Cosmic Sai Baba Introducing Andromeda Val from the Galaxy Andromeda M31 4th August 2020

Meeting August 4th, 2020 – Mossvale

Questions to be asked of Andromeda Val today.
  1. Would you describe the Adonis race and what it is like living on Andromeda M31?
  2. What will it be like on Earth when we move into the Golden Age?
  3. What is the most important thing Humans can do to move into the Golden Age?

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Valerie Barrow: Today is Tuesday the fourth of August 2020 and we are calling upon Cosmic Sai Baba to make his presence with us. Thank you.

Cosmic Sai Baba as channelled by Valerie: I am here my dear and I am very pleased to be here. I’ve been looking forward to this meeting this day. And I thank you for calling upon us.

We are connecting now to the galaxy Andromeda M31. You will note I have changed the sound to An-drom-eda because that is the way it is generally known on Earth.

I welcome the opportunity to introduce you to Andromeda Val who is speaking to you from the Adonis race that exists in Andromeda M31. Thank you, thank you my beloveds, thank you.

Andromeda Val as channelled by Valerie: I am Andromeda Val and I am very pleased to meet you today and to speak with you. I look forward to these meetings and I hope you do also.

There is much to tell you but where do I start? I think perhaps by asking, inviting questions and I know John has questions for us. And, for the moment though, I would like to also greet you in the Adonis language, just so that people will be familiar with the energy and the sound. For there are many, many languages that are spoken through many, many different races in the universe. So here at Adonis we speak as a greeting and we are [Listen to audio below or watch the video].

[20 second recording of Andromeda Val in her own language as channelled by Valerie Barrow]

Andromeda Val: It sounds fast but it is only because the frequency, it is faster if measured in the way you measure things here on Earth. However, when you are visiting, shall we say, the race in Andromeda, you become the same frequency and it is not fast at all, it is very comfortable, the same as you speak to each other here on this planet Earth. It is very real.

And now I would like to invite a question if you have one, I know you do.

John Barrow: Yes. Would you describe the Adonis race and what it is like living on Andromeda M31?

Andromeda Val: Yes, well we were hoping that question we’d ask that question because it is important. It is a very direct question in that the Adonis race has been created to not only to give life to people like who come from your planet Earth and your solar system but also to present themselves and communicate very easily with you. The images of the Adonis race people are very similar to the Human race. They do not suffer from disease or malformation, but they are taller, there are some a little shorter but mostly taller. And when I say that I mean about 7 feet tall or so, 8 or 9 feet in your measurement for the males. As I said, there are some shorter also. But that is similar on your races here on you planet. And so there are different ways that we plan and hope to be able to communicate easily with the Human race so that there is no fear.

As for communicating, we’re all star people communicate mind to mind, consciousness to consciousness, telepathically if you like. And that is a little difficult because, as I have had to do, is to learn the language of Earth people and in particular Valerie, as I am working and borrowing her voice box, I use her language which is English. But it is possible for us to learn the languages of other races upon this earth and communicate through other people. But we need a medium, we need someone to converse or translate for us because as I have said, we do not communicate or we do not speak through a voice box. And so if you can accept that, it is possible to communicate with star people from the Adonis race without any difficulty. In fact Valerie has already experienced that by speaking with the avatar who is known as Sri Sathya Sai Baba he’s much, much more than Sai Baba and that means mother father, it is representing the whole of your galaxies and your universe. So I hope you will understand what I was going to continue saying, that Valerie actually sat right in front of Sri Sathya Sai Baba when he was in a physical body, physical Earth body upon your planet. And just sitting in front of him she still communicated with him telepathically just as she still does now. This is just showing you how we could possibly communicate because star people would want to, want to communicate with the Earth being, the Earth people. They are a race that’s very important in the role that they play within the universe.

We have spoken about this before. Your corner of the Earth, or the Earth corner of your galaxy, is rather dark and there were many races and still are, that operate in a different way and also not connecting to the source of all creation which is love. The opportunity to come into an Earth body gives them an opportunity to learn what it is like to feel compassion, love, and pain. For even that was not experienced in the cold-blooded people. However they have come willingly and when they come they take back the understanding and the experience to their own people. Much in the way now we hope that the Adonis race can help you as Earth people to feel and know and understand what it is like to be a star person that is without limit. You do not have cells you have atoms and you are a light body. You have a physical light body and so you operate in that manner. It is a different way of thinking but it exists and it happens, it is happening all around you. All sorts of races that have come together in what you would call a united planetary nation form and with agreement to discuss issues and to help each other just as we encourage the Earth Humans to help one another. In fact, you are part of that race from the stars, this is my message – You are star people also but you are in an Earth body, which is a little bit limited in the way the star people operate. And I’d like you to remember that and recognise that you have an aura and that is your light body.

