Lord Shiva speaks to Valérie

The Lord Siva

I am the Lord Siva and I am here to converse with you. I hope you do not mind.

The Golden Dancing Lord Shiva

I am the Lord of the dance of Life. I come with the Fire of Life. The Fire can destroy the unwanted and it can renew growth. It can give birth to the sun. I am the Lord Siva from the sun.

Which gives you light from the moon on this earth. You have the Light which gives rest for the sun when reflected from the moon. I speak this way to remind you of the necessity of the sun – The Fire.

I AM Light itself be you asleep or awake. Sometimes I am known as Helios – but I PREFER TO BE KNOWN AS THE LORD SIVA.

I would like to invite questions? Do you have any that you would like to ask?

No so much of a personal nature but of earth and her interaction with the Sun and the Sun with the Galaxy. And the Galaxy’s INTERACTION WITH THE UNIVERSE.

Q: Where do all our thoughts go?

Your thoughts – this is what you ask Where they go? – Your thoughts, it is true – it is an energy – each thought is held within the atoms or sometimes people refer to it as your soul. Unwanted thoughts can gather like clouds in the earth’s atmosphere – these thoughts do gather in clouds, in energies, that are or can be destructive if they gather in great force and come from a place, shall I say ‘negative thinking’ and I am not judging you my son, for everybody is capable of a negative thought. But positive thoughts also can gather in clouds of Light and these energies are matched in weight against the negative – so one can cancel out the other in weight – if that makes some sense.

There is a sorting out of thoughts – the thoughts that are beneficial to each soul that is upon this earth that assists in their development – their character. This energy is kept within the soul … It is taken with them when they leave the earth body and return to the sea of souls which exists in the World of Light.

So does this answer your question?

Sort of – I always thought they continued on forever.

Indeed – the soul is like a stepping stone that leads back to the Being of Light and the Being of Light then connects to the Monad that exists from the Angelic Being and from that to the God Consciousness.

Does this make some sense?


Is there another question? – (silence)

I will of course answer questions telepathically. And I am available to any that want to call upon me – whether they be in this room or at another place.

Your soul is your communication point – there is no limit from that point. Your soul is the doorway to all knowledge. You have it at your fingertips whenever you want it.

There has been much fear of the Fire in the evolution of the earthling. It is understandable indeed. Focus on the Divine Fire for the two go together it is the flame that gives Life it is the Flame that is in your hearts. It exists in Divinity and God Consciousness.

It is this Divine Fire that can be used to destroy the unwanted that is within you and help you to lift in the frequency of Light which is Divine Fire. I would like you to think about this for it is the essence of you and your life.


Soul is another word for Sol – your inner sun.

The use of the word Helios has been misused by men of Religion to gain power through fear. Going to Hellios or Hell as used in abbreviation, brings fear to many.

Meditation on Light


Candle with flame

Meditation on Light

This is sometimes described as The ‘Most Effective Form of Meditation’

Set aside a few minutes, every day, in the beginning for this; later, you are sure to extend the period, when you experience the thrill of peace. Let it be the hours before dawn. This is preferable because the body is refreshed by sleep and the peregrinations of day-time have yet to impinge on the senses and distract physical and mental energy. Have a lamp, with a bright little flame, steady and straight, or a candle, before you. The flame does not diminish in lustre, however many lamps may be lit therefrom. So, the flame is the most appropriate symbol of the eternal Absolute.

If you can, sit cross-legged; if your are not able to sit thus, then sit in any comfortable position, in front of the flame. Look on the flame steadily and closing your eyes, try to feel it inside you, between your eyebrows. From there, let it descend down into the lotus of your heart, illumining the path. When it enters the heart, in the centre of the chest, imagine that the petals of the lotus bud open out, one by one, bathing every thought, feeling, emotion and impulse in the Light and removing darkness. There is no space now for darkness to take refuge; it has to flee before the flame. Imagine that the Light becomes wider, bigger, brighter. It pervades the limbs; they can no more busy themselves in dark, wicked, suspicious activities. They have become, you are conscious of it, instruments of Light, that is to say, of Love.

The Light reaches the tongue. Falsehood, slander, bragging and spite vanish from it. It reaches the eyes and the ears. All dark desires that infest and infect them are destroyed by the brilliant Light of Wisdom and Virtue. No more puerility, no more poisoning of the ear. Let your head be charged with Light; all wicked, vicious thoughts disappear, for, these are denizens of darkness. Imagine that Light in you more and more intensely — and it will be so. Let it shine all around you, enveloping you in the brilliance of Love; let it spread from you, in ever widening circles, taking into its fold your kith and kin, the loved ones, friends, companions — nay, strangers, foes, rivals, enemies — all men all over the world, all living beings — all Creation.

