Eagarinna Speaks: From Betrayal and Destruction to the Golden Age

In this transmission, Eagarinna begins by showing Valerie what it is like to look out upon the Universe from the command room of the Mothership Rexegina. Eagarinna then takes Valerie – and you, the reader – directly into the scene 900,000 years ago when the Mothership had been blown out of the skies and the survivors fell to Earth. Eagarinna tells the story of betrayal, destruction, survival and recovery – recovery to the true purpose of the Mission of the Mothership Rexegena – to bring the Light of Love to this corner of the galaxy.

Session with Eagarinna:

Valerie can actually see Eagarinna sitting on the box that holds the crystal in the command room. Like her children, she also liked sitting on that box and observing the command room. It was quite big, people moving around quietly, calmly and observing.

It had a huge unlimited view, looking out into the universe. It was a spectacular view. It is understandable that the children should like watching. Eagarinna liked watching also.

(Eagarinna changes the time and view)

Betrayal and Destruction

I am actually back on the land surrounded by complete destruction. My brothers and sisters are in agony with severe pain and loss. I myself feel that loss, the loss of my whole family. But this also only comes after a period when we had all helped each other to try and recover, after the ship had gone into the water and after we had all so frantically followed it. We knew it would need assistance as soon as it hit the Earth.

We were able to land reasonably close to it, so we quickly gave assistance to those who had crashed into the water. The dolphins had already brought some to the shore. The ones brought to shore were in such a sorry state, many needed help, and many needed to be looked after. There was no time to think much about what had happened. It was a war-like scene; there was total destruction.



Dolphins helped the star people to shore

It is only after some time had passed that we were able to make shelter for ourselves, to gather together to draw strength from one another, and to try and get some sense into what had happened and why it had happened. It was quite clear that the Reptoids had gone back on their word. They had no intention of handing over the planet Mu, the planet they had deceived us into believing that they would leave. There had been an edict from the Galactic Council that they were to leave. They were given a choice, they could leave quietly and in peace, or they would be hunted off the planet. They had no right to stay; they had come in the first place, millions of years before, against the will of the Galactic Council.

But now they had been told to leave, and they had agreed, or so we thought. But they had gone back on their word, something we could not understand, we just could not believe that someone could go back on their word. What they said was not what they meant. It was not what they meant at all.

Instead of that they sent out warships and attacked the Mothership Rexegena that had taken so long to prepare and to grow into its shape. And then to travel with those fifty thousand people on board from so many different races from the cosmic worlds. The families, the children, so many were lost. There was no time to dwell on that any more, we had to make the best of what had happened. We were left without any of the technology we had, we were left with great difficulty in surviving. We knew that we could no longer survive the way we were used to, we would have to find new ways.

Survival on a new Planet

We soon discovered that even when we drank the water it made us sick. We tried to eat food from the foliage, but some of that made us very sick, in fact it killed some, it poisoned them. We lost more in anguish. We were still suffering from the trauma of what had happened. There was no time to be sorry, we had to really make the best of what we could to survive. We had come on a mission to bring light into this corner of the galaxy, and to this planet, and survive we would.

We were determined to survive, we would find ways, we would find out how to live in this harsh but beautiful land. It was difficult. Then some of our enemy came and joined us. These reptilians wanted to help because they were so upset about what their own people had done, what their king and queen had done. They didn’t go along with what had taken place. They liked us, they knew we were good people, that we had something in us that they wanted to be part of. They asked if they could join us so that they could help us, and we welcomed their help.

We forgave them; we forgave the race that they had come from. There was no time, no point in holding grudges. Not all of their race were bad people, it was quite obvious, and so we accepted their help and they showed us different ways of clearing the water with certain leaves, and showed us food from the foliage that was safe to eat, the seeds that could be ground and made into little cakes. We had enough sustenance; we didn’t need very much. We were never used to eating very much.

Thus we all gathered together, decided to stay together. There were a few that we knew had come to Earth in a different place. We tried to get them to come with us but they decided not to. They did not survive very long, but we did because we stayed together and supported each other. Some interbred with each other, it was not an unusual thing to take place after losing their own families. But we found that the newborn did not survive.

The need for Genetic Engineering

So we had to find a way of adjusting or genetically changing the babies so that they could survive. We knew that the star people babies would never survive and so we drew from the experience and knowledge that there were these ape like creatures that had been constructed and made by the reptilians, using genetic material from the Leonines, who were a warm blooded race that we were familiar with and friendly with. We knew that was a starting basis.

