Eagarinna Speaks about the Eighth White Sister

Almost a million years ago, Eagarinna travelled to this corner of our galaxy, to bring the light to this planet and the beings residing here. There were over 50,000 starpeople on the mothership. Although the mission appeared to fail, the goal of bringing light to this corner of the galaxy succeeded; the Aboriginals of Australia became the first hue-mans, the first peoples to be imbued with the Crystal light within, (sometimes called the Christ-light) the light from the Source. As the Aboriginals were not technical people with any sort of technology, they were given stories to remind them of the light within, and how their ancestors came from the stars and would return to help them. Eagarinna speaks …


Almost a million years has passed for the evolution of the little earthling since I first came to this planet. There has been influence down through the ages to help with their evolution.

When I left my star being body I returned straight away and walked into one of the new creatures. I was able to take on a role as mother and continue to do the work of light and love because the new creatures had been imbued with the crystalline energy. I was very much the ‘wise-woman’ of the tribe. I taught the new ones how to work with the psychic energy that increased knowledge and wisdom, and to use telepathy to communicate.

The new people did not have the ability to understand technical knowledge. It was easier for them to understand concepts like the lizard people, the snake people, and others that were connected to the reptiles. The furry animals were linked to the race from which they had come. They were all told stories from that point, a little like you would tell stories about animals to children.

It was from there that the myth of the white sisters was established. This lore was given to the Aboriginal people to help them remember their source. The original story was that the sisters had come from the Pleiades, and when the family of the original ones died they returned to the Pleiades. They weren’t given the full details of the galactic families or races in the earlier days. They were just told that the seven stars represented the Pleiades group.

The little Aboriginal people could look to the sky, point to the Pleiades system, and see seven stars. They understood the number seven, We taught them this. They even made their own little stories up. They kept the story going amongst their storytellers in various tribes. At times I would manifest to them as a reminder.

They were also told that one sister from the eighth star would return, the star that was just out of their sight. The idea of the Eighth White Sister returning was to update their knowledge of understanding, to remind them once again of their beginnings from the Pleiades, and at the same time spread the story and the knowledge of the original mission to Earth.

This was promised to happen when the time was right, and that time is now.

Of course in the bigger plan, the story was to be released not only to the Aboriginal people, but to all those who have their ears open, and are ready to hear.

Did the Mothership in fact originate from the eighth star?

Looking from the Earth, yes.

What about Margaret’s Aboriginal story about the eighth white sister being asleep in Wollumbin?

About the time the myth was being told to them, the star people were also teaching the Aboriginal people about the energy of crystals, which they have always used. The crystalline energy protected the star people, and we wanted the Aboriginal people to understand that they too were protected by the crystalline energy that was imbued in them. They didn’t have the technology or the knowledge as a scientist to understand the structure of crystalline energy, and so we showed them crystals and connected to it that way.

Mt. Warning was then an active volcano. The people came to know and understand that crystals existed on Mt Warning, and that crystals came from the inside of the Earth. It was easy for them to understand that other crystals would still be under the great mountain, and so it was told to them that the sister lay asleep inside a crystal under the mountain. It was just a way in helping them to understand that she was with them, and that she would come forth, when the time was right, to help them to understand their beginnings.

The Aboriginal people were very good at holding the original story, but sometimes they got a bit carried away and embellished it. They expanded the story to some degree, which is why there are a number of them that differ. But their common line is that a sister from the eighth star will come back for when time is right to release knowledge. The Aboriginals are aware, and they wait.

How will this knowledge be known?

It is to be through your book my dear one, for I am the eighth white sister. My message is one of hope, one of love and compassion for one another in all races. The people of the world will join together knowing that they are all the same. There will no longer be a reason for them to fight amongst themselves, and there will be peace. My message is of the love from the Source that imbues all.

The future walks by itself separately, yet beside you. The future can be many different things depending in which track one walks. The future is how you think and feel, and how you imbue the love into yourselves and each other. If all walk with love and compassion for their brothers and sisters, no matter what the colour of their skin, they will create a race of harmony and goodwill.

Everyone will choose the path on which they walk. They will make the decision individually. There will be those who walk one track and those who walk another. The individual will only walk a track that suits their frequency. At all times the choice is theirs. With the knowledge of the eighth white sister returning, they will hopefully give serious thought to the direction their steps will take, on what track they will choose.

How does one know that they are on the right track?

There is no such thing as the right track, it is one’s choice about what one feels happy about. We hope our story will help people to make the choice, and realise and gain inner-strength. It is up to them.

There are many ways to find the god-consciousness within. This book is not designed for that. The eighth white sister returns to bring knowledge of the existence of many galactic races that are connected to the Source, and to bring knowledge to the races that have been victims and do not know and understand the Source. Eagarinna challenges them to find the God-consciousness within.

The Golden Age is coming, a rising of frequency amongst all the beings upon this Earth. It is the same for the mother when she is about to produce a child. This is what is happening to Mother Earth, her frequency is being raised, she is about to give birth to new children with raised consciousness.

Sacred Wollumbin – where the Eighth Sister from the Pleiades sleeps