The Call from Uluru – Paul’s Story

The Call from Uluru – Paul’s Story

Uluru with Kata Tjuta in the background

Uluru with Kata Tjuta in the background

After damaging my back lifting during the February weekend of the Japanese tsunami, I was gradually reduced to using a wheel chair to get around most of the time as the cramps and pain in my legs had become so bad. So in a way my journey to Uluru began here. During the early months of the year as my condition deteriorated and I was literally brought to my knees, it became apparent that I needed to learn how to ground myself. I have long had memories of my time in another star system and indeed my journey here, but I have never learnt to ground myself, to connect myself to this earth and to integrate the energies of the mother (earth) with those of the father (sky or stars). Syncronistically, I attended some training with a Quigong master early in the year. The movements all seemed so familiar and my capacity to see the flow of energy and its interconnectedness to every form via its atomic structure (like the scene in the movie “The Matrix”), was striking to say the least. Clearly, I had acquired these skills in a previous incarnation.

Towards the end of July, after having regained some movement and independence due to the gifted work of a wonderful osteopath and the support of my most gracious wife, I received a very strong inner impulse to travel to Uluru. Something was wrong in the area of Kata Tjuta and I was being called there. I immediately set to work making enquires but had in my mind a journey there early next year. Several days later it was as if every rock called me to go to Uluru. The mountains came alive (like elder brothers) and I felt for the first time in this life, the planetary heart beat. We revised our dates and booked a flight for the first week in October. The inner impulse immediately settled and I realized then, that time was of the essence. Remarkably, almost as soon as I inwardly decided to travel to the centre as soon as possible my ability to walk rapidly improved.

As I cast my awareness towards Kata Tjuta, I could feel its pain and a great darkness that seemed to simultaneously be keeping Kata Tjuta captive and holding Uluru back from whatever it was that this great being needed to do. I could feel the hate and anger of the darkness directed at me and realized then that we needed to keep quiet about this trip until the very last moments.

I then began to have a strong sense of a need to build my capacity to balance the energy of a geographical area through the use of qigong. I contacted the only master I knew and explained the unfolding situation. He agreed to share with me a technique that the Chinese masters use to do such a thing – create an energy vortex and then balance the energies within. I traveled to the master and he was kind enough to demonstrate and teach me the moves. I then went about practicing the moves each day.

Sirius, the brightest star in our skies, with its binary twin in the distance

Sirius, the brightest star in our skies, with its binary twin in the distance

Not long after this, I felt to search on the web for more information about Uluru and its connection to the stars. I came across Valérie’s site and read her book on Alcheringa. I was amazed to see the similarity between my own star memories, that I had communicated with some friends via email in 2003. I had very clear memories of coming here on a great star ship ( A city in the sky I called it) and of its destruction in a war with the Draco/Reptilians. I remembered being blasted into oblivion and then, some time later, petitioning a council of elders that I might return, incarnate in and rectify this great wrong. My memories were indeed divided into two levels. On the one level I remembered aspects of my life as a senior Sirian officer, responsible for the protection and safe passage of a number of star emissaries. The consciouness of this Sirian was not enlightened and still influenced by the delusion of duality, of so called right and wrong.

On another level, I remember ascending as part of the Sirian Consciousness into a higher cosmically Christed consciouness. It was like becoming One with a great vibrational field or what I call, the ten thousand eyes. As part of this consciousness, one had only to cast ones awareness in the direction of this planet to effectively be here – no longer was there the need to travel in shiny star ships. And yet it seems that in order to incarnate here in the flesh, it was necessary to divide once again and many of us went forth in the same manner as a great many sparks may leave a central fire if the embers are disturbed. Thus I have a memory or being part of the greater Sirian Consciousness and then the next memory I have is upon Venus and present in a most magnificent monastery, with a monk who was for all intensive purposes half of me. I remember what seemed like years of training to prepare for the descent into earthly form, and yet when the day came, I was astounded at how far the fall had to be to enter this dense realm. I wondered how long had it been since I walked this earth before?

When I stepped off the plane in Alice Springs, the contact of my foot with the tarmac sent ripples of information out in concentric circles and it was then that the area “knew” we had arrived. The local energies were very happy and excited at our arrival. Kata Tjuta was not and so I immediately quietened the mind and brought my thoughts to the present moment. We would deal with Kata Tjuta when the time was right and not before.

Over the coming days, we tuned into the magnificent and ancient energies of the desert. I was drawn to practice the Qigong moves at Simpson’s Gap, Stanley Chasm, Ellery Big Hole, Palm Valley and Kings Canyon. At Kings Canyon, I had my first glimpse of being attacked by a reptilian energy. Curiously, local energies intervened and it was not necessary to become further involved. Through out the entire journey, we had the ongoing assistance of many Aboriginals (male and female) in Spirit and their associated energies. Our journey was truly blessed.