The Dugong had served as their mothers also, and had that energy in them. It was a good start, so we decided to blend genetic material from them with the female eggs of the star mothers who had volunteered. These eggs were implanted back into the star mothers. They saw that as a great honour, for they felt that they had permission from God. This was why they had come, to bring light to this area, to establish a community, and this is what they were going to do. Nothing would stop them, they were determined it would succeed, and when the babies were born suffering so badly with too much hair that was strangling them, the star mothers were very distraught, not knowing how the babies would survive.



Dugong Mother and Calf

They determined to have another try at genetic engineering, and they used the eggs of the upstanding ape creature, and implanted genetic material from the star people. This time the babies survived. They had a larger skull shape, as we had. They had skin that was a little tougher; it was certainly darker. The hair, of course, was still there, but it had fallen away slightly, which was a result of the genetic work we had done. The star people were quite used to using genetics for interacting and creating, it was not an unusual thing at all. The babies survived quite well. Some were malformed. This saddened us, and we assisted them and helped them.

We brought them into our fold and adopted them. They loved us also, for the energy was exchanged, and the energy from the star people was interwoven into these new little creatures. Our families became one. This made us happy, this is what we felt was what the mission was supposed to do, and in some way we didn’t know at the time how, but this was definitely the way that it was going to work. These little creatures would be able to hold the light from the divine source, hold it within their bodies, and spread it.

Inner Happiness with Light and Love: The REAL Mission

This was what the mission was about. We began to realise and understand the mission hadn’t work the way we thought it was going to, but in our determination and courage we did succeed. We were very pleased with ourselves to some degree. There were still many things to overcome. We managed to make settlements and housing of sorts to take shelter, for the Sun was unkind to our skin and our head. The new little ones with hair on their heads and a skin that was more suited to the environment thrived.

They were loving creatures, loving to one another, and loving to us. We thrived from the energy that had finally been born onto the planet Mu (Earth). We felt that we had succeeded in our mission. We continued to make genetic improvements to the eggs in other ways as more children came, until we found that the best way of producing children without any malformation was to encourage then to breed with each other. We established encoded symbols so that they would understand that they could not interbreed with brothers and sisters. They needed to be sure to breed only with those that were far enough apart genetically as to not cause malformation.

The little community thrived. Those that survived lived for quite some time. The children grew, and a decision was made that they should go out and multiply, to continually spread the new knowledge that we had taught them, the energy that came from the star people, and the rituals and ceremonies that we had also taught them. They needed to spread that information, it was time for them to go out and multiply with the other upstanding ape like creatures that were still brutish and weapon wielding.

This they did and after a time we also felt that they could be taken out further. We did have a ship that still could be used. We had tentatively explored the area around where we were settled. However, we were not aware, nor sure, as to how safe we would be if we ventured too far. Although the ship was crippled for lack of power, it was able to travel to some degree. After a time, we set a course out past the coasts and moved onto other lands, and eventually spread these new creatures who possessed star people genes and understandings along with psychic abilities to different places on the planet. We encouraged them to establish settlements of their own. This continued long after the star people had died.

The Return of Eagarinna and The Golden Age

I myself as Eagarinna said to the ones that looked after me so well (for we looked after them when they were children — they in turn looked after us when we became old); I said to them – I assured them, that I would return when the time was right. I have returned now, for the time is right. Now we are moving into change, the Earth, the energy, everything around is changing whether we realise it or not.

There are new energies coming onto the Earth that are of a golden nature. It brings with it wisdom, compassion, and love, as always has been available to everyone that is on the Earth. Now it is coming in waves that are much stronger, and people will know, understand, and accept this new knowledge. They can experience and feel for themselves changes happening around them. Where it does not flow, where the energy of goodness which is of God is not present, then structures fall apart such as banks, such as societies that are controlled with police or harsh regimes, or with dealings with anything within that society.

Society itself is changing. There are some outbreaks of war, for people still disagree and think that hitting one another with weapons is the only way to solve problems. But of course, if they accept the new energy that is coming onto the Earth, and imbue themselves with it, they will realise and lift their consciousness to understand and know that they can solve and resolve any problems. It does not matter what is the problem among people, there can always be a solution in some way.

Eagarinna, as I speak through Valerie, has returned.

I have come back to remind people of their beginnings, and remind them also that we are in a time of great change, a turning point which will come, in a decade, to lead them into the Golden Age. The future of the Golden Age will be one where genes will be able to be changed, so that there will no longer be disease or malformation. All these things will be corrected, and the information and knowledge will be given once again from the star people.

This is the time, this is what all are moving into. I am very happy to be back, to say that it is time. Please listen, please move with the change, please come to know the spirit and the energy of God that presents itself now on the planet. Accept it, allow yourself to be imbued with it, and rise to become the children of God. That’s it.

Our galaxy, our solar system now receives energy from the Central Sun of all Universes – bringing forth a Golden Age on Earth