Alcheringa Speaks: Sharing Human DNA

Many speak and write about so-called abductions, and vile material – fake news actually – is propagated on the internet about disembowelling of cattle. None of these matters are related to the Truth, and we take the opportunity to remind one and all that the teaching from the Angelic Realms is “the universe is based on Truth“. In this message, Valerie consults Alcheringa, the oversighting spirit of this planet who resides at Uluru. Alcheringa also exercises guardianship and protection of our solar system and our galaxy.

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The Holograms of the Star People

Many people report encounters with Starpeople – or what others would call ET’s … that is, Extra-Terrestrials. Others, bound with fear, use the world alien. We leave the fear to those others. We do not have fear, and we have not experienced any fear. Valerie so often tells that there is love, we are reminded of Oneness, we are reminded that all – the earthling and the Star People share the same spark of life. In this article, share some of the known holograms of the Starpeople.

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Archangel Mikael Speaks at Close Encounters Conference


Readers of the Cosmic Sai Baba transmissions will know that Archangel Mikael made his presence on the 3rd January 2017 – the day we normally receive a Transmission from Cosmic Sai Baba. Cosmic Sai Baba advised telepathically that he did not have a message that day but there was another who wished to speak. It was Archangel Mikael saying he would like to speak at the Conference Valerie Barrow (the medium) was going to address at Byron Bay, NSW on 16th January, 2017. A transcript of the Annunciation of Archangel Mikael is now given.

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The Beginning of Disclosure: Starships en-masse


The New Year dawns with its promise of human flourishing, and the multiple cycles of life – here on this planet Earth and elsewhere on the billions and billions of stars in all the universes. The Ladies of the Mystery School meet for the first time in 2017 – a ‘One’ year and so it is a time of new beginnings. The Source of All Creation speaks through Valerie and confirms a long held thought of the star-ships being visible and seen during the year. Archangel Mikael also takes a role. Read more about this disclosure announcement!

Alien and UFO experiences shared at Close Encounters Conference in Byron Bay

Valerie Barrow was one of the presenters at the recent Close Encounters Conference on the North Coast of NSW at Byron Bay. The event was an opportunity for many people to speak and share their encounters with star people (often called aliens) and star-ships (frequently known as UFO’s). Research has shown that over 3000 people who reported an encounter found their lives changed for the better – in a positive direction – afterwards. This event was not designed for sceptics, and convincingly shares the news that there is life beyond Earth. Samantha Turnbull of ABC North Coast reports …

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Who are the Hathors?

Hello Everyone,


Here on this page, we bring you information about the Hathors, an ancient race of star people who lived on Earth before the great flood, or what is sometimes called The Fall of Atlantis. The Hathors – they are in my soul story and I can spiritually relate with the Hathors and Sanat Kumara.

The following information is taken, with permission, from the website of Tom Kenyon. Tom Kenyon is a light-worker and channeler whom I have never met. It always thrills me to read other medium’s work and find they have been given information that is very similar to what I have been given. The following work is from Tom Kenyon who gives his permission to quote his work as long as it is given his copyright.

We thank him sincerely for his generosity of spirit.

Who are the Hathors?

The Hathors say that they are a group of interdimensional, intergalactic beings who were connected ancient Egypt through the Temples of the Goddess Hathor, as well as several other pre-history cultures.In the late 1980′s, I was “contacted” by them during meditation, and they began to instruct me in the vibratory nature of the cosmos, the use of sacred geometry as a means to stimulate brain performance, and in the use of sound to activate psycho-spiritual experiences. While I was intrigued with the information, I was, at the time, uncomfortable with their self-described origins. I was, after all a practicing psychotherapist and involved in brain research at the time. In short, I was a rationalist. And these beings—whoever they were and wherever they came from—did not fit into my views of reality at the time.

In the nearly twenty years since first-contact, I have tried and tested their “inner technologies” many times, and have always found both their methods and their perspectives illuminating.

