Cosmic Sai Baba Introducing Andromeda Val from the Galaxy Andromeda M31 with a Message February 5th, 2019

Cosmic Sai Baba

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Meeting February 5th, 2019 – Moss Vale.

In today’s meeting, 3 questions are asked:

  • Information about Two Earth Planets and two Suns.
  • Civilizations in the Inner Earth.
  • Shift of control and changes in the Financial Systems on Earth.

Valerie Barrow: We are gathering here today, it’s Tuesday, the 5th of February and welcome everybody that’s watching. There is a message that we are going to receive from Andromeda Val and Cosmic Sai Baba comes through first and set up the platform. Now if you just bear with me a moment please, this recording is made at Moss Vale, New South Wales, Australia.

Cosmic Sia Baba through Valerie Barrow:

I am Cosmic Sai Baba and I am very pleased to be here and I am very pleased to say that Andromeda Val is also here and she is waiting to speak with you and she welcomes you and the opportunity to speak and I also am happy that this is taking place. Thank you my children, thank you indeed, thank you.

Andromeda Val through Valerie Barrow:

I am Andromeda Val and I am very pleased to be here. I come from a long way and a long time, but as you know, there is no time or distance, everything is happening at once. This is a matter of focus and how you actually relate to whatever your focus to and as to how you can connect . We have explained this before. So now I would like to speak a little greeting in my language as I have promised many times here and I have also said that I will translate it also but for the moment I am just here to speak the language, thank you, thank you, the star language from Andromeda.

[23 second recording of Andromeda Val in her own language as channelled by Valerie Barrow]

Andromeda Val:

Thank you, thank you, thank you. It has been a little hard for me to adjust to a new language, but I have mastered it and now I am speaking with you in your language and I hope you can understand me. It’ has been a little time to work with Val before we could – or Valerie, I should say – I am Val, to work with Valerie to be able to master the use of a voice box, and also to master the language that you speak, also.

So I have come and I have promised to answer questions, so if you have a question I would be very pleased to be able to answer it, I hope, thank you. Is there a question?

Question: Ok, we have got three questions for you: Let’s do it one by one.

Number one: We were told about the existence of two earth planets, and how they operate in our future. Could you please answer that one first.

Andromeda Val:

That is true, that is true and I would be happy to remind Valerie and she knows this now, that she was asked when she first moved from Canyonleigh on her property, to a house here in Moss Vale. She was asked at a mediation, would she allow a group of Light Beings to speak through her. At the time we did not tell her it was from Andromeda but it is and was. So she will give you a copy of that, along with this message today. (Please click here to read that article.) What we did say was that there would be two planets on earth, in other words they would be in the same place. So if you think about what you see and what you see around you, it is a world and there is a world upon worlds, upon worlds, upon worlds differencing in, shall we say, consciousness and a measurement of that consciousness. It’s like a ladder, if you like. You already have two consciousness levels upon your planet earth which you speak of as your third dimension and your fourth dimension. This is, what we are speaking about is raising of consciousness, which we have spoken in many ways to you, about rising your consciousness here so that you can understand and think at a different level of consciousness and with those that have been doing it, such as the light workers and the healers that you have actually been able to transcend your earth plane and connect it to your consciousness of your soul. And from there you connect to your oversoul which has never incarnated on to your earth planet. However your soul is here and it is with every human being upon this earth and it is from that consciousness that we are now speaking. There is a raising of consciousness going on and there is a simple way of explaining it, it is a simple way of blending the third level dimension into the fourth dimension. In the past people, or not many people could actually see into your fourth dimension, but we, as star people could always see into the third and fourth dimension which is held in your atmosphere within and surrounding your Earth planet. So that is what is meant when we say there are two planets that you are changing and raising to which we also be, we say, the fourth dimensional consciousness and the fifth dimensional consciousness. From the fourth, which you are in now, is actually helping you to see more of what already existed upon this earth and in the fifth dimension it is what we are or have been prophesying for you as the Golden Age. Because from that place the earth consciousness would not even, ever enter into a sort of raising a weapon to sort out a problem, but rather would sit and discuss and understand each other from that consciousness and share the way of thinking and if there were different languages to change the language so that understanding can be given and understood, because quite often, differences that are argued about are not really different at all, it’s just a way of expressing it and misunderstandings happen. So if you can understand what we are saying is the New World of your earth planet in the fifth dimension is the Golden Age. It is in the same place as far as your, how can I say, your solar system, but it is operating at a different level of consciousness and also if you would think of it being in the third dimension, you would also not be able to hear readily and so as a thank you for that question, and I hope I have answered it, so would you like to ask another?

* Please click here to read the mentioned article.

Question Two: Is there a civilisation in the Inner Earth?

Andromeda Val:

There is a civilisation in your Inner Earth, I would hasten to say the Inner Earth and the Outer Earth are the same, it is just that you have different levels of surface and of course over evolution of the earth there is a building of the earth’s surface and archeologist or geologist would be able to readily say they can read a different level of time that existed upon your planet Earth from the levels or layers of geology, in your planet. And so, yes, there is a time that existed upon your earth that was, and still is, occupied by other civilisations. Some are not as knowledgeable as you are as humans and others are, in fact, they are advanced. There was a time on this planet earth that people came from other worlds easily into your planet and visited and stayed sometimes for a while and then left. They did not necessarily always live here or create civilisations here. And some were very advanced in their thinking and helped to progress the humans that were upon the earth in their knowledge and their way of doing things with suggestions because the earth has, the humans that exist and have always existed, as far as their beginning, which is another story, but when they did begin they were given free will and free choice and so they developed from that place. They were still influenced because of genetic interaction and inter-exchange with star people genes that raised their consciousness that was able to make them very special beings upon this earth. So that is who you are, you are human with a raised consciousness and with star genes in you as well. And so, these civilisations exist, yes, for everything exists in the past, it has not been destroyed, it is always there. And so, if you can understand from that place, then yes, yes there are civilisations in your inner earth. I hope that explains it to you? Thank You.

Question Three: Through changes in the financial systems on Earth will we see a shift of control from the ‘elite’ to the masses.

Andromeda Val:

This is happening, yes, you will see that and feel that and know that from different things reported on your television or your radio or your newspapers, you will know there is major change happening and yes, there will be major change. Money is used for a purpose and a reason and you all know that without me explaining that to you, but it has been misused and not always for the right reason and so I will say, the change that takes place will be that money will be used in the future for the right reason and for the right purposes and shall I say for the right for all people, not just a few. I think that says it in a nutshell. How it happens will be a little slower to happen, but it will happen, I can assure you and it will be good because that would take you also into the fifth dimension understanding of the Golden Age. So I will take my leave and I thank you very much for listening to me and inviting me to be here.

I really relish coming and I love being with you all. There has been a suggestion put forward that you have all come here from the future and that you are here on the earth and I would say, because I am in your future, that I have come to earth as Val and then Valerie, there is no separation, it is all happening at once, so if you hear that saying about “you have come from the future” in some way that is right. If you think about it. I will leave you with that thought. Thank you my beloved, thank you, thank you.