Eagarinna Speaks: The Evolution of the Reptoids

the hairy upstanding ape walksEagarinna turns to the nature of the Reptoids, their character and what drove them to behave as they did. The Reptilians had their own instructions, their own hierarchy, their own gods. They had lost the way, and the star peoples had come and imbued the crystal light, the enChristing of the hairy-upstanding-ape from the Source so that evolution of all life forms on Earth was enabled.

How did the intelligent Reptoid beings come to Earth?

There was a time when the beings that had the form of the Mako – there was a time they needed to leave where they existed – they were brought by the Draco, by mind suggestion, to this planet. They came, and in actual fact, it has been written about, as the tribes of the bird people. They came at a very early stage of the development of this planet.

Eagarinna reveals aspects of the Reptoid culture, and how they stacked up against the intellect of the Star peoples. Although they were cold-blooded creatures, they associated together and reproduced. Whereas they remain on Earth today, they remain for a higher purpose that has been given for their higher en-lighten-ment (imbued with light) and evolution:

The Reptoids had a culture which was one of control – in that they had to follow and do as their leaders told them. The Reptoid leaders were following the orders of the hierarchy, which was the Draco. Though they were allowed to conduct their lives in their own way, there were points that they could not surpass or they would be annihilated, and so they were operating from fear. They had abilities, they communicated telepathically, but they did not have the consciousness of thinking and reasoning that the star people had. They followed instructions given telepathically from the Draco, from their hierarchy, from their “gods” as they believed.

There was a certain amount of affection, but it actually came from mere need to procreate, and the respect for that in one another to proceed. They knew that unless they respected the other they would just drift away, or run away. They reproduced extensively, and remnants of the reptilian form are still present to this day on this planet. The reptilian races operate in a different dimension, and they are around in the sense that they are still attached to an aspect of someone that has come into a physical body. But this has been allowed to hopefully–with guidance which there are many from the star worlds working very hard and diligently at helping them–to rethink, and redirect, and understand about the ways of God and the Source, the Source and God that is the one of love and compassion and heart. The god that comes from the good of all … where they had been used to coming from a god that was only for itself.

It is known that the hairy-upstanding-ape was created by the Reptoids and have Reptoid DNA within, in addition to being mixed with other dna matter – mineral, insect and plant dna. Eagarinna relates how the Reptoid dna still influences the human today – by way of thought, word and action. Impulses from within may emerge and be acted out without emotion, and without thought and intellect nor any evaluation of the consequences:

The first influence of the reptilian action of course, is one of attempt to consuming consciousness, and this is done through a misuse of power. This attitude is one of control, one of fear manipulation of others, in that if you step out of line you could be destroyed. This still happens … there are still places on earth where others will kill someone for a misdemeanour. This is not the way of the star people.

There were other influences on the Reptoid creatures, their own origins, their own history; although they had chosen a path, a road, there was still buried deep within a ken, a yearning for that peace that comes through the love of Source:

The reptioids, in actual fact, they inherited – shall we say – a leaning towards an understanding that was all was not quite right from the hierarchy, or the gods, that they followed … because inherent in them, from the genetic structure of the bird people, was an influence. Not strongly, but it was there. The bird people themselves had been created also from angelic beings that had strayed. If you can picture in your mind that although the angelic beings had strayed, they did still have the love of god deep within them.

How could one so aware stray in the first place?

It was a little by accident. In other words, sometimes people – from lack of knowledge – can actually fall into a situation where they find themselves completely out of control. A little like somebody that perhaps would be partaking of drugs and find themselves in a situation where they had lost reality, and no longer in control of themselves. It was not their true nature. In the beginning it was an accident. There were forces around them that caused them to lose the way.

Questions then arise about other influences of the reptilian races within the human. While there are some aspects of the Source within them, they do have less emotional response within. The evolvement of the hairy-upstanding-ape to being imbued with the Crystal light or the Christ light within, levels the playing fields and allows for evolution of the reptilian influence within the human:

Eagarinna: In the hue-man you are asking about, in actual fact the eyes of the human have a reptilian aspect. You would remember that the eyes of the star people are different. You also ask about social aspects of the reptilian … there were in some ways, but remember, the reptilian races and even the Draco have aspects of the Source in them, and their creation of what they do is really replicating what the star people do. It is to do with intent. If a sport venue was arranged and it became an ugly scene with arguments and hitting out with a weapon such as the hand, they are going against the way the game would be played in the star worlds. In the star worlds that would not happen. There was a simple lack of love and understanding, the light of love within them is all that separated these two cultures. That is why the little ape like creature was chosen to absorb the light and genetic material that came from the star people, to help, shall we say, level the playing field and allow evolvement to take place.

Eagarinna: If you can look at it in a different way, these forms in the cosmic worlds were lost in darkness. They needed assistance to be imbued with light from the source. This was a way that was considered to help bring light into those races. There were many from the star worlds that came, and also incarnated into the little new forms to help engender that light to be spread. There are many around this earth who do just that, they have committed to totally devote their life to spread cosmic light and love from the Source.



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Alcheringa, when the first ancestors were created

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