Eagarinna Speaks

Eagarinna Speaks introduces sessions Valerie had with Eagarinna, who came to Earth with the mission of the Starship Rexegena. Eagarinna was the life-partner of Alqharinga, who headed up the Mission to this corner of the galaxy. Eagarinna Speaks is the record of transmissions from Eagarinna given circa 2000 when Valerie was preparing her second book, Alcheringa, when the First Ancestors were created. There is much material offered for understanding, and the journey of humans in the body is sometimes described as a choice; all choose the path they will walk, as Eagarinna reveals.

These transmissions with Eagarinna are offered for they illustrate different levels of the angelic being and the interactions between various levels of the Angelic Being, which Eagarinna sometimes calls The Elohim. They are also offered as they describe the foundations for the (then forthcoming) time of Ascension (21 December 2012) which is sometimes called the Golden Age. On this key page we bring you the episode from Alcheringa – when the first ancestors were created – where Eagarinna first introduces herself to Valerie:

As Rosalyn was leaving my house, a new kind of aura came over me. I went to my study and sat with the Alcheringa stone. The voice that spoke through me this time was soft and female.

“I am Eagarinna. I have come this day to present myself to you. Do not be afraid. Many from the star worlds are here.”

“See the ocean, the way it moves in and out. There is movement in everything. Even the mother Earth moves. Her breath comes in and out just as the tides. There is a constant movement of energy. Take this energy into you, breath it in and out. There is a wonderful flowing gentleness, and if all is well within you, nothing to obstruct that energy flow.”

“You come and you go much the same as the breath. Do you understand?”

Her voice was soothing and I relaxed, “Yes, I think so.”

“There is another aspect of you, as there is with everybody. From that point, you operate with more knowledge and understanding. The body is transitional; it has a very limited life.”

“A personality however, is a line that is descendant. It really does not matter what dimension it operates in. The knowingness and the knowledge will still operate, whether it is through the personality that you are now or another. You come from that point of knowingness, so there is no limit.”

Eagarinna laughed softly,

“But not to rush out because you hear of other things my dear, stay where you feel right within your heart.”

Even her humour entranced me, this woman with a manner that was so gentle.

“I am here to remind people of who they are and how they are connected with the cosmic races. While the body they walk in is the race of the earthling, it is not all that they are.”

“Why do you do this?” I asked.

“This is the completion of an agreement I made nearly one million years ago, a promise that one day I would come back when the time was right. This was given while leaving my body at that time. I had begun to see and understand what the bigger plan was all about, in creating a race with warmth, love, and peace in their hearts. It is they who will help to change the energies upon this Earth.”

“A new race was created, born with a more evolved brain, with increased intelligence and psychic gifts to a degree. The new race was more aware of ceremonies and energies. They were aware of the Creator and his love. This made them different from the brothers and sisters that had been created by others before them.”

“This meant that the Reptoid and Dinoid, races that did not naturally have love and compassion built into them, had an opportunity to incarnate into a new race and experience these emotions. This is because we built the crystalline energy or, as you know it, the Christ energy into the new earthling bodies.”

“This put them on a path that allowed them to evolve. Now they could come and go, experiencing down through the ages, and then return to their cosmic races, taking the energy with them. The process will continue until this corner of the galaxy becomes evolved with divine energy, love, and compassion.”

I shuddered, “Doesn’t that mean that a lot of people on the Earth are incarnating from Reptoid and Dinoid worlds, and doesn’t that kind of make them like, Reptoids and Dinoids?”

“Yes, it does Valerie.”

“The Earth will soon enter into a new golden age, one of love and peace. On that day there will come a final choice. Some people have spoken of it as ‘The Judgement Day.’ This is correct, but it is a judgement of the self by the self. It is the last opportunity for the self to make that choice. A choice must be made to follow guidance from the love of all, or that which is good for the few. For many it is a simple choice.”

“There will be those who will not agree. When that last choice comes, they can move with us all, or they can be assisted to another place. This is not a threat. It is up to each little earthling to decide. There is no judgement, but there are some whose energies are different, and they are not yet ready to move into the golden age.”

“I have made my presence known to you, please be aware of me. I work to assist with the transition. You must help me in this work. All you need do is write the events taking place into a book. This will be received with love and compassion.”

I laughed, “Well I’ve already done that.”

“That one was for practice, to familiarise you. Now others will help you to write another one that tells the whole story, some already are. This one will reach many to reawaken memories. Do not worry about the outcome. You are merely here in service. Deep within your soul is knowledge that this is reality. Are you understanding my dear?”

The room was spinning, “I, ah ….”

Eagarinna whispered, “I thank you, and I take my leave.”

It is quite strange, I feel as if I am sitting in a bubble. I feel it pushing against me, and if I lean forward, it pushes me back. It is pushing against my face. I have to come out now.


Orange Lotus; functions as separator in changes of narrative


During the preparation of Valerie’s book Alcheringa, when the First Ancestors were Created, there were a number of sessions with Eagarinna, and we bring you selections from these sessions, as they unfold the message of the Starpeople, and the (then) forthcoming Ascension of 21 December 2012, what is called the Golden Age by Eagarinna in these transmissions.