While the Hathors do offer information in the form of language, their primary mode of communication is through catalytic sound patterns. These sounds are “channeled” through my voice during “sound meditations,” which I often offer during workshops and retreats. I personally find it interesting that my vocal range has expanded (along with my mind, I might add) in the years that I have been working with them. When I started, I had a range of nearly three octaves; now it is just shy of four. This extended vocal range only occurs when I am actually channeling sound from other dimensions.


In the Hathor Material, a book I co-authored with Virginia Essene, here is how they introduced themselves:

We are the Hathors. We come in love and with the sounding of a new dream reality for your earth. If you are ready to build the new world, we invite you to join us on a journey of the mind and heart. We are your elder brothers and sisters. We have been with you for a very long period of your evolution on this planet. We were with you in eons past – even in the forgotten days before any trace of us is known in your present written history. Our own nature is energetic and interdimensional. We originally came from another universe by way of Sirius which is a portal to your Universe, and from Sirius we eventually proceeded to your solar system and the etheric realms of Venus.

In the past we have specifically worked with and through the Hator fertility goddess of ancient Egypt. We also made contact with Tibetan lamas in the formative period of Tibetan Buddhism. Although we have interacted with some of Earth’s early cultures, we are an intergalactic civilization with outposts that span parts of your known Universe and beyond.

We are what you might term an ascended civilization – a group of beings existing at a specific vibratory field, even as you have an energy signature. It is simply that we vibrate at a faster rate than you. Nonetheless, we are all part of the mystery, part of the love that holds and binds all the universe together.

We have grown as you have grown, ascending to the One Source of all that is. We have grown in joy and through sorrow, as have you. We are, in terms of the vastness, a little higher on the spiral of awareness and consciousness than you are; therefore, we can offer you what we have learned as friends, mentors and fellow travelers on the path that leads back to remembrance of All That Is.

We are not saviors; we’re not messianic. We want to clearly step out of that projection so that the reader understands that we are simply elder brothers and sisters offering our understanding and what we have learned. You may take it or leave it but we offer it freely. In our understanding, the belief that different alien intelligences are going to save you, is just a projection of human unconsciousness. The hope that someone or something will save you, that you will not have to make any changes in yourself, that you will not have to be responsible, is unrealistic.

The belief that you can stay in patterns of lethargy and unconsciousness, then take something or have something given to you that will transform you without any effort on your part, is sheer folly. It won’t happen. Now, there may be alien intelligences that land, for they certainly exist, but those humans who count on others to bring in their ascension and elevation without any work on their part, are going to be very disappointed.

Ascension is a process of self-awareness and mastery on all levels and it necessitates bringing all those levels of one’s existence upward. That is how we see it and that is how we have done it for millennia.

By offering our aid, however, we do not wish to interfere with your other spiritual helpers and cosmic relationships in any way, nor with any religious beliefs, affiliations or organizations of help to you. Even so, there is a great deal we would like to share.

We know Sanat Kumara well for it was he who asked us to enter this Universe. As an Ascended Master, Sanat Kumara has taken on numerous responsibilities associated with the elevation of planet Earth and this solar system. He is working for the ascension, the evolution of consciousness in the solar system, as we are.

To learn more about the Hathors and their message, read The Hathor Material: Messages from an Ascended Civilization (ORB) (scroll down)

There are currently two CDs with Hathor sounds.

Infinite Pool: Entering the Holographic Brain, thirteen Hathors vocalizing through me to stimulate increased activity in the corpus callosum. A powerful tool to create altered states of mind.

Sound Transformations, a series of sound meditations from Hathor workshops.

Gerry Bostock speaks about the Star People

Gerry Bostock speaks about the Star People and the Ancestors in Australia

Helen and Val with Gerry Bostok
Helen and Val with Gerry Bostock

The Kuri and the Kangaroo


“Gerry I understand there were Aboriginal people that lived in the Gosford and Kariong area and they were known as the Kuringai is this so?”


