Sai Baba and the Hot Water Bottle

Shri Hottienanda aka Shri Hotwaterbottle…

The Story

This story is certainly one of life’s little mysteries … Although I now believe that Sai Baba had something to do with it.

Everyone who sees the hot water bottle and hears the story is agog!!!

The story is, that about 5 years ago my Spiritual Mother Margo Gill (she passed over 3 years ago, God bless her!), gave me a photo of Sai Baba, a small one the size of a drivers licence, and some ash from Sai Baba which was bought back to her by a couple of her friends who had spent some months in the ashram in India with him. I was very grateful when accepting her gift but I was not a follower of Sai Baba nor did I know much about him except that he was an evolved soul – who was a Guru – whose teachings touched a chord in millions of people and that he was able to manifest himself and also manifest ash and other things.

Anyway, Sai Baba’s photo lay around my desk for a while. One day I looked into my wardrobe for something and saw a spot on the back in the alcove part for Sai Baba’ photo.

A couple of years passed and I realised one day that there was a hook about 4cm to the right of the picture and thought to myself that it was a perfect spot to hang my hot water bottles. So I did. They hung there for for a couple of years hiding Sai Baba’s face. (I had forgotten that he was there!)

Well, on the afternoon of 13th Sept 2002 I opened my cupboard door to get something and to my surprise I saw a flap of red rubbery stuff, looking just like a fold of fabric, hanging down the back of the wardrobe.. with the blue hottie in front of it.

Melted hot water bottle

I took the Blue hottie away and to my amazement the red hot water bottle’s whole side had peeled away (sort of melted) and was just hanging by a few rubbery spaghetti type threads. This is what I saw!!!

I took the melted red hottie off the hook and noticed that the spot where the heat came from, had melted a small window in the top right hand side of the hot water bottle.. exactly the spot where Sai Baba’s face was!

And there is a red rubber imprint in fine lines on the back of the blue hottie which was hanging in front of the red one in the cupboard … and the blue one wasn’t even melted although it was leaning up against it.

We were a bit spooked out with this. so I took Sai Baba’s photo out of the cupboard , made an altar, lit a candle and put flowers in a vase and laid out the hotwaterbottle in front of it. With respect!

What did this all mean?? How did it happen? Why in my cupboard?

I’ve learnt never to put a hot water bottle over Sai Baba’s face again.

I’ve learnt to remember that magic continues to happen.

I’ve learnt that there are things that happen that are unexplained … until someone explains them …

I’ve learnt that if I really need to contact the uncontactable … It will happen!!!

Sai Baba was and still is smiling in the photo.

Any ideas, I’m open to anything you may suggest. A scientific explanation??