in this article.

Alan Watts brings a video about how the universe lives through us and shows us how human life is a journey of purpose. “Upstairs” has done much work with us through many sources – Sanat Kumar, Alcheringa, Cosmic Sai Baba and more lately, Jalarm and The Oracle. Much history about the Earth before the Fall of Atlantis has been given. Prior to the Fall of Atlantis, the Earth was in the 5th Dimension. We share one article which confirms much of what we have been told about a cataclysm created by the Fall of Atlantis. Valerie had a remarkable adventure at Canyonleigh near the New Year after taking the blessed waters there. We bring you photos of this event – Valerie and friend shrouded with light and their auras bright with white light! And this occurring so close to the New Year, we bring you Patricia Cobbles Prayer for the Light that has been given to Earth for 2015.

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