An Encounter


(I remember I was asked by upstairs if I was willing to take up mediumship on 8.8.1988 we had just moved into our new house at Canyonleigh)

“Focus on the sky Val, you are going to see a U.F.O.” A voice has awakened me and I am tossing and turning fighting to come out of a deep sleep. U.F.O’s I am thinking. What on earth is upstairs talking about? Angels and Light Beings I understand, but Aliens? While I am still having an inner battle, John, my husband, awakens also and impatiently says, “You are sooo restless Val, I am going out to the lounge room to watch T.V. for awhile.” And with that, leaves before I can tell him about what I am hearing.

Night Sky

(Click the image to see the full sky)

There are no curtains covering the large bay windows as yet; I can easily see out to the stars in the sky. Then, as I gaze to the heavens, a huge airship appears sailing quietly above the house and into my full view. It is round! It is huge like a football field, and it is round! I have jumped out of bed and stand looking through the glass observing the ship surrounded with bright white lights, some coloured and no sound! I cannot believe what I am seeing. I want to call out to John but I am speechless. I have the distinct feeling I am being watched. Well, of course, I must be. They awakened me to tell me they were coming didn’t they? This is no ordinary flying saucer, this is a huge Mothership. I don’t want to take my eyes off it, as I stand steadfast at the window.

I can feel a presence standing beside me, but I cannot see anyone. Then that same voice who had awakened me, speaks not in my head this time, but as if I am listening to a voice outside of me saying, “A group of souls have agreed to come together and incarnate onto earth at this time. They will speak of remembering being star people who came to earth and created man into the beginning of the human you have now become.” – I do not understand at all. I run to another room to find John. I know I am not dreaming, John is wide-awake in the living room and listening fascinated as I tell him of my encounter.

The next night I was asked by upstairs if I would consent to take up mediumship. I willingly agreed, somehow feeling it was my destiny, although I didn’t really know what a `medium’ was. Upstairs had been communicating with me for years now and I had grown to trust them and the messages I was receiving. Then came the night, while John was overseas on business, the same benign energy came and sat beside me on my bed. I still couldn’t see him, but I could see and feel the indentation of where he was sitting on my bed. He asked me, “May I borrow your voice box.” I said, “Yes,” still not knowing exactly what he meant.

Then he asked me to “Stand up” and he gently overlaid his energy field into mine. I could feel his presence. I can certainly understand when people say, “Something came over me.” He said that names were not important – it was the feeling of the energy present that was important. He then spoke through my `voice box’ and a deep male sounding voice came out. He came regularly getting used to my energy field and speaking through me. He would prance around the room in my body and hold his hands on the lapels of my dressing gown as if speaking to an audience. He sang sometimes – making me laugh. He invited me to ask questions and suggested I place an audio tape in my recording machine and switch it on. He moved slightly back from me and I was able to ask questions in my voice -then he would move forward and answer in his voice. On the tape, when played later, it sounds like two people are having a conversation – which it is. One male and one female, only one is living in another world. Hey, my mentor is willing to answer any of my questions. What a marvellous gift! Listening to the tape allows me to ground the experience for when he speaks through me, I am a little light headed and cannot always remember what is said. For many years I realize I was at times slightly confused as to what was happening -at times needing to allow myself to integrate information and to clarify, clarify, clarify.

That commitment, or training leads to me being introduced to the Aboriginal Sacred Stone, and later introduced to The Light Being, or the Spirit man known as Alcheringa speaking through my voice box. What a joyful journey it is.

And it did come to pass, as the ‘presence‘ told me it would, when I was awakened to see a huge Mothership in the night sky. He said then, “A group of souls have agreed to come together and incarnate onto earth at this time. They will speak of remembering being star people who came to earth and created man into the beginning of the human you have now become.” And this has happened, the people have come forth.

With all of the events that have taken place, from the time of moving into the lovely house ‘Alcheringa’ on the hill in the bush, and until now, sixteen years later when we are speaking of a documentary being made, I can look back, review all the transcripts from all of the people that have come forth with the star people memory and speak of how we became human. I clearly understand.

The age old disagreement of whether man evolved or was created between the Evolutionists and the Creationists, in my mind has been clarified – they are both right.

Now I can easily remember being one of the star people and what it was like being on the Mothership Rexegena in which as star people we first came to Earth from the Pleiades.