Notes on Technology aboard the Mothership

The Mothership Rexegena inside is white – white everywhere – very clean cut and not much furniture showing. Just long, rounded, smooth to touch moulded seats, slightly shiny, along side of walls, again all white.

Drawing of Mothership Rexegena

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There are rooms off corridors in the ‘sleeping section’ everything is very quiet – inside the room, lights and furniture are available by waving the hand over a small point on a wall, like a light switch with ‘thought in mind’ of opening the bed section for instance or turning on a soft light. The sleeping bed appears as the section of the wall opens. It is more like a cylinder in which the star person climbs into, after removing boots, and mentally closes the see- through cover over their body. The air inside is stabilized into an atmosphere that allows the star person to sleep for whatever time he/she chooses. It could even be for the full time of travel until the destination is almost reached. The star persons’ mind is then linked with the mothership so as to assist its pre-programmed course. There are always certain numbers of star people that are on “so called” watch. Meaning that they are in a suspended state of mind to focus only on the movement of the mothership. Fifty thousand people are on board with never a feeling of over-crowding.

At the top of the Mothership is the Command Deck, about 20 people are moving about purposefully. It operates with extremely advanced computer equipment. The Deck itself is large and almost completely surrounded with a magical window view of the galaxy outside. Large movie screens hang like thin pictures on the remaining walls, which light upon command, showing star maps where the ship is, where it has been and where it is going.

To operate these star screens, there is what look like coloured desktop directional control mechanisms. Some of these are buttons, as you would use on a computer, others are like a half globe coloured light set into a console, that when the star person passes his/her hand over it -adjusts the pathway of the Mothership on its journey. There is a circular shelf used as a desk, linking all the technical line ways within the ship right around the window area that surrounds ¾ of the circular command platform.

At the back of the command room, and in front of the star screens, there is a large white moulded desk at which the Commander-in-Chief sits. His seat has a narrow rather high back showing the Shiva1 symbol on it (red and black). The huge desk also doubles as a kind of boardroom seating place for his other Commanders when they meet to discuss issues about operating the mothership or other matters.

There are eight robots that converse with crystal consciousness on the ship. I see one of them seated on a moulded white seat in front of a panel placing disks, like CD’s into slots at eye level. This also has an influence on the maintenance of the ship and its programming. The Robots look a little like “The Saint”; An eye only for a face, which can move in all directions. The body is like coiled rope of a satin stainless steel looking material. It has arms, with a tiny hand and long fingers. The legs taper onto a circular platform. The Robot glides very slightly above the floor. Each robot is operated by a communication crystal at the instruction of one of the commanders.

The core of the whole Mothership has flowing liquid crystal, which virtually powers the ship and also allows the star people to re-generate their own body cells. Thus the ship could be described as organic.

In the lower floor of the Mothership are gardens, plant life that look more teal in colour, than green. There are bathing pools, waterfalls, playful lights and soft sounds to induce relaxation, and parklands as well as heavier forestation. All of this is to encourage the star people to relax and intermingle for not all aboard are from the same planet, although they all come voluntarily with love and compassion in their heart.

There is a floor on board devoted to genetic research; the rooms are white and sterile of course. The starpeople are not subjected to bacteria or fungus. There have been some children born on board and they are placed in an upright cylinder, with controlled atmosphere, to allow each child to develop fully. The parents nurture their child with love and telepathic communication as well as mother’s milk. There are star women on board who devote their work to midwifery. All care is taken to analyse the newborn children in their progression physically and consciously before they are mature enough to leave the cylinder.

On another floor, development of botanical research is carried on. Taking up a lot of space and grown as we would understand as hydroponics. The water being a watery liquid crystal, giving off a fresh smell and a gentle humidity.

Understand that the dimension that the Mothership exists on would be the fifth dimension with frequency adjustment made to the fourth dimension as the ship passed through the gateway of change on its way to 4D earth or Mu as it was known.