“Kuringai is where the name Kuri came from. Kuri being the name of the people and Ngai meaning I am – I am Kuri. Nga is the root of person, like Latin – human, woman and etc. Ngia is I Am. Ngnee is you or yours. So you are or anything belonging to you is Nga Ngnee. Kangaroo is not the name of the animal. Kangaroo is a statement. When Banks, Cook and Parkinson went to Botany Bay and were eventually able to talk to Aboriginal people using sign language, Parkinson showed them a drawing of the bi-ped Then pointing to the animal just as it scampered off, using the motion of movement of the animal as a sign, he pointed to it and the Aboriginal people he was trying to communicate with said, “Kangaroo.” He assumed that that was the name of the animal. Kangaroo used just in its grammatical form is pronounced in Kuri just Ka or nga and nga is human so it is Kuringai and roo comes from waroo waroo, which means to go away. So Kangaroo means, “There he goes.”

The Different Languages and tribal areas


“Basically what the languages are talking about, is the translations of Aboriginal Tribes, it is like Comanche. Comanche in the native Americas means human being. With Aborigines it is persons belonging to an area.1 So Kuringai I am Kuri means this is my area, this is where I am from. Usually one would mark the boundary as river to river – and coast to mountain. So in the Song Lines, when you go on walkabout for instance, you would be singing the songs, or telling the stories. Now for instance if a mountain was in the shape of a dog’s hind leg, you would tell the tale or sing the song of the route that the animal had taken when it lost its leg. In relating that story you would be able to find your way from point A to point B.

wanjina map of australia
Word Map of Australia


“So, if you were going to a feature or a mountain that was in the shape of a dog’s hind leg, you would sing the song about that feature or tell the story. And then to get to the next point you would tell the next section of the story, it might be related to a women’s dreaming place, so you would change direction going to that place. You tell the story and you sing the song about the dreaming and how things came into being, and they were word maps if you like.

The Spirit World and its dimensions


The role of the Songmaker could be male or female who were responsible for recording the history of the Tribe in Song that would tell of the great legends – would tell of current events – would tell the Dream Story. Now they wouldn’t just think them up and say how brilliant they were at creating song. What they would do is go `bush’ and meditate and the information would be channelled in by the Mob. So it was a spiritual happening for both the men and the women.”


“By the Mob you mean Spirit?”


“Yes, Ancestral Spirits.”


“How do elementals play a role?”


“Well within Society you have also Elemental Beings such as in the mountain country, for instance, from Cape York down to Portland in Victoria. Along the Great Divide 1 you have the big hairy fellas, which some Australian call Yowies. We call them Dulaghal and other areas they are called the equivalent in tribal societies. In North America their name is Susquash or Big Foot in the Himalayas they are called Yeti.

“And the little hairy people are known as the Greelagogs or Junjavi or whatever tribal group you belong to may have a different name. There are five hundred different nations in Australia. In Irish folklore they would be called Leprechauns; in Scandinavian folklore they are known as Loki.”


“Gerry, I thought the Greelagogs were the large ones.”


“No, the little hairy ones can go from six inches tall up to three feet tall – they are a different type. Then of course up on the rain-forest country of North Queensland you have small Aboriginal people up there like pygmies – out the back of Townsville and places like that.”


“Are you talking about in the 4th Dimension?” 3


“No … they’re real, like now, a separate society. They are there and they keep to themselves. Its like the white aborigines that roam the central desert or as some people call them Wandjina, fair skinned or bronze skinned people with blue eyes and fair hair, (sometimes its bleached by the sun). My father talked about seeing them during the 2nd World War when he was working on the road through the desert to Darwin.”

“Then of course, along with other things you have shape shifters.2 Same as the North Americans. The thing with the Elementals that as we know as elementals or hairy men is that we are living in a third dimension or a material society but these folk can exist in this dimension but also in the Fourth Dimension as well.”

weather-map of dust storm
There he goes!

