Orbs in Valerie’s Garden

A Bit of Background

Earlier, I had announced the availability of my E-Book “STAR PEOPLE REVISITED” Past, Present and Future which was previously printed as Alcheringa, when the first Ancestors were created. It is now on line.

Book Cover, Star People Revisited

When visiting the Ashram at Puttaparthi, India, Sri Sathya Sai Baba had advised me telepathically how to get a good seat in front of thousands of people who were also seated in the hall awaiting patiently for his entrance. When He entered the mandir, about 35metres from where I was sitting He headed directly toward me. Everything around me disappeared, it was as if I was sitting alone in another world and it was just his figure walking, almost in slow motion, up to me.

He placed his hand on the manuscript, saying with a huge grin, “Ah, The Booku … I bless.

I feel I was truly blessed also and I am filled with gratitude and Love toward Him.

Shirley MacLaine has graciously allowed me to quote from her website www.shirleymaclaine.com on the cover and the under-cover page of the book and I sincerely thank her for her kindness. I have always admired her writing and her courage in that which she writes.


It was only after my Mentor (upstairs) telepathically said to me, “Let me be your publisher” that I gave up looking for a commercial publisher and agreed to place my second book on line as an E-book.

The next morning after that decision, I found my winter garden lost in fog and in particular the rose garden covered in spider webs. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing … it was like I was in another world….there were spider webs everywhere. Even the dead roses were wrapped tightly in spiderweb and drooping over with the weight.

John, my husband could see it as well, so I was reassured I wasn’t just seeing it with my inner eye. I ran for the camera and took photos so much so, that I felt my hand being taken over as the camera was clicking almost by itself. So here are the photos …

images from val's garden

images from val's garden

images from val's garden

images from val's garden

images from val's garden

By mid-day the spider webs had completely disappeared and haven’t been seen since – it was then I realised it was a sign given by spirit to confirm that the book should be placed on the WORLD WIDE WEB.

The story is about a number of people who spontaneously regressed into a past-life memory of being Star People. They all speak about a time they had come on a Mission from the Pleiades in a huge Mothership named the Rexegena. It had been attacked and destroyed, leaving some of the people to survive on Earth in harsh circumstances. It was a time when the up-standing ape-like creature who already lived on the planet earth, evolved from man to human, meaning from earthman to being imbued with divine light. The missing link in the earth man’s evolution.

In general terms, the concept of reincarnation is accepted by the Eastern and Indigenous cultures. As time goes forward, it is also being accepted by many of our Western cultures, where there is a belief that our spirit, our soul lives on after death and returns into a new body to continue it’s journey of character building, until we reach enlightenment. This is referred to as ‘past life memory.’ of being another personality in another life, sometimes as male sometimes female – it is all written into our soul history.

In the story told in this book, we have found that many people reach into an initiated state of conscious where they experienced `past life memories’ of living in another body, but the consciousness reaches into their soul to release the memory of being from other worlds; from other planets

For these people who have shared their stories in this book, the transition into Cosmic Consciousness was relatively easy. Their memories were sparked by looking at symbols which communicated with us at a deep inner level; for I am one of those who remember.