Review of the talk given by Valerie at the Academy of Light in Mosman Sydney. N.S.W. AUSTRALIA

Valerie Barrow – 25th March

Spoke for two hours without notes….

It has been a privilege and absolute pleasure to have had Valerie Barrow come to the Academy on 25th March. The Grand Hall was well filled with people interested in hearing more about our origins. Valerie has written three books with the fourth one on the way and is a sought after speaker transmitting messages from guides like Cosmic Sai Baba and Andromeda Val.
She shared her life’s journey with us and how it all got started when she had a Near Death Experience which made her a different person. It became clear to her that she has a mission to fulfil this time on Earth. After being ‘tested’ for 2 years she started to receive messages during the night that she would pass on to others.
When she visited the hieroglyph rock carvings in Kariong NSW she had a vivid past life memory reliving the moment that she was on board of a Star ship that crashed into the Earth, coming here to bring more light to the Earth. The many people that started coming to Valerie after this experience wanting a regression, all were part of this event and had a piece of the puzzle of what really happened all this time ago. Eventually this resulted in the book Alcheringa.
More recently Valerie started to connect with her ‘oversoul’ self Andromda Val 6000 years into the future. On the night she connected with her and gave us a brief message in her language.
She also showed us many pictures taken from orbs, Pleiadian ships. It was interesting that when she talked about the colour magenta, suddenly the lights in the Grand Hall changed into that colour! Magenta is the colour for telepathy she explained.
At the end there were many questions asked about what would happen in our near future. Valerie’s answer was that if we would like the Star People to show themselves and help us we need to pray and make them feel welcome. Valerie also told us that we are protected. There won’t be any big asteroids allowed to crash into the earth and they have stepped in to avoid any nuclear explosions. If we come from a place of love and not of fear we will create the future that we would like to have.


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Cosmic Sai Baba Introducing Andromeda Val from the Galaxy Andromeda M31 with a message on 6th March 2018

Cosmic Sai Baba

ANNOUNCEMENT: Please see the February 6, 2018 message from Cosmic Sai Baba introducing Andromeda Val to readers of the website.

Valerie: We are calling upon Cosmic Sai Baba with great love and respect to introduce Andromeda Val this day. Thank you.

“It is I Cosmic Sai Baba – I am here and I am very pleased to be here. This, of course is one, or the first of many messages that Andromeda Val is going to be giving to you at my request. And so I will always be here to introduce her. So I hope you will welcome her for she is here right now.

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Working with the Highest Point


The Source of All Creation has been compared with a many sided diamond; when you look inside a diamond you see more facets of light that appear to expand to infinity. The Source in fact said that if we – or The Source itself were to count all its facets we would run out of zeros. We – and The Source – wouldn’t have enough Zero’s!

Human life – that is life with being, awareness, intellect, consciousness and a higher consciousness is precious. Many were mystified when Sri Sathya Sai Baba told that all life seeks to be born on this planet in this galaxy. The Source went on to say that it is a way of giving many, many people that have form from many different Galactic Races to incarnate with a Soul that have come to this planet to learn to understand each other and to help one another. That is the Agreement they have when they come. However, other shadow is with them also and that needs to fall away before they can come from the purest point of Love. Because the Source of All Creation is the energy of LOVE.

Shakespeare told, “All the world is a play” and The Source confirms: everything that happens here is a play of consciousness which has a reason and a purpose. Many work with The Source; there are others around this planet that are doing exactly the same, they are like the mountain peaks above the clouds. The Source offers a method of working; it is not an easy road. There are many influences on the mind in an earth body. The Source explains that it is a responsibility which requires respect – within and without – to work with The Source itself. An invitation is given to many. You may read the about the recent meeting of the Mystery School and Working with the Highest Point here.

Eagarinna Speaks: From Betrayal and Destruction to the Golden Age

In this transmission, Eagarinna begins by showing Valerie what it is like to look out upon the Universe from the command room of the Mothership Rexegina. Eagarinna then takes Valerie – and you, the reader – directly into the scene 900,000 years ago when the Mothership had been blown out of the skies and the survivors fell to Earth. Eagarinna tells the story of betrayal, destruction, survival and recovery – recovery to the true purpose of the Mission of the Mothership Rexegena – to bring the Light of Love to this corner of the galaxy.

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The Mission of Alcheringa – When the First Ancestors were Created

John the Divine

My voices were telling me, ‘Its really The Lost Book of Love, a manuscript written by John the Divine, who was asked by God to eat it By that I presume it meant he was to hold it back, or even consume it. Strange!