It opens up with a consciousness of you soul which has been given to you, it’s like a passport and it comes with an agreement to help one another, more than anything. And so I would like you to think about that and I hope this will give you an answer my son. If you wanted me to describe the way we live in Andromeda it is a very beautiful place, very similar to your Earth planet but it is not polluted. It is that simple. It is the way the Earth is meant to be and how it was created by the hierarchy of Andromeda in the first place, to be a Garden of Eden, a place of love and light and without pollutants. And certainly, if there’s disagreements or misunderstandings between anyone that thought or that disagreement shall we say, is respected and then a panel can sit if they cannot work it out themselves then a panel will sit down and work and help with them to find a consensus. This is what we are hoping will happen and moved into in fact at another level or layer of consciousness it does. So I would like to reassure you that fighting and coming to disastrous ends its not going to happen for much longer for you are moving into the Golden Age and this is now. Another step in this time of the Leonine if you like. In the early formation of the Human form the Leonine cells or atoms were used in the creation of the man that is the animal man before the Human. And by that I am not making a judgement it is quite good in some way, it gives people an understanding of your environment and the hair is the evident of it, of that connection to the Leonines. We have talked about that before and it is quite a long story so we’ll leave that for the time being.

If anyone is listening and would like to ask a question about that please write to Valerie and she will reply.

Now my son is there another question you would like to ask?

John Barrow: Yes, there is. What will it be like on Earth when we move into the Golden Age?

Andromeda Val: Well in some ways I have already just answered that I think in that it will be free of war and it will be a raised consciousness that recognises that everybody deserves to be heard and that everybody is love and light from the universe of all creation without any judgement. And so everybody has the right to a thought, it is free will here just as it is in Andromeda. It is the layers of consciousness that is the secret. So when Jacob talked about ladders he was correct. The layers of consciousness are like a ladder that you raise and each time you raise to another rung of the ladder, it automatically infiltrates everybody’s thinking and they would not dream of raising a weapon to sought out a problem. Never. And so this is where it will be like, or what it will be like upon your Earth planet. It will be love and care and concern and also fun and lightness and joy and love – in all manners of the action of love.

So does that answer your question my son?

John Barrow: Yes, thank you.

Andromeda Val: Is there another question?

John Barrow: Yes please. Finally, what is the most important thing Humans can do to move into the Golden Age?

Andromeda Val: That is a very good question and I am glad it has been asked for it is really a very simple one. It’s recognising that the Earth body is giving you a body to walk and experience in the layer of consciousness that exists now upon your Earth planet. It is raising, it is rising all the time. It is in a transition just at this time in a portal of what you would call the Lions Gate and as I have just said that is where the hair came from in the Human body and it is lessening because its relating more to the Star people’s genes that actually helped to raise the Human body. You remember that please because there are many people now that are living without or less hair is growing and that is meant to be actually. Not that there is anything wrong with the Leonine race at all, as I said there is no judgement. They relate to mammal, and this is upon your planet and they are wonderful animals and of course we all love them. When I say all I’m speaking for Valerie. And then of course there are reptilians also. Those forms have come from another time and they need to be, or they will be, raised. And they care for one another. You will see even now different species are connecting to each other would normally, would be fighting or very wary of each other. So in actual ways, your animals, your birds, your lizards are all coming from a place where they are changing because of the raising of the consciousness and that is exactly what will happen with the Human being.

Some Humans may not be able to quite connect to the raised consciousness of the light that is much stronger and for this reason they are assisted to go to another place where they can continue to learn if they want to. Nothing is forced, its only ever assisted. This is coming from the hierarchy for the good. The hierarchy that has been behind this planet being created in the first place. It has been a place for love, and blessings, and divine light which helps that change to take place. There is the crystal also that handles the energy and lifts the energy in frequency and vibration in many, many ways. And it is used quite a lot if you will think and know about in your exploration of your outer atmosphere in the outer worlds of the stars.

And now I think perhaps I had better leave today but thank you very much for listening to me and I hope you will write to me and ask any question and I will attempt to answer them in the best way I can.

Thank you my children, thank you, thank you, thank you. I leave and always are with you with love and blessings. Thank you.

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