Newsletter № 2 May – August 2009

Hello Everyone,

A question was asked if the Beings speaking on the Hong Kong video, the Kariong video and the video shown on the website. Are they the same Being presenting in different roles. I would like to clarify …

I believe the three, Alcheringa, Sanat Kumara and Cosmic Sai Baba are of the same source, but at different frequencies of Light, in other words, different worlds. When I invite Alcheringa to make his presence he says he resides at Uluru and he comes with a strong earthlike energy although he is of spirit. He is also known to be of the Creation time to the Australian Aborigine.

I was given the understanding that he was known as Alchquaringa in the Star Worlds when he took form to command the Mothership Rexegena (50,000 on board) when it came on a mission from the Pleiades to establish a ‘point of light’ in this corner of the galaxy. I was later shown that in my cosmic soul story, I had taken form as his wife known a Egarinna. He died when the ship was attacked and exploded. My ancestral soul form at that time was left along with others to try and establish a settlement on earth. Understand the earth at that time was in the 4th-and-5th dimension – which the earth is returning to now.

(The Australian Aboriginals have a story in their Dreaming stories, that the eighth sister from the Pleiades will return. Please refer to Addendum to Book of Love by a Medium and Goolagaia)

Sanat Kumara introduced himself to me after Sai Baba had given me ‘the green ring’ ( in 1993) and after my energy field had been uplifted by him, by giving me a serious illness to enable that change to take place. When Sanat Kumara overlights my body I can feel the energy come in through the back of my neck. He has always come with a ‘more dignified energy – one of authority ‘ I can recognise the difference. He has told me he is The Lord of the Universe and as such, he has never incarnated into an earth body.

He came once speaking with a very clipped, almost metallic sounding voice, and saying that he was an E.T. (but I knew it was not the little et’s but rather as Alchquaringa. – they all communicated telepathically by the way. – he was just having a joke with us)

When Cosmic Sai Baba presented himself in recent times – I feel no real change take place within me – He tells me to begin speaking and when I do it is a male voice. Again it is authoritive but somewhat more gentle in feeling. I rub my green ring with my fingers, when I request him to make his presence. We know He is Lord of the Universe. I see Sai Baba as a Being of Light not an earth body. That is why his feet never seem to quite touch the ground. He also tells us to not try to figure him out.

So what I am saying is they are from the same Source, but depending on what is happening it depends from what frequency it is coming, in other words, from what World the message is being received. There are many many worlds.

For your interest I have channelled many messages, sometimes spontaneous, from many Beings, some male and some female – some Angelic – from other worlds – each feeling very different – to the point I recognize their energy without them announcing who is speaking. Jeanne D’Arc came through once but that is a different story, she has moved into the Angelic Realms.

Being able to communicate at all these different levels of frequencies is second nature to me now ……

I would like to add that I first began channelling, with White Eagle and although he is operating from a dedicated upper Astral, he had incarnated once into an earth body with an American Red Indian tribe. He was my teacher, my mentor and an energy much closer to my energy field at the time of my being trained as a Medium. He told me that in my earth body Soul story I had a life as his son and was known as Eagle Eye. I believe White Eagle is connected to Sai Baba also. But then Sai Baba says, he is all names and all forms.

The sound through my voice box varies considerably when used by Spirit or Light Beings, but there is always an element of my energy field being used to make that sound to take place. For you only have to move into the next world, The Astral or 4th Dimension, to find that all communication takes place telepathically and not through a voice box.

Does anybody have another question about spiritual mediumship?

Please have a look at the link to website belonging to Gerry Bostock our Aboriginal friend – healer extraordinaire.

Blessings be with you and Universal love. Val.

The Alcheringa Crystal at Sartori Springs
Alcheringa is the Crystal still at Satori Springs. It shows a beam of light coming from the earth and crystal
on the day of the Blessing. Photo by Ross Perry.