“Yet The Cathars in France, around 1244 were said to have possessed a mysterious manuscript, “The Book of Love” written by St. John, in which “marvellous revelations” were recorded. It seems it was lost then, when The Cathars were attacked and destroyed by fire.

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Glastonbury Visit: The Abbey and Glastonbury Tor

Glastonbury Visit: The Abbey and Glastonbury Tor

Aerial View of Glastonbury Abbey Site, UK

Aerial View of Glastonbury Abbey site (source – Google images)

“Traditionally, the earliest Christian sanctuary in Britain. Legend says Joseph of Arimathea brought Jesus here and they built the old wattle and daub church. History records it as standing in 600 A.D.; and it burnt down when the entire Abbey Church were destroyed by fire in 1184 AD.

Leaflet from Glastonbury Abbey Site, UK

Leaflet from Glastonbury Abbey site

Archaeology tells us that Christianity was present in Somerset since earliest days. Glastonbury was important for pilgrimage – even being called “The Second Rome.” The Abbey became the largest and richest in England. St Bridget, St. David and St. Parick are said to have visited.

St. Dunstan was educated at Glastonbury Abbey and was Abbot here until he became Archbishop of Canterbury. He introduced the Benedictine Rule to Glastonbury and into England. Another Glastonbury monk, Sigeric, became Archbishop of Canterbury in 10th century.

In 1191 legend says that the monks found the buried remains of King Arthur and his Queen Guinevere. In 1278 they were re-buried in the chancel in the presence of King Edward 1 and Queen Eleanor.

In succession, three stone Abbey churches have stood here. The remains you see date from 1184 until 1539, when the Abbey was seized on the orders of King Henry VIII, during the Dissolution of the Monasteries. It was demolished gradually and used as a ‘quarry’ for building stone. The Abbot’s Kitchen is one of the Abbey’s remaining complete buildings: and from April to October there are demonstrations about the life of the monks.

The Abbot's Kitchen is one of the remaining complete buildings at Glastonbury Abbey

The Abbot’s Kitchen is one of the remaining complete buildings at Glastonbury Abbey

Behind St. Patrick’s Chapel is the Glastonbury Holy Thorn Tree, which flowers twice each year. The Holy Thorn is said to have originated from a tree that grew, according to legend, when Joseph of Arimathea plunged his staff into the ground at Glastonbury and it burst into leaf.

The grounds contain 36 acres (about 14 hectares) with a fine selection of trees, wildflowers and bulbs for interest and seasonal variation, wildlife, ponds and a cider apple orchard.

In 1907, the ruins were bought and preserved. The Abbey is a Charity; “our only income is from you, the visitor.” The above information is taken from the leaflet given when you enter the grounds of the Abbey. You can refer to The Custodian. Glastonbury Abbey, Somerset. BA6 -9EL. You can contact the Glastonbury Abbey here

Commemoration of Joseph of Arimathea and Somerset at Glastonbury Abbey

Commemoration of Joseph of Arimathea and Somerset at Glastonbury Abbey

When John and I arrived at Glastonbury town, we were amazed about the numbers of people and shops that were there; selling all kinds of what could be loosely described as ‘esoteric aid’ shops with ‘new age’ connotations. Many people looked happy enough – others seemed lost, as if searching for something. We were happier when we entered Glastonbury Abbey behind high stone walls. It is run by a charity, although privately owned by folk who live in Australia. A lovely peaceful place with calm energy. We enjoyed strolling around the ruins and walking the green lawns.

John Barrow standing at the ruins of the Chruch at Glastonbury Abbey

John Barrow standing at the ruins of the Church at Glastonbury Abbey

We came across the original site of the Wattle and Daub referred to as ‘The Old Church”. After visiting the Camargue in South of France and witnessing the replay of the landing of Jesus’ family when escaping Egypt – our memory is Joseph of Arimathea, uncle to Mother Mary, was among them, and after a short stay in Gaul he continued with others to his familiar business route of shipping and tin mining in what is now known as Cornwall and Wales. At the time, Glastonbury was an island surrounded by marsh lands (similar to the Camargue) a safe place when the Island of Britain was still occupied by the Roman Empire. In earlier days Joseph traveled with Issa – north to Scotia. (Scotland) – much evidence and research of Jesus traveling there is given by Barry Dunford, in his website

Issa-Jesus in Scotland (Caledonia)

Issa – Jesus in Scotland (

It is reported that Joseph had already acquired land from the local ruler, Arviragus to establish a place of learning and meeting – hence the Wattle and Daub building.

