Cloudships and Starships at Canyonleigh


On the 5th September, 1994 we had a group of 22 like minded people visit the property, arriving with canvas and paint.

There had been a few of the mediums receive images of the symbols from The Council of Light. It was the first time they had been released on Earth and with them comes great power. They had been requested, telepathically, by the starpeople to take them to the sacred centre of Australia.

painting sacred symbols on canvas

The Group had been prompted to recreate these symbols onto canvas and paint them. There was a contingent of people going to Uluru to place them on the ground, between Uluru and Kata Tjuta, and working with the Council of Light; help bring the energies of these symbols of Light, into the Earth. They were told they would release energy patterns that had been held within Mother Earth from past trauma of earth’s evolution.

Symbols used in painting on canvas

All this was being done with respect towards the Australian Aborigine and letters had been sent as well as telepathic messages in the hope that it all would be favourably received by the Original peoples.

painting sacred symbols on canvas

As the day wore on we were outside painting when there was this wondrous cloud display. We were all in awe of it. They had told us from the World of Light that often there are Star Ships within view, but they keep them hidden behind a smoke screen, as they put it, which is really a cloud of condensation.

Looking at the Cloud display at Canyonleigh

One cloud actually had the shape of a Star Ship inside of it, looking like a shadow, with the condensation pulled into a small tail showing its movement as it came towards us, while the real clouds were going the other way. Then there were small scout ships, off the larger ship, forming the image of a ‘serpent in the sky.’ It was most appropriate as a sign that they knew we were on our way, the following week, to the source of the Rainbow Serpent in the Centre of Australia.

Serpent tail in the sky at Canyonleigh

The movement of the activity from the Star Ship created waves of clouds shaking in the sky. And you could also see Orbs of Light as well. The image of the serpent dispersed eventually, leaving just the condensation and the scout ships looking like small black dots in the sky. You don’t see black dots in the sky. We were all in awe and thrilled by the whole experience.

Serpent tail dissipates showing scout ships

There seemed to be colour in the sky also, and there was an Eagle which, of course, in the Australian Aboriginal belief, always shows signs of sacred land. We also saw the appearance of the Eagle as a sign which was actually blessing the Symbols that had just been finished painting and all laid out on the ground..(see photo 15)

It was this day I was telepathically advised by the Star People, that Uluru was really an asteroid that had come from the stars.

More can be read about our taking the painted symbols to Uluru in The Book of Love, by a Medium

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All photographs on this page and up to slide 27 in the photo album are taken by John Butterworth.