As we journeyed across to Uluru from Alice Springs via Kings Canyon we stopped briefly at the look out towards Mt Conner. Upon alighting from the car, Liz was immediately astrally stabbed in the calf muscle and required attention. Her healing abilities are quite remarkable and she soon had her injury repaired. A little further down the road at Curtin Spring, I was confronted by a very angry aboriginal man in Spirit who was telling me in no uncertain terms that the girls could not accompany me to Cave Hill ( a trip we were due to take in two days time see here ). I tried to explain that the girls were with me and that they would be accompanying me, but to no avail. I then asked him if he would go and get the most senior woman of his mob as I had lost all interest in talking to his fear and anger. Moments later, a very calm elder lady arrived and agreed that the girls could go, but that they would need to be initiated tonight. The remainder of our trip to Uluru was then uneventful. We arrived later in the day and quickly moved to a vantage point to say Hello and pay our respects. We were most welcome and I felt then under the grace and protection of this great rock.

That night, three aboriginal women in Spirit camped outside our apartment and participated in an energetic exchange. I cannot say directly what happened but one of the girls underwent a significant shift and cleared some earlier painful memories. By morning either through work done in Spirit or via dreams, both were initiated.

We spent the next day walking around Uluru and experiencing the majesty of its presence. I say “it” as the rock itself feels very masculine, but there are clear aspects of femininity there as well. Valérie arrived in the afternoon and that evening, we went back out to Uluru to watch the sun set.

The next day we visited Cave Hill. I had awoken during the night with a very upset stomach, likely an attack by the Kata Tjuta energies. However, through fasting and simple eating I completed the day without too much bodily distraction. Upon arrival at the site I saw two spirit beings (they looked like the Wandjina people from the Kimberleys – two eyes, nose but no mouth) in amongst the rocks and I realized then why people are not permitted to photograph sacred areas. These beings have the role of keeping people away and may be seen if they are photographed. Thus they impress upon the local indigenous people the importance of keeping their presence secret and forbidding photography. Curiously, upon our entrance to the cave later, there were these same beings painted at the entrance as if on guard. Valérie has written about the cave in detail in her account, so I will simply say that what is there is a story about the stars. Lying on ones back and looking up at the ceiling is like looking up at the stars. Yet there is so much more. I saw not a roof full of circles but a story of the children of Lyra, travelling through portals to the Pleiades and the Sirian homeworlds and onwards to Earth. There were many references to the Reptilians and their role in the history of humanity. For about 20 minutes I seemed to soak up as much information as I could and then, quite suddenly, I could absorb no more. I became like the others in the cave, just another tourist, just another awe-struck visitor.

The next day, we travelled back to Uluru and Mutitjulu Springs before venturing out to Kata Tjuta. I noted the date with interest, the 9/10/11.

I felt like I was dressed with the vibration of a white sword

I felt like I was dressed with the vibration of a white sword

A curious thing happened upon arrival at Uluru. White Spiritual beings surrounded me and I was dressed with the vibration of a Silver White Sword. It was as if I had become a Sword. They were preparing me for battle. The girls had gone on ahead for some “womens business” at the Mutitjulu Springs. As some time had passed I felt to go there. However, as I got closer to the water hole, it suddenly became harder and harder to walk forward, as if walking through a force field. Suspecting it had something to do with the intended battle and my armament, I dropped all pretense of war and astral weaponry and became like a soft breeze. I was immediately able to walk forward again.

At the pool whilst sitting quietly, I was thanked by a female presence in the water for what I was soon to do (engage the energy at Kata Tjuta). I replied that I hadn’t done anything yet. It replied you have, conveying to me a sense that time was not linear but like cosmic consciousness, omnipresent.

We then got into the car and began our trip. As soon as we took the turn off to Kata Tjuta, it’s anger at me intensified. As we approached the site, I felt to go to the left and we parked at the entrance of the Valley of the Winds.

There we found a shelter and it was immediately ringed by white light beings who descended from above.

As I tuned in to the situation, I could “see” a dark mass of tendrils that were connected to the centre of each of the domes. It was extremely angry that I was there and began to lash out at me. However, it was unable to reach me due to the protection that had been put in place and so, like a hungry lion trying to reach its prey through the bars of a steel cage, it fell short and was thwarted. It wanted quite literally to rip my heart out and eat it. Yet Spirit has all potentialities covered and as the darkness hurled this thought form at me, I noted that my heart had been protected by a symbol and it reminded me of the Cross, the Templars used to wear on the front of their uniforms. Valérie was kind enough to tape what I was seeing and so the following is a transcript of the event.