Aboriginals and the Star People


“Gerry, Can you tell me how the Koorie people think about the thought of star people existing?”


“Well I don’t know – it depends on the group. But with the Bundjalungs, my people, it is our belief that we came from the stars. Then of course the people you have in Western Australia, called the Wandjinan also had that belief. (nods his head wisely); There are heaps of Aboriginal people whose beliefs are based on coming from the stars. Like David Unaipon who talks about the legend of the Pleiades of the Bundjalung Tribe. Then so do the Hopi Indians talk about coming from the Pleiades. Some anthropologists have done work in looking for a connection with Australia and the Hopi Indians, but it hasn’t been proved yet.”


“Maybe that is connected with the land supposed to have all been joined together at some stage.”


“There is a group of indigenous Africans who talk about the dark star and black holes, in Sirius? They have used that story in their Dreaming and their lessons about the solar system since forever – yet it was only recently discovered by NASA.”


“I have recently watched a video about the Sphinx in Egypt questioning its true age and they brought up the subject of a face that looks like a Sphinx that is on Mars and that there is a race of aboriginals in Africa that say they came from Mars, which I thought was interesting. The African native does seem to be a different root race, from the Australian Aborigine and yet they could be likened to the American Native Indian couldn’t they — there does seem to be a similarity there?”


“Yes, well scientists had to come up with a new sort of term, they came up with the Australoid because they had Negroid, Caucasoid, Mongoloid. So the Australoid was used specifically to describe the Australian Aboriginal, I think the native American Indian fall into the Polynesian type, with the slightly Asiatic look. With the new DNA testing machinery that scientists now have it has been found that every human has at least a small amount of Aborigine DNA within them.”


“That works out with our story doesn’t it Gerry – that the human began here and went out around the world from here?”


“Yeah, and that is the Aboriginal viewpoint. That we started here, and our race began here – they didn’t come here from another place on Earth, as anthropologists would have you believe. My personal point of view is, the anthropologists are coming from their ‘Christian’ view point believing humans began in Eden and that is Ethiopia – the humans then came down around the world. But we say well there was a dual evolution involved. They say evolution began in Africa but we say no, it started here with us.”


“You spoke about the famous aboriginal David Unaipon. Is he saying that he believes star peoples were ancestors, or is that from the Dreaming stories?”


“It’s from the Dreaming stories. If you have a look on the fifty-dollar note you will see David’s likeness and his inventions portrayed on it, like the cross blade shear and designs of a helicopter based on Leonardo De Vinci’s designs. He spoke Greek and Latin and translated Aboriginal Stories into Greek and Latin. David also had a pet invention of perpetual motion, that nobody wanted to know about, which is a great shame.”

Aboriginal David Unaipon on the Australian Fifty Dollar Note
Indigenous Australian David Unaipon on the Fifty Dollar Note


“David Unaipon also tells the Dreaming stories of animals coming to this Earth from the stars; is that right?”


“Yes, well they came from – they were created by Baiame, by Wollumbin, or by whatever Deity was in a particular area. In some areas the Deity was a man and in some place it was a women. So for instance at the top end of Australia you have the creator as Warramelangi who is a female who had dilly bags around her neck to collect oysters and fish. She came out of the sea and mud formed around her feet and so she was able to form a landmass. That tells the story of how she went down as far as Melangi in Northern Territory creating the landscape as she went. In fact that is covered by one of the first documentaries that I was involved in called, The Land My Mother. In other places like New South Wales and other parts of Queensland as well, they talk about Baiame and Baiame is a sky hero. Now Baiame would come to Earth from up there to teach the clever fellas how to fly, 4 and so when some one was being trained in the magic arts, they were being visited from another world.”


“Gerry, we saw balls of elemental lights at a friend’s property and believe we were looking at fairies playing on the water. The digital camera showed photos of wisps of energy looking like large angelic beings standing there also. Are they what Aborigine would call min min lights?”

trails of light
Min-Miin lights on Hemphill lake


“Yeah, I have seen them caught on a digital camera and if they are bright you can see into them and see geometrical patterns. In some Aborigine ceremonies you can see balls of Light, and there are so many it is like sitting in a bubble bath.”

