Newsletter № 7, August – September 2010

Hello Everyone,

We have finally settled into our new home in Moss Vale, comfortably ensconsed in these chilly days of winter. Recently Cosmic Sai Baba gave a Transmission saying, “He would like to speak about the problems that are upon this earth … and how in watching your television or listening to your radio, or reading your newspapers there seems to be one problem after another Cosmic Sai Baba told,

“But I can assure you that all these things are like an energy being released to make way for the New World. I call it the New World because it will become an uplifted consciousness on this earth and when that happens the consciousness of all peoples upon this earth and the Earth Mother will come from a place that will acknowledge readily the love of God the Creator.”

You can read more about this on the Cosmic Sai Baba website.

Speaking of Sai Baba, you will notice a small picture in the left margin of this page. I have shared how this photo came to give me joy, the surprise of discovering the light in Sai Baba’s hand; You may read this story and have your own copy. Read about the Sai Baba Photo


A Hathor from the ancient days in Egypt

Tom Kenyon is a gifted light-worker and channeler. He lives on the other side of the world and I have never met him. It always thrills me when I find other mediums are being given more or less the same information as I have been given. The Hathors, whom, we know, came to this Earth of ours to aid us in our evolution. The Hathors are light-beings from Venus, and speak of Sanat Kumara, whom I have been channelling for many years.

Tom Kenyon has given authorization to allow his channeling about the Hathors to be reprinted and you may read that here: Who are the Hathors


Hathors carved in a stone block

Alcheringa has once again given us an insight into a living symbol from the past, the Ankh. The Ankh is a symbol of eternal life, and of the soul itself, containing its male and female aspects. What does this have to do with the Big Bang? Alcheringa, the guardian spirit oversighting Planet Earth explains. You can read about the Ankh, the Hathors and the Cosmic Egg – and see how the Big Bang also looks like an egg on our new page about the Ankh.

Common Ankh representation

Traditional symbol called Ankh.

Much has been written and discussed about the coming blessings for our Home, the Earth. As the Cosmic Sai Baba and Alcheringa have shared with us on these (and other pages), the new energies flow from the Central Sun of the Galaxy and the core of suns in the Universe leading back to The Source of All, will affect not only our Earth, but also the planets in our Solar System. In a development that has transformed the appearance of the solar system’s largest planet, one of Jupiter’s two main cloud belts has completely disappeared. The photo below is credited to Anthony Welsley, of Murrumbateman, of Australia, and is found on a NASA website.

Jupiter sans stripe

Jupiter loses one of its cloud belts

Everything you see around, as well as what your eyes still cannot see, exists for you, for your good, your joy and your happiness. It exists in order that you may live surrounded with the Creator’s love – every moment, every day, during life here and after leaving body. The Creator who is Love, exists beyond and above this and the other world. He is their Source, He is the Light that illumines them since the beginning of times till their end in the future. He is the One whom sages of all times identify as OM.


Window to the Soul in the eyes of a Child

Some time ago I wrote an article for a magazine called Does the Soul Exist. With so many people having Near Death Experiences these days, and so many sceptics around, I felt it good to share my journey of soul experiences and reflections about the soul. Go to Does the Soul Exist

I have also posted another article of mine here on this website which is, in fact, an addendum to the article on Does the Soul Exist. and how souls can be exchanged with permission from the Source. This article is called Body Snatching, and while it deals with an unfortunate issue in our time—drug addiction—and psychic damage, the focus is on souls moving in and out of bodies when this activity is occurring. I am sure you will all find this article interesting reading. Read about the Body Snatching

Star People Revisited

Following on from my last newsletter announcing the availability of STARPEOPLE REVISITED in eBook format, I would now like to add that it is also available with coloured pictures, in a PDF file which you can Download, print out and have it bound so that you have your own copy to share around.

I have made a small charge of AUD$7.00 just to help cover website operational costs. I am mindful that you will be taking up the cost of printing the file.

Book Cover, Star People Revisited

  • If you are curious as to how the human evolved from an upstanding ape-like creature
  • If there are other ‘human’ like life-forms in other worlds not of earth
  • If it is possible to recall past-historical events within our own mind
  • You will find this eBook enthralling, enlightening and evidential because so many people experienced the same memory.

    The New Frontier is within our INNER SPACE – when we master this we will find we have moved into Outer Space, and that there is no separation.

    You can read more about the new book on this page, and you can order the book on our order page.

    You can read the older entries for this front page by visiting our Newsletters page.

    Blessings be with you and Universal love. Val.