Cave Hill to Mutitjulu Springs and Kata Tjuta

Part 4:
Visit to the Sacred Place at Cave Hill, Central Australia
A 5 hour journey from Uluru and back

Kata Tjuta from the air

The sun rises over Kata Tjuta casting shadows

We continued to examine the paintings on the ceilings and discussing different impressions.

We were astounded to see images of the Wandjina on the ceiling, said to be how the indigenous people saw the Gods from the Stars. Then I caught sight of a charcoal drawing looking exactly like the Draconian reptilian people. I copied it from memory and knew straight away that the clever fellas in the past also knew the story of the Reptilians and the role they played on this planet - that we as star people also remembered.

After a pleasant barbecue lunch and mixing with the others in a shaded area we all climbed into the van to make the long journey back to Uluru. We were all lost in our thoughts most of the way. I sensed that Paul in particular was still frustrated about what he was being called to do and how to go about it. That was all to change the next day.

We had all enjoyed a cooling swim and an early night, waking refreshed the next day, 9th October, 2011. Paul’s plan was to go to Mutitjulu Springs because of the connection we girl’s had made with Goolagaia and then somehow figure out what he had to do after that. The day began very hot.

When we arrived at Mutitjulu Springs at Uluru it was much greener than I had last seen it. I remembered where Goolagaia had shown herself as two very large rainbow Orbs so I took a photo telling the others why … So they all took photos as well and this is what the Ancestors gave us.

The large wall in front of us began to look like a huge entrance into the centre of inside Uluru we could see the snake images telling the Dreaming Story.

Sign at Entrance to Uluru telling of the Kuninya - telling the Dreamtime story

Sign at Entrance to Uluru – telling the Dreamtime story of two snakes.  (large version)

Photo of large orbs again in my photo when I asked Goolagaia to show herself

Photo of large orbs again in my photo when I asked Goolagaia to show herself  (large version)

Photo taken by Paul of the same wall a few moments later

This is Paul’s photo of the same large wall with the two snakes – we can see the rainbow serpent energy – in particular bottom right is the head and two eyes. Always an initiation when this is seen.

Photo taken by Liz of the same wall a few moments later showing blue orb

Photo taken by one of the girls of the same wall with a different point of entry. A blue orb is visible in the centre

My Aborigine Tribal Elder friend tells me that when they do ceremonial dance that their ancestral spirits present themselves in Orbs of Light, which they believe are those ancestors who have evolved. He said while dancing in a circle it was like standing in a bubble bath.

We came to the sacred Spring which was full of water.

Sign at Entrance to Kapi Mutitjulu - telling the Dreamtime story

Sign at Entrance to Kapi Mutitjulu – telling the Dreamtime story.  (large version)

Photo of Mutijulu Spring showing water

The sacred spring of water known as Mutitjulu Springs

Sign at Entrance to Kulpi Mutitjulu - telling the Dreamtime story

Sign at Entrance to Kulpi Mutitjulu – telling the Dreamtime story.  (large version)

There is a beautiful feeling of Peace and Calm – you do not want to speak. It feels sacred. I once again saw the heart high on the wall that Goolagaia had brought to my attention when I had been initiated there.

Photo of the wall at Mutijulu Springs showing heart

The wall shows a heart

Then I was prompted to take another photo and was thrilled when I found Goolagaia had well and truly presented herself with a strong Pink Orb over the top of the heart and other Orbs that I believe came from the seven sisters who also live there.

Photo of Mutijulu Spring showing water

The same wall showing the pink orb and surrounding orbs after asking Goolagaia to present herself

There is a bright Orb of White Light that is also shining down from the sky above into rays of rainbow colours in this photo. It is not the sun. Alcheringa tells us that he resides at Uluru, and I always imagine I am sitting slightly above Uluru when I call upon him.

This day I believe he was showing himself to us as well. What a beautiful gift. Thank you Alcheringa the Creation time Ancestral spirit, Goolagaia and the seven sisters linked with the Pleiades. It was a beautiful conclusion to what I was to do and what I was to come to understand.

To Kata Tjuta

Paul could not settle and seemed anxious to move on to Kata Tjuta (The Olgas) By now the temperature had risen to 39 Celsius, a very hot day. Almost too much for me.

Panorama photo of Kata Tjuta

Panorama of Kata Tjuta  (large version)

We rested under shaded shelter when we arrived at Kata Tjuta – Paul seem to be taken over by spirit and began speaking. I quickly placed my recorder beside him as he spoke gently and quietly about the healing he was being asked to do.

I noticed the girls seem to be in a meditative state and also focusing on healing, as if they had been taken over as well.

Paul kept speaking for quite a while – but when he was finished I could see He was now happy. He had done what he had been asked to come and do. He felt a strong feeling of completion and understood that he didn’t need to worry any more – Just wait for the right time – and all understanding and knowledge would be given to him. It had happened for him exactly as Alcheringa had said it would.

Paul has written an article about what he had been asked to do, along with the girl’s input.

Photo of Walpa Gorge

The entrance to the Valley of the Winds just behind we were under shade on the way to the Gorge is where Paul did his healing work. Every time someone walked past he would stop his talking (channelling) and then continue after they walked past.

Photo of Kata Tjuta from the air, showing the many domes there

Kata Tjuta from the air, showing the many domes there

It was no coincidence the next day was the 10th of the 10th or October 10th that was exactly 16 years since Alcheringa had spoken to us at Kariong, in 1995 and the day the Star People’s memory record had been opened of the Mothership coming from the Pleiades. See Alcheringa speaks at Kariong and his address to us in the video. He told us he resides at Uluru and we were here exactly 16 years later with more information being given to us.

I cannot get over finally finding out where the sacred Alcheringa Stone was originally found by the Afghan Cameleer way back in the early days of white man’s settlement. Upstairs had told me at another time the Stone was like a little piece of history the same as Uluru.

Photo of Uluru taken by Valerie Barrow

Going Home, riding high; Thank-you Alcheringa!  (large version)