Orbs of Light
Orbs of light called Min Min lights by the Indigenous Australians


“My first memory of anything like that was when I was about 3 or 4 years old and Grandma took me to the water’s edge at night to show me the Ghost Fisherman. It was a red light floating on the water – zig zagging across the water. She said ‘See that, that’s the ghost fisherman, he is looking for souls. They are dead finish. Don’t come down to the water at night by yourself’.”

“In my healings I use the colour red light going through the crystal that enhances the healing energy. It shatters lumps in people – it is good for scattering the energy. It softens the lump and disperses it.”


“In the Western world people speak of seeing angels, do the Aborigine people see angels or something like that?”


“No, basically it is Light – Spirit is Light and that is why min min Lights are accepted as Spirit people. It depends on the training of how you see Spirit. You might see a Being such as Jesus but that is how some would recognize the energy, of how your brain transforms it into a image that you would recognize the energy.”


“Yes, that would be like different countries having a different language explaining the same thing. I understand that

This article is a selection. What follows is a series of regressions conducted by Val with Gerry, which have been omitted for the sake of the size of this web page. You can read the full article by downloading it using the link at the end of this page.


Gerry spoke about telepathy:


“Basically everyone in the Universe communicates telepathically and in some way the language transmutes so that there is understanding between the different races.”

It is interesting Gerry says the indigenous people of Earth often communicated using telepathy. He could see how crystal technologies were used by star people.

The crystal energy opened doorways through the Universe and allowed travel entry. He was also mindful that opening up to his star people’s memory helped him even more to see one’s journey through evolution to be always connected with each life, no matter what race, in a karmic way. A life in a body was always playing out a similar life from another time. He felt the later memory in his regression still connected karmically to the first memory he had experienced on the Mothership Rexegena.

He remembered there were two different hierarchies, The Draconian, Reptilian people of light who were motivated from control and power and the Beings of the Blue Light who connected to the Source of all Creation – love and making decisions for the good of all. He also remembered that the petroglyphs were writings used from the home planets Pleiades and Sirius and the Egyptian hieroglyphic writings were an incorporation of those and other star peoples’ pictoglyphs – put together at a much later time.

Glyphs from Kariong
Glyphs carved by laser on the rocks at Kariong


“I have found, Working with Unseen Beings now more and more, they may have presented themselves as Light Beings, or Masters etc., they are all saying they are Extra Terrestrials (ET’s). Like it is time they want people to know that they want to help and that they have been part of our Psyche. It is time that we all knew that. That will be a breakthrough for scientists of the many things that they can’t quite put together, as soon as they accept the existence of other worlds and other Beings.”


“What has puzzled me is people like Carl Sagan who researches the stars but he couldn’t accept that there was life outside our solar system. Because he hadn’t seen it physically. He needed to see it first.”


“Quite right, but quantum physics are breaking through all of that. Have you seen What the Bleep? It’s helping people to understand different realities.”


“Yes, it is about shamanism and spirituality. What I found really interesting about that, was who saw the ships. He couldn’t see the ships because it wasn’t part of his consciousness.”

HMS Endeavour
Replica of HMS Endeavour, in which Captain Cook, RN, sailed to Botany Bay

“The exact same reaction happened with the Aboriginals when Captain Cook arrived.

When Cook arrived on the shore at Botany Bay people were going through their daily routine – nobody paid any attention. These were strangers, but nobody saw them, they didn’t see any difference. It was only when they were confronted by the Kurrijees (the Shaman) when coming ashore that they opposed Cook’s landing – the Aboriginals became aware of something happening – and that is in all the journals of the Endeavour. When you see things like What the Bleep and you know the Australian experience, you can tie that up.

