Notes About Scalar Energy

NOTES About ‘UPSTAIRS’ bringing Scalar Energy Pendants to our understanding. All over a period of one day. And we wish to thank Kathyn and Mick for gifting them to the speakers at the Cosmic Consciousness Conference in January this year at Uluru, Australia.

I Found my Pendant in its package on our Altar in the meditation room and decided to search on the net for more information about it…… (I saw that as upstairs wanting me to understand more about it.)

The Quantum Pendant is Japanese Technology “Optimum Energy for Peak Performance” and coupled with an authenticity card (like a credit card) – re Quantum Science and a serial number. I felt I could trust the technology.

My search on the net led me to information about Nicola Tesla and a few other scientists working with Electro Magnetic Technology and that spectrum. On further understanding I found it was linked with SCALAR technology as marked on the back of the golden disc pendant. Again, the number of authenticity was there and three small dots, black, red and white that seemed to hold something unseen – maybe the energy. And I felt Scalar technology was another name for Tesla Waves or linked with it some way.

Tesla Waves I have been working with now for about 2 years as a human Tesla Coil… assisted by the green diamond ring from the stars and made by Starpeople… the same way humans make industrial diamonds. The ring was personally given to me by the Avatar of the Age, Sri Sathya Sai Baba at his Ashram in India.

Out shopping, still on the same day, I saw a Nexus Magazine and on the front page was headed ELECTRO MAGNETIC WAVE THERAPY: Potential for COVID-19? Suggesting that it could heal the terrible disease.

Already I had thoughts that it would need to be careful in its application – but yes, if hertz energy measured carefully with each individual it could heal the patient. The person’s body would need to be assessed at a safe hertz level – knowing that not everyone is the same.

I then listened to a You Tube talk from Professor Michio Kaku a Japanese Physicist and Futurist from the University of New York. He is always very interesting and he speaks so that the Layman understands science. He said the new way of healing in the future would be biotechnology and nano technology (I think I have that right) meaning no medicines and non-intrusive surgery for the body.

Then I thought I have to share this – even though others may probably be aware. And maybe others could share how they feel after wearing these Scalar Pendants from January this year. I know of four – three wear it all day – not at night. Another sleeps with it near the bed.

A few days later I spoke with Scott Mathias and he agrees that we are Electro Magnetic Beings. We are Light Beings…Of course…… we a part of the electricity available to us from the universe. Scott has a lot of detail to further explain it all.

Scott recommends magnesium in the diet and plenty of water not only for the gut but water is needed to build the strength of Electro magnetic energy in our bodies.

Then last Sunday, John and I watched a Programme on SBS (Vicelink) 7.30 pm about research taking place for a biography to be written about Nicola Tesla. They had travelled from Europe to Siberia to visit the museum where a lot of Tesla’s records are held. But still some were kept from the researchers. ??? They decided to test Tesla’s theory of Free Energy available in the Universe. Tesla says “If you want to know about the Universe – think of Energy, Vibration and Frequency”.

The Biographers set up two Tesla-coils about 3 or 4 metres apart and tuned into the hertz wave. They had a toy boat connected to the power but said that the power of the hertz reading was far too strong and it would blow-up the little boat. So they reduced the hertz reading very low and switched it on to the boat and it began tearing around the lake. They agreed with big smiles, that Tesla was definitely onto something.

After talking to Scott Mathias – I had a thought that when people are diagnosed positive with Covid-19 and show very little symptoms – wouldn’t it be a good idea to check the person’s hertz reading? And my guess is it would read quite strong – with the patient having a strong Light Body. And to prove something, they could read the hertz readings of the very ill patients and find a way to strengthen them carefully.

We know the Electro Magnetic Spectrum can raise to a very dangerous level. So why is it some people survive from being electrified by lightening. And also blind people having regained their sight.

Remember Nickola Tesla told us if you want to know about the Universe – think of Energy, Vibration and Frequency.

I have just met Aurora Pagonis, email: who spoke of electrolysed water. Sounds like that could help brighten our Light Bodies and in turn strengthen our Earthbody. Will research that more.

I have been working with Tesla waves for about 2 years now on Skype. I am an initiated human Tesla Coil or conduit. The healing comes from the green diamond ring also known as a Prema Baba ring. In a meditative state people are led to clearing their energy field and with rapid eye movement and intent they connect to their Soul Consciousness. People can feel energy healing their body and when a short one or two brief movies are taken with my mobile – they can see the different, colours, patterns and even bright white Orbs. Nobody is the same – some are similar. I want to find out if I can, and how to obtain a hertz reading from them.

Another lovely person I have met is Anya Petrovic – I suggest you check out her work. Please refer to her website: and check out What Scientists Say. And in particular the images of Tesla Coils and relation to the human body: Eng Boris Petrovic.