Jesus, (although I prefer to call him Issa) referred to himself as coming straight from the Father (meaning heaven). He never came to start a new religion and wanted to help people to rethink their way of life. He wanted to discourage sacrifice – he wanted to discourage slavery – he wanted people to understand of where He really came from and the message that He brought in the name of The Father, for people to love one another as He loved them. He spoke with clarity, being overlighted with Divine Light so that people felt compelled to stop and listen and marvel at His words. He performed miracles.

He was the anointed one. The word “Christ” comes from the Greek word Christos. By itself, Christos is the ancient Greek translation of the Hebrew word masiah (Messiah) which means “anointed one.” Later with the development of a church and a religion it eventually came to be called “Christianity.”

At the last supper Issa has been portrayed to say, “This is my body, this is my blood.” The church has placed the focus here – and this is not really the focus. The focus is Love, the focus is the Divine Kingdom of God, a cosmic kingdom of oneness of spirit.

The message of Issa-Jesus - a cosmic kingdom of oneness of Spirit

The message of Issa-Jesus – a cosmic kingdom of oneness of Spirit

Issa often used symbology in teaching. His blood and His body was not of this earth. He was showing everyone that His Blood was Holy and His Body was Holy and that He had come directly from The Father, or another world. This is the Holy Grail. This is the Sang Real … the Blood Royal … The Holy Blood and The Holy Body through which it flowed. He came from the Cosmos.

Issa’s message was, “Love one another as I have loved you.” and that, “The Kingdom of God is within you.”

As a Medium I have, with agreement, allowed Beings of Light to use my voice box to speak through me. I have been blessed a number of times with the Light Being who is Jesus present himself and speak to us. In particular was the first meditation we had for the New Millenium. We all in the room felt His presence as He took over my body. He could be seen clairvoyantly dressed in pale blue and white robes, by a number of people, and he stood standing with His hands uplifted towards everybody in the room. Everybody was moved to tears and felt overwhelmed by His presence, including me. He was sharing His energy with us, not speaking much at all – but He did say:

“Many people await my return, but I have never left, all you have to do is ask, and I will come.”

The room was filled with a warm feeling of Universsal Love and Peace. And when I sat down I became aware of footprints in the carpet, which took a long time to fade.

Returning to our visit to Glastonbury Abbey we found the place where the monks found the buried remains of King Arthur and his Queen Guinevere.

Plaque at Glastonbury Abbey marking the site of the graveyard where the remains of Arthur and Guinevere were found

Plaque at Glastonbury Abbey marking the site of the graveyard where
the remains of Arthur and Guinevere were found

Plaque in Glastonbury Abbey marking the discovery site of the graves where the remains of Arthur and Guinevere were found

Plaque in Glastonbury Abbey marking the discovery site where
the graves of Arthur and Guinevere were found

And finally before we left the Abbey, we found the Holy Thorn Tree that is said to have originated from the staff Joseph of Arimathea plunged into the ground on Wearyall Hill on the way to The Tor.

Valerie standing under the Holy Thorn Tree

Valerie standing under the Holy Thorn Tree

It was a stiff climb, without handrails, up to the Tor above the Abbey at 158 metres above sea level. There remains the ruins of St Michaels church destroyed in 1539 on King Henry VIII’s orders. There also the Last Monk from Glastonbury Abbey was hung, drawn and quartered. I refused to ‘tune into’ that energy.

The energy up there was breathtaking – it was easy to see how Glastonbury town was built on an island and that large, wide flat plains existed in a full circle around it in which was obviously once a marshland. Hills rose in a great distance around a larger circle that had an opening, like a gateway, where the sea would have once come in and flooded the plains.

Valerie and John at Glastonbury Tor

Valerie and John at Glastonbury Tor

This was looking towards Wales. I could easily see why Glastonbury was once called the Isles of Avalonia and existed as marshlands when King Arthur ruled 1500 years ago and of course when Joseph of Arimathea lived there.

View from Glastonbury Tor

View from Glastonbury Tor

Joseph is said to have died at Glastonbury on July 27th, A.D.82. On his tombstone was written, in Latin, “After I had buried the Christ, I came to the Isles of the West; I taught; I entered into my rest.”

We later visited the Chalice Well and its Holy Waters. Chalice Well is one of Britain’s most ancient wells, nestling in the Vale of Avalon between the famous Glastonbury Tor and Chalice Hill.

Chalice well with the Vesica Piscis on the cover

Chalice well with the Vesica Piscis on the cover

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