Do this every day, without break; for as long as you enjoy it; do this deeply and systematically; a time will certainly come when you can no more relish dark and evil thoughts, no more yearn for dark and sinister books, no more crave for toxic food and drinks, no more handle ugly demeaning things, no more suffer infliction of infamy or injury, no more formulate evil designs. You are then in the realm of the Divine, of Peace beyond words.

Stay on in that thrill, witnessing Light, being Light, everywhere, for all. If you are used to adoring God in any form, visualise that Form in that Light. For, Light is God; God is light. When light meets light, it is all Light. There is no boundary between your light and His Light. They merge, they fulfil.

When you feel the light all over the world, within all living beings, say, “I am in the Light; the Light is in Me, The Light and I are ONE

Candle Flame

I am in the Light, the Light is in Me, the Light and I are ONE.

In this peacelessness that is confounding the world, you must seek the higher spiritual peace; in that higher spiritual peace you can visualise Supreme Splendour and in that Supreme Splendour, the all-embracing Light (immanent and transcendent splendour, boundless, benign) is experienced; in that all-embracing Light, the Universal Eternal Absolute is experienced. When the individual meets the Universal it becomes Universal. I and I become we; we and he become only we. Practise this meditation, regularly everyday. At other times, repeat the Name of God (any Name that arouses in you the spirit of adoration and devotion), always taking care to be intensely conscious of His Might, Mercy and Munificence. Sai Baba

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The Embryo Meditation

The Embryo Meditation

Buddhist Bell

Sounded the Bell – The energy was so nicely balanced in the room – with your mind lift to the point of the World of Light which is the source from whence we came.

We are going to be given the images of how a ‘walk-in’ takes place. It is actually an aspect of the Light Beings that you all are, coming down the thread, the silver cord that still connects you to the Light Being, that aspect coming into the new little baby that has been chosen that has been agreed to by you, and the parents that have cooperated in producing the little embryo – all have made an agreement before the baby is actually born, or just after, and so that spirit soul enters the little baby and becomes a spiritual being. It is enchristed with the Christ Light. The Christ is also another word for crystal. The crystal energy is the purest form that is closest to God.

You can relive that time, that connection to the physical body. To that tiny little embryo, that tiny baby … and as the form grows from the blueprint, the soul is always there. It is the spirit that grows along with the physical body until it takes full time of growth to the point where the child is no longer a child and is able to stand on its own two feet and looks after itself and takes a path that it is linked to or has agreed to. To live the experience, like a play, on a stage, as Shakespeare has said, on this earth.

The blueprint is very open – there are many times you can make choices – to go one way or another. To experience one way or another. But there are certain points along the way that will definitely happen. We are encouraged to always listen to our inner intuition – which is our inner teacher. It is that aspect that links with the God, the Light Being aspect of us, of who we are. Some people say the ‘higher self’ but even that can lift to another point which is of the Monad.

You can feel many around you in Spirit and know that you are never alone. Many Angelic Beings, elementals assist for that growing to take place along the journey that you have agreed to take upon this Earth. This Earth is a very special place indeed. It has been designated by the Elohim to unite all energies, and all aspects of all beings and Light Forms in all worlds – here on Earth so that unity can become a reality. All forms can interact and give an opportunity to learn to love one another – to help one another – The Beings of Light exist – the Black Light exists – This sometimes hides forms that are not readily seen – But all is organized by the teachers, or the ones that are around you, to lift your experience to a new understanding.

It gives opportunity to spread love. Love is the energy that comes from the Source. It is love that all of us need to focus upon – the true meaning of Divine Love. This is from a point of all wanting to help, to care, to look after, to nourish, to teach the wisdom – it is from a point of all knowing and that point exists within all. You can learn to transmute all those energies around us that are holding us back from becoming one, with that point of Divine Light that is within us. You can share and spread it out all around us. We call upon Beings of Light to be with us at all times. At difficult times, and good times. If we feel dis-ease within ourselves, we give that dis-ease to God. It will make it much easier to free the self of unwanted energies.

Breathe deeply and connect with the soul. The point of the flame within the souls that is the source of creativity – the Source of Love, the Divine Fire that never burns – that warms and nourishes in a feeling of love. Feel that energy in your heart now. Feel it spread around you, filling every cell in your body and moving out through the skin into your aura, and filling the aura around you. Getting bigger, and bigger – expanding so that all energy of love expands around the earth and connects in unity, Divine energy of Love.

Take deep breaths and feel that love in your breath, so that as you speak, words come with that energy of love. Take deep breaths and as you look with your eyes you feel that energy of love go out through your eyes – take deep breaths and as you feel that energy go out through your ears, you hear nothing but love. Take deep breaths and feel that energy of love go out your arms and hands and you feel that touch of love.

God Bless, God Bless, God Bless.