At some level it knows that its time has come. It wants to cling and be the dominant force upon this plane. This thing is linked into other parts of this earth, almost as if all that is bad and ugly, wicked and selfish passes through this aspect of the planetary consciousness and is both collected here and tainted here. And yet that time is coming to a close. There is even an aspect of this ancient evil that begs now. Wishes to do a deal, wishes to offer me many things, wishes to offer me anything. Wants me to come a little closer so that it may whisper in my ear, secrets, but those secrets will remain unheard and die with it. And so it becomes angry again and fills my mind with a 1000 firery wars, it wishes to split this planet and damage it. For if it cannot control the life here then there shall be no life. But its days are coming to a close. And as I begin to reach into this black tar, I feel a great compassion for it. For this darkness is nothing more than the accumulation of fear and the turning away from all that is holy and One. It has had to drain many lives and draw upon many emotional fears, pain and consciousness to maintain its existence and so I also feel its great fatigue and I feel sadness for I know that fatigue for I have felt it too. For too long has this war of ignorance gone on.

a dark mass of tendrils began to lash out at me

a dark mass of tendrils began to lash out at me

The tendril like attachments that were connected to the domes of Kata Tjuta have now detached and I can feel its pain. The same pain that one feels when one extracts a thorn out of the fleshy part of ones body.

On the sections that have been disengaged there are now beings of lights healing the wounds, and they will be there for a while. There is much to be done with this entity, this consciousness, this river of blackness.

It seeks to withdraw and go into the centre of the earth. A great light from above reaches down and lassos the mid section of this beast – think of it as like a squid and that this lasso of Light prevents it from going deeper into the earth. It feels as though Gaia wants to vomit which each attempted penetration into the centre. So we have a battle of two sources now. And in its fear it has found a new strength and like a tick, it tries to bury itself deeper into the centre. The tendrils have now all released from Kata Tjuta.

I am going to go into this darkness, the metamorphosis has to be started from within, otherwise these two forces will remain pitted against each other for some time. It’s like thick black tar. To move through it requires considerable atomic restructuring, but it is possible. It has a curious acidic quality -it seeks to burn all that is not of it. On the one hand its extremely hot and yet it has no heat about it. Perhaps best to describe it like “hot ice”. Moving up through the tendrils now and now into the body of the beast, which is now pointed down. From there, there is a tiny original spark of Light, buried, completely buried within a crystalline structure. I am beginning to allow heat and energy into the crystalline structure.

For the first time, it is beginning to radiate light. Some of it’s light force is beginning to penetrate the outer structure and into the beast. Still the noose is held around the squid but it begins to writhe in agony. Now, it seeks not to escape into the earth but to attack me. Yet it cannot get me as I am inside it. It becomes terrified. It feels the atomic structural change begin. The light force that is within it begins to glow. The crystalline structure that is around the Light begins to change and pulse. It begins to sing and connect in its song to the light of the lasso. A column of light has now been opened between that which is above and into the crystalline structure at the heart of the beast. A metamorphosis is taking place. The venous tendril like black structures are becoming weaker and decreasing . They are absorbed by the power and intensity of that which is eternal compassion that never left us that always stayed buried inside. And all it needed was a single spark to reach in and ignite it. In many ways there is no difference between this being and the man on the street. And with each passing second more light is pumped in from above.

What I am now seeing is the empty venous structures where the tendrils occupied is now collapsing and repairing. And the tunnel like structures are closing as the darkness recedes . The portal to the centre of the earth that the beast was trying to escape through is closed.

I can see now what this light is becoming. This light is now … I can see the feminine form aspect of this light and I wonder if it’s not an aspect of the Divine Mother.

We stayed there until the blackness was all gone and the presence of the Divine Mother grew as a blue sphere radiating out across the area.

Blue ripples expanding from Kata Tjuta

Blue ripples expanding all over the earth

Its clean, Its clean. Wow   … This energy that is around here and if you can imagine that the ripples are radiating out like a stone thrown into the water. Its like a healing balm of beautiful blue energy just radiating out wards across the world, like a healing water, a soft blue, just pulsing out, radiating out. Some of the light beings have just moved up and left the area and some will remain. And news travels out to Uluru and beyond. There are many on the unseen side that are so happy. We are just being thanked and deeply thanked. Amazement. We can go now and let the process continue.

That was in essence, the conclusion of the event. About an hour later it felt like a great chapter in my life had been completed and I wondered what the next stage might entail? A trip to another planetary chakra?