“So I wonder what would be the reaction to ET’s if they are not in peoples reality. Erich Von Daniken spoke about angels in space capsules with the Mayan and in Europe. He could see ET’s but everyone thought he was bonkers at the time, that was back in the early 1970’s.”


“Yes … but a lot of people bought his book. If you look at other people’s reactions to ET’s – it is a of a concept of angel’s with wings.”


“You say the Aboriginal Clever Person could shape shift; are you meaning they could change their appearance to look like something else? Is that right Gerry?”


“Yes … … The other thing we have is recorded information of observations and writings of the first settlers who were out to talk to Aborigines. In their journals they talk about how the clever people were able to bring gossamer thread from their solar plexus, make lasso’s with the gossamer and swing through trees. Maybe they were using the ‘thread’ to explain how they did it, because they didn’t think the white men would understand about levitating.”


“The other interesting thing was about the shamanic training to teach these people how to jump into trees, and bring gossamer from their stomach, was taught to them by Baiame, or God the Creator … … Who would come every so often to teach them. So that would coincide with visits of ET’s visiting the planet.”

You can read the full interview with Gerry Bostock by Valerie Barrow:

Download the full Interview


1The Great Dividing Range on the Eastern Coast of Australia

2Different frequency of reality as measured against 3rd Dimensional frequency of matter

3Entities able to adjust their frequency to be able to walk in and out of 3rd and 4th Dimension

4Meaning, how to levitate, bi-locate, enter space continuum, and shape shift, also to manifest objects and make them disappear.

Cloudships and Starships at Canyonleigh


On the 5th September, 1994 we had a group of 22 like minded people visit the property, arriving with canvas and paint.

There had been a few of the mediums receive images of the symbols from The Council of Light. It was the first time they had been released on Earth and with them comes great power. They had been requested, telepathically, by the starpeople to take them to the sacred centre of Australia.

painting sacred symbols on canvas

The Group had been prompted to recreate these symbols onto canvas and paint them. There was a contingent of people going to Uluru to place them on the ground, between Uluru and Kata Tjuta, and working with the Council of Light; help bring the energies of these symbols of Light, into the Earth. They were told they would release energy patterns that had been held within Mother Earth from past trauma of earth’s evolution.

Symbols used in painting on canvas

All this was being done with respect towards the Australian Aborigine and letters had been sent as well as telepathic messages in the hope that it all would be favourably received by the Original peoples.

painting sacred symbols on canvas

As the day wore on we were outside painting when there was this wondrous cloud display. We were all in awe of it. They had told us from the World of Light that often there are Star Ships within view, but they keep them hidden behind a smoke screen, as they put it, which is really a cloud of condensation.

Looking at the Cloud display at Canyonleigh

One cloud actually had the shape of a Star Ship inside of it, looking like a shadow, with the condensation pulled into a small tail showing its movement as it came towards us, while the real clouds were going the other way. Then there were small scout ships, off the larger ship, forming the image of a ‘serpent in the sky.’ It was most appropriate as a sign that they knew we were on our way, the following week, to the source of the Rainbow Serpent in the Centre of Australia.

Serpent tail in the sky at Canyonleigh

The movement of the activity from the Star Ship created waves of clouds shaking in the sky. And you could also see Orbs of Light as well. The image of the serpent dispersed eventually, leaving just the condensation and the scout ships looking like small black dots in the sky. You don’t see black dots in the sky. We were all in awe and thrilled by the whole experience.

Serpent tail dissipates showing scout ships

There seemed to be colour in the sky also, and there was an Eagle which, of course, in the Australian Aboriginal belief, always shows signs of sacred land. We also saw the appearance of the Eagle as a sign which was actually blessing the Symbols that had just been finished painting and all laid out on the ground..(see photo 15)

It was this day I was telepathically advised by the Star People, that Uluru was really an asteroid that had come from the stars.

More can be read about our taking the painted symbols to Uluru in The Book of Love, by a Medium

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All photographs on this page and up to slide 27 in the photo album are taken by John Butterworth.