1st March, 2022 – Cosmic Sai Baba introducing Alcheringa and Andromeda Val

Meeting March 1st, 2022 – Moss Vale

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Valérie Barrow: Today is the 1st of March, 2022 and we’re sitting here ready to receive a message from Andromeda – and our friends there are connecting you specifically – from that place. There is a reason – I am not quite sure why, but they come from the future and of course they tell us that everything is happening at once. And it is important – it is where we focus that matters. And so we are focussing here in Moss Vale, in New South Wales, Australia, and I am calling upon – with great love and respect – Cosmic Sai Baba.

Cosmic Sai Baba
as channelled by Valérie:

Thank you, thank you my dear, thank you, I am very pleased to be here. I know you have had a little difficulty this morning getting this message to us – or rather – from us to you. However, it is all right. I remind you, we are all eternal beings. And there is no rush.

However, there is some chaos on your planet Earth at this time – which is very worrying – and indeed, we are aware of what is happening, and why. So we are doing our best to help and assist. But, we cannot because of universal law.

We cannot interfere unless you ask us.

So I call upon all of you to pray. When I say pray – it is used by all religions, yes – but it is actually … science, because it’s what is in your consciousness. And it is your consciousness that goes out and it feeds back from the world of light. We can then help you and assist you because you have asked us.

So be aware of that. If everyone upon this Earth were to ask us and pray, and ask for peace, harmony and good will upon this planet Earth, it would appear. It would happen.

But there needs to be change, of course. We will assist. Please pray and ask for our assistance – and we will give it readily, I can assure you.

And now, without further ado, Alcheringa and Andromeda Val – who are androgynous beings – and belong to each other: they are coming from the future and they are wanting to speak to you. So I am handing it over to them now. Thank you my children; Thank you, thank you, thank you.

as channelled by Valérie:

I am Alcheringa and I am very pleased to be here. I sound a little different today because I wanted to do (this) for you to see and recognise different energies if you like. It is the feeling that is important. (It is) not named so much. So I’d like you to understand that everything from the world of light is imaged. It is the nation of images – and of course that means – imagination is not to be brushed off. Because it is – EVERYTHING – a nation of images. Do you understand?

Thank you. And I would like to hand over to my beloved “other half” – Andromeda Val.

Andromeda Val
as channelled by Valérie:

Well, I am Andromeda Val. And Valérie is suffering a little bit with her physical body. You will remember last month there was a celebration – in her light body – from the quantum field of energies that exist in the raised consciousness of Andromeda, M31. That, er, there was a direct connection now from shall we say “Me” as I was presenting. Because I was able to present myself in my truest form in Valérie’s body, not just borrowing her voice box.

We did encourage her and ask her to write an article that would explain what was going on. She did not understand, either and so we helped her. It was a little hard to understand at first, but, the understanding is quite clear to Valérie now, I believe. And she is now releasing from – what was allowed or initiated for her to release past karmic embellishments that still existed in her Earth body – from the owner of that body before her.

That was an agreement. That is always with people that exchanged souls – with agreement and taken on the earth body. When the body is taken on it is agreed to look after and heal it. Not the soul that is actually leaving but the soul’s karmic actions that took place in her earth body.

So we are referring to this as incumbrances and if you can think of it like that – even in law, the ownership of property needs to be released of all incumbrances so that the ownership can take place. And that is what has happened finally – now – for Valérie. She is understanding that now. It has been held back with purpose, because over the period of time that she has walked into this body, it has allowed her and us to work with her and prompt her and place her and her husband in different places around the Earth so that they had stories to tell about past lives and other experiences of the world of light and its connection to the Earth.

Cosmic Sai Baba has always said that everyone is a God being. So if you think of that – it might be a little hard because sometimes because of incumbrances that are still in the body that exist from other teachings or beliefs from other times – or even in this lifetime. If they could let all that go. Everyone on this Earth at this time can move forward. And they have all agreed to come, to help one another.

However, sometimes they are caught up in situations in life that stop them, or, cause problems so that the power of where they are – takes over and they make decisions that are not right for everyone. Not for the good of All, but just for the good of a few. I hope you understand what I am leading to, because there is no judgement. Everyone has free will as we have said, many, many times. And this is up to you to make the choice. Everybody in the human race has moved forward in evolvement and become the same – as far as the evolvement of the human race. It is possible for everyone to communicate and find understanding with differences – difference of knowing, difference of ways of doing things, beliefs and caring. It does not matter what colour your skin is – all the body functions are the same.

But it is time to release all incumbrances upon your body that has been held – and is no longer necessary, my children. Remember that. It comes from your DNA and your RNA and your – what can I say – influences from your parents and your parents parents – and as you can imagine – going back further into your ancestors. It needs to be cleared and it will be readily cleared if you have that choice within you – and you ask your God self to assist you, to release all that has passed in every way and offer yourself in service.

Because who you really are is not totally in your earth body – you exist with a soul – and a light body – and an oversoul (if you like) and that connects you to your God-self, and THAT, is who you really are.

(Knocking on door) I will have to leave now, we have been interrupted but we look forward to our meeting next month. And I send my love and know we are always with you – and always ready to assist. Thank you, thank you my children, thank you. God bless you.

Valérie noticed a flash of light while she was channelling Andromeda Val. You can see this at 5:48 during the video.

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