The Beginning of Disclosure: Starships en-masse


The New Year dawns with its promise of human flourishing, and the multiple cycles of life – here on this planet Earth and elsewhere on the billions and billions of stars in all the universes. The Ladies of the Mystery School meet for the first time in 2017 – a ‘One’ year and so it is a time of new beginnings. The Source of All Creation speaks through Valerie and confirms a long held thought of the star-ships being visible and seen during the year. Archangel Mikael also takes a role. Read more about this disclosure announcement!

Alien and UFO experiences shared at Close Encounters Conference in Byron Bay

Valerie Barrow was one of the presenters at the recent Close Encounters Conference on the North Coast of NSW at Byron Bay. The event was an opportunity for many people to speak and share their encounters with star people (often called aliens) and star-ships (frequently known as UFO’s). Research has shown that over 3000 people who reported an encounter found their lives changed for the better – in a positive direction – afterwards. This event was not designed for sceptics, and convincingly shares the news that there is life beyond Earth. Samantha Turnbull of ABC North Coast reports …

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