The Mission of the Mothership Rexegena

Stories of the Star People

THE MISSION OF THE MOTHERSHIP REXEGENA as told in the 2nd book Alcheringa, when the ancestors were first created.

The Mothership was raised on the eighth star of the Pleiadean star group in the Taurus constellation. It was built, in our terms, quite differently from what the earthling understands at the present. It was a crystalline body. It had a consciousness because of the crystal; a consciousness that had been imbued into it by its builders. It actually grew. Liquid crystal is used in many ways to make many things in the star peoples’ dimension. On board was much new technology, an enormous amount of equipment and new plant life.


The huge mother ship was formed and then mounted by the appointment of a Commander-in-chief known as Alchquaringa. (Alcheringa) His wife was named Eagarinna. There were other commanders on the ship – there were divisions of command within the ship. Most on board were scientists who came on The Mission had love and compassion in their hearts.

They came because the Hierarchy, representing a league of star nations, had put out a call for help to be taken to this corner of the galaxy where dark, heavy, negativity resided. There were many

The objective of The Mission was to bring new beings with the energy of love and compassion to this Earth; to help raise the consciousness of the earth. They were to establish an outpost settlement on the new land. The people had hoped to breed among themselves and that the progeny from the star people would be introduced genetically to intermingle with the upstanding ape-like creature who already existed upon the earth. Genetic engineering was and is well known and understood by the star people.

Mu (Earth) had originally been created by the Hierarchy as a place of love and beauty. It had been seeded with trees, plants and flowers but it had been taken over by Reptoid and Dinosoid cultures under the guidance of the Draco Hierarchy from an interdimensional place. For millions of years these races occupied the Earth, and created among them the dinosaurs, snakes, lizards and other life forms. These creatures were initially used as a food offering to the Draco, to spare the Reptoids themselves from being used as food. Out of this creation came a competition between the Reptoid and Dinosoid to see who could create the biggest and most violent reptiles, leading to Mu’s vegetation and small passive life-forms almost eaten to extinction and earth’s destruction. When the dinosaurs were destroyed, the Dinosoid culture left. The Reptoid culture stayed and created a race of upstanding ape-like creatures.

The Mission was to save the upstanding ape-like creature on this earth, who were under mind control. The Reptilian people telepathically mind controlled the upstanding ape-like creature and used them at their will.

The objective of The Mission was not only to free the upstanding ape-like creature from slavery, but also to stop them being used in sacrifice to Draconian Gods. There had been those appointed as diplomats from the Star Nation Hierarchy to come to speak with the Reptilian Kingdom to try to find a way for them to release the animal man, the upstanding ape-like creature, living on earth. It was the Star Nation hierarchy’s understanding that the Reptilian Kingdom had agreed to hand-over the earth to the people who came on The Mission. The Reptillian’s in turn would leave. There had been a certain amount of discussion and concessions made, but this was the outcome, at least that is what was understood by the leaders of The Mission.

And so the fifty thousand people upon the mother ship came, fully believing that the Reptilians would leave. They stationed the Mothership in the outer atmosphere of the Northern Hemisphere of Mu. Alchquaringa, Eagarinna and the other commanders were invited to a hand-over ceremony that took place, in the land where the ancient pyramids now stand. The Titled Reptilians gathered in large numbers, dressed in ornate cloaks with high collars and festooned with gold jewellery. The king and his wives attended even more grandly dressed and seated on ornate stone thrones. The ceremony though impressive, was a complete sham. The Reptilian people had no intention of leaving the earth. Nor did they have intention of stopping the slavery and sacrifice that existed upon this earth. The ritual sacrifice was made regularly to their Gods of the Draconian Hierarchy. The star people could not believe that people could communicate something telepathically and not mean it; then turn around and do something completely different.

When the mothership came with the new race upon it, they offloaded most of the new technology, equipment and plant life, they intended to live part of the time on Earth and part on the ship until all had adjusted to the new atmosphere. The commander-in-chief, his wife, and other commanders attended the grand and colourful Hand-Over Ceremony organised by the Reptilian King. They wore simple silvery white boiler suits and boots. Around their necks they all wore protective crystal stones to ward off any energy attacking their auric field. They returned to their mothership not completely happy about the event. Without any warning, the Reptilians attacked them, even though the airship was completely defenceless; blowing it out of the sky with their entrained sound/laser weapons. There was an emergency bell sounded to abandon ship immediately. The Mothership was being destroyed piece by piece. Many were able to board and escape in smaller airships normally used for reconnaissance; escape ships were never considered by the builders of the Mothership, they never expected to be attacked. Most of those were blown out of the sky.

There were two airships that escaped to the southern hemisphere; one crashed into the water near Broken Bay with survivors making it to the shore. The second airship landed safely at Kariong to assist those who had gone into the water. We discovered later a third ship had crashed into water at Port Stephens but no one had survived.

A small community was established from these survivors in the southern hemisphere. They were relatively safe there. The Mothership Rexegena exploded above the outer atmosphere of the Earth although the bulk of her remains fell to the ground in and around the area presently known as Czechoslovakia and into water further afield in the northern hemisphere. The extreme heat from the blast had melted the body of the Mothership and and crystallised it into stone.

The star people, the survivors, found it arduously laborious to survive because of the heavier atmosphere, their difficulty in breathing and the sun being too hot for their pale skin. They tried to introduce genetic change to their own progeny, with hair on their heads, darker skin, stronger respiratory systems and stronger digestive systems to avoid disease. They used cells from the ape-like creature to obtain hair and stronger skin and lung systems. The star women who had volunteered to carry the genetically altered embryos considered it a great honour to be part of the experiment that they believed was given permission from the Source of all Creation. These children did not live; the gestation period was not long enough in the new atmosphere and dimensional frequency.

The star people decided to genetically engineer the upstanding ape-like creature, knowing the creatures had been originally created from cells of mainly warm-blooded cosmic races in the beginning. Genes from the star people were intermingled with the upstanding ape-like creatures’ embryo, and then implanted into the female animal beings. The babies were born with a larger skull, a little less hair, which went on then to evolve so that the more children born, the less hair appeared on the skin. It was really the time that today’s scientists speak of as the missing link.

The star people introduced fire and showed the animal like being, now the human, how to cook food to lessen their vulnerability to disease. They taught them, using symbols, the knowledge of star systems and the Creator of All. They taught them more about the star people, how they live as family and how they married. They inherited the star people’s advanced psychic abilities. They also taught them to honour and care for their Earth Mother.

The Cherished Ones

This original race was known by the star people as `The Cherished Ones’ who were the ancestors of the indigenous people. The indigenous people still carry this knowledge and understanding in their mythology. As the original numbers grew to 300, the star people took them out to six different areas around the earth and told them to multiply with other upstanding ape-like creatures that were still brutish and weapon wielding. The change from the animal man to hue-man began to uplift the consciousness of those beings along with strict marriage laws, using totems, so that they didn’t interbreed. The star-people eventually died, the last one three generations of the cherished ones later, but not before telling them that they would return one day.

And they have.