Another floor on the Mothership deals with maintaining the mechanics of the ship. Most of the star people are dressed in junior navy coloured boiler suits and boots or pearl silvery white boiler suits, and boots – depending upon their race or position.

On other floors there are lounge rooms, large gathering halls for celebrations or events and a kind of library, like a film library.

Food is taken by star people, mainly liquids but some cake like sweet food. Food is never over eaten – There are never “overweight” problems – people know and understand what their body needs to be sustained. There is more body contact and interaction than one could imagine with aliens. Communication is telepathic, but a lot of body language as well. Permission to speak is always asked first.

Drawing of Starperson

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From our earth point of view their physical body looks anorexic – but it is a perfectly healthy body.

There is a hospital on board. Light and Sound technology is used for healing as well as genetic engineering. Genetic Engineering technology is an everyday occurrence by the star people but only ever used with the view of transforming a body with permission from The Creative Source.

There is a childcare centre on board as well. Dancing occurs with people holding hands, like the Greeks or Jewish people dance, moving the feet so that they skip quite fast at times, moving around in large circles, according to the music. These dances are enjoyed and happily shared. From the outside not much emotion is witnessed but from the inside the star people actually experience emotion much more acutely and strongly than the earthlings.

On meeting, one hand is placed across the chest as a greeting. Closer friends may raise their hands and actually give what we would call a ‘high five’. Intimate relationships stand in front of each other – palm to palm of both hands, fingers touching so as to connect with all of each other’s meridians. This is always very exciting and pulls at the heart. It is not uncommon to put one’s arm around another or even give each other a hug.

There is one floor used as a storage area. It holds vast supplies that are to be used when the fifty thousand people eventually establish the new settlement upon Earth.

There are also flight decks that hold different kinds of flying ships. Many ships are used as surveillance vehicles. They can hold as many as 40 to 50 people. Others are smaller used in areas needed to traverse more difficult areas such as landing. There are also fifty hand flying scooters. There is also a kind of chute, which is used to off-load material from the ship onto land – they are operated by one person in a small rocket looking flying ship – or pod.

There are no weapons of destruction on board – The Mothership is completely defenceless.

Image of Leonine race

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There are other Flying Ships used by the Leonine people and also the Reptilian people.

These two races are sworn enemies. Both have weapons of destruction on board. The Leonine ships are larger than the Reptilians. The light on board is not bright white like the star people’s mothership. Their technology is not as advanced as the star people’s – although by earthling standards that exist in the present – their technology is far more advanced than our space search rockets etc. The ships are described as untidy compared to the bright white mothership. Furniture is on display and covered with skins – not tucked away as designed on star ships. Both races dress in military-like uniforms.

Image of reptoid

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They both have ray guns that can ‘freeze’ whatever life they point it at. They use sonic equipment to destroy. The same way a high-pitched sound can smash a glass. Only the sonic sound is entrained so that it continues to destroy objects until they no longer exist. This is what happened when the Reptilians set out to destroy the huge mothership. Portions of the mothership were destroyed; blow after blow but it did give time for the star people to move quickly to the surveillance ships enabling them to escape. When the fleeing ships left and tried to fly away, they were attacked also. Only a few ships managed to get away from the Reptilian line of fire.

One of the Robots was rescued and survived along with ninety other star people.

The star people had what was called a laser rod. It did everything. It enabled us to lift or levitate, make changes in work, shape and burn. Not with heat that would harm. It would solidify or liquefy. Make something softer, and transform material into another material. It was also what was used to cut into stone. Very useful. I know also they had a boomerang shaped instrument, which of course was explained to and used by the Cherished Ones.

All of these events operated in the fourth dimensional frequency of Earth time. It was only later in Earth’s evolution (about 12,000 years ago at the catastrophic time of the Great Flood or the Fall of Atlantis) that the Earth fell into the third Dimensional frequency.


We gratefully acknowledge Bob Wright for his drawings of the Mothership, and Simon Weir for his drawings of the Leonine, Reptillian and Star peoples.

1 Shiva is known to Ancient Hindu followers in India.