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‘Upstairs’ has asked me to note all the experiences I have had in releasing energy that no longer serves me in my Earth Body. I was in hospital – after I collapsed and not able to move. I was taken by Ambulance with a suspected heart attack; John had to come in the same ambulance because he can no long look after himself. Now, I take you through the experiences and understandings that have come as I have progressed through the layers of consciousness in – and out of hospital. Away from my husband John, which makes me sad.

In Hospital: Awareness and Releasing Incumbrances

‘Upstairs’ has asked me to note all the experiences I have had in releasing energy that no longer serves me in my Earth Body. I was in hospital – after I collapsed and not able to move. I was taken by Ambulance with a suspected heart attack and John had to come in the same ambulance because he can no long look after himself.

I was pumped with Potassium through drip liquid bottles – the potassium levels in my body were found to be dangerously low.

In 1969 I had a near death experience when (long story) I was totally bereft of potassium.I could feel my body closing off all the lights inside my body and I was waiting for my heart to go out. (Meaning the Light to go out.) So I prayed to God to let me stay as I was worried that my 3 little boys would have no one to look after them. (Their father’s father had been one of three little boys when their mother died and the children were all separated.) I promised God I would do anything to serve him if I could stay. Then a very dignified and authoritative male voice said. “You can Stay.”

I experienced an exchange of Souls with that permission and I did not understand that at the time – only finding out later. People have referred to it as a “Walk-In experience.” My life then began to change dramatically. During this recent stay in hospital – spent in the Intensive Care Unit – I again relived the danger of nearly dying of lack of potassium … … Now I have released that consciousness, motion and emotion attached to that exchange and I am now free of that trauma in the body which no longer serves me. And for the first time I really feel that my body is mine. And it is my responsibility to keep it healthy. (I often felt that it was not my body and that I was looking after it for someone else??)

It was written that I would meet up with my second husband, John Barrow 7 years later and that we had been chosen to perform a particular mission for the hierarchy, or Karmic Board if you like. Again I did not understand that until much later. As it turned out my second husband, John Barrow was British and came with his family to Australia in 1969 the same year that my soul walked into Valerie’s body. The first owner of the body had died and actually left this earth world. It had all been previously arranged with the Karmic Board and with the blessing of the Source of All Creation.


Valérie and John in Sydney, Valerie's 85th Birthday
Valérie and John in Sydney, Valerie’s 85th Birthday

My visit to hospital from the 1st April, 2022 also showed me another insight to release. In the ICU ward, nurses take your Blood pressure often and one morning I was awakened at 4am with a fright – I was asked how do I feel. I replied I was dreaming that I WAS INSIDE A COFFIN AND I COULDN’T GET OUT. “Oh My goodness!” the nurses all said at once, “That is a Nightmare!”

Well I am 89 years old and my father died at 89 years old. So that memory was in my body and gave opportunity to release that pain and consciousness. More than that I have always suffered with claustrophobia but now I don’t have that phobia any more … And I believe, either an ancestor or past life memory had surfaced in a true memory still in the consciousness of my DNA – of being locked in a coffin before being dead – so that fear has gone too.

female looking leonineAnother understanding has been given that the star people have given us, is the story of all the human Race has DNA coming from the Leonine Race … This happened earlier when our Earth race had only developed as an upstanding animal man (Before the Pleiadian blessing).

Now they (Leonines) were used by the Hierarchy of the Benevolent beings to act as “Cosmic Cops” to help maintain a certain balance and order on this Earth. Remember the Leonine race is a loving race with family and care but they do have claws in their paws and they can fight and even kill if they have to.

Our pet cat is very affectionate, she can scratch if the mood takes her, but we have had problems with flood damaging in the Villa we live and making it impossible to live downstairs because of the MOULD.

Unfortunately the cat carries the MOULD on her fur, leaving it everywhere and I developed a serious allergy – so that I cannot any longer have her near me or pet her. Hopefully the damp and mould will all be fixed soon but in the meantime I asked Alcheringa Why do I have to suffer this dis-association from our loving cat?

I was advised, It is an opportunity for you to release the consciousness that is in your body (and everyone else’s) the energy of an unseen cat’s claw reactions, fighting and killing that lays dormant in our Earth body. That reaction and emotion that is in everyone can be released now.

“Upstairs also say there is no judgement in this.”

Another insight for me suffering Allergic reaction of extreme itch and pain to the mould coming from the cat’s fur is a long past memory of us as Star People coming from the Pleiades and surviving on Earth. The sun was too hot, for we had no hair, and our skin was very soft and vulnerable to bugs, insect bites and damage to our skin. That memory was released as I am a star person (but you all are) and immediately I found the cream from the chemist also helped and drove away the maddening itch (that I now remember the star people suffered).

There have been many initiations to our DNA – everyone is different – no two people are the same but we can suffer similar reactions in our body. I hope you are not one of those that really suffer with allergies.

As I am finding out it is easy to correct the Human Race Body to adjust. We need to be aware that it is not just how we think but that we have inherited all sorts of motions put into action and emotions attached to the actions of our DNA consciousness that has come from, past lives, our parents and our ancestors. It is possible to heal.

And note that does not mean the Akashic record is destroyed. Everything in the Universe is recorded and never destroyed. That is why it is so easy to focus on a specific era and receive correct information and history from another time. That is also what the Star People mean when they say, time and distance does not really exist.

Feeling of Heaviness

On 1.4. 2014 Cosmic Sai Baba sent a message. You can read it here:

Now 1.4.2022 as I write it is exactly 8 years later when John and I travelled in an ambulance to the hospital. Me because I had not the strength to get out of bed to look after John. And John had to come with me in the ambulance to hospital because he couldn’t look after himself; he is now in respite.

This is a very sad thing with some elderly couples. We are encouraged (by the Government) to stay in our own home and look after one another. But there is a major upset when each are too sick to look after each other. It means you are separated. There is no choice. So now we both – John and myself – have to face that separation, deal with it, and get on with our lives. It is a MAJOR change in our lives … … I have faced sadness and find it hard to not cry any more.

We are on a Mission on Earth – so there must be a plan. I have been reassured by ‘upstairs’ that on the completion of the Book I have been asked to write with Alcheringa the Ancient Ancestor – about the Indigenous people, first people of Australia – and the clever Creation Stories – as kept un-embellished by the Clever Story Tellers, men and women appointed by the Heirarchy … … That I have still a lot to do for the Star People while in an Earth Body; as I have said, I am a Star Person. I am 90 years old at the end of this year 2022, and within weeks, the book is soon to be published … …


Written by Valerie J Barrow and Alcheringa, the Australian Ancient Indigenous Ancestor from the Stars.

JOKE: Australia, or the people are Australians also stands for “Astra – Aliens.” Ha ha

I have been giving messages received from Andromeda M31 – via Youtube – since February 2018. Please see this message from Cosmic Sai Baba

By now you will all know that I missed the transmission from Andromeda last month, April 2022. And now this ‘confession from my Soul’ is another message to say I will be missing the May 2022 transmission, also. I have been advised to have an operation to have a stent placed in the aorta of my Heart. She, meaning my heart, will be a lot happier after that. My body, like everybody’s is a separate consciousness to our SOUL … consciousness.

See you soon.
Sending love, blessings and HOPE to all
Valli. xx

Uluru under the Milky Way
Uluru – under the Milky Way.

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