Cosmic Sai Baba Introducing Andromeda Val from the Galaxy Andromeda M31 with a Message October 16th, 2018

Cosmic Sai Baba

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Valerie Barrow: With great love and respect in our hearts we are calling upon Cosmic Sai Baba to make His presence this day – it is 16th, October 2018 and we are at Moss Vale, New South Wales, Australia. Thank you.

Cosmic Sai Baba (through Valerie):

“It is I, Cosmic Sai Baba and I am very pleased to be here – and indeed there is more going on than you realize my children – so do not worry, do not worry – all is well and you will be assisted I can assure you. For the moment we have Andromeda Val waiting to speak with you from the Galaxy Andromeda M31. This has been set up as we are waiting now to connect – so without any further ado I will hand it over to Andromeda Val. Thank you.”

Andromeda Val (through Valerie):

I am Andromeda Val and I am very pleased to be here today and to connect with you, Ladies and Gentlemen. It gives me pleasure when I have the opportunity to connect with you and to speak with you and to assist you if I can. For we have made it known that we wish to connect with the Earthling, the people of the Milky Way and in particular your planet Earth. We have said before we and the Angelic Realms have created the planet Earth and so we are very happy to be able to assist it’s evolution and everything, everybody that is upon this Earth.

I also I would like to say a few words in my language just so that you can experience that energy it is uplifting for we or I am 6,000 years ahead of you at your time but everything is happening at once – so you will understand that the star people have very advanced technology and we will share with you at another time.

[34 second recording of Andromeda Val in her own language as channelled by Valerie Barrow]

At another time we will be translating but for the moment I hope you will enjoy that energy that is coming through to you. At another level altogether you do understand the language – however we will leave this now and as I have always promised before I will answer three questions if you would like. Do you have a question that you would like to ask at this time?

Question: Yes. Will there be a major catastrophe after or around December 2019-2020 and if so will there be a lift off of humans just before that time?

Andromeda Val:

Now this is a difficult question. In some ways there is a catastrophe that is ahead of you but then in another way – it is not.

It is up to the consciousness that exists upon this planet. And looking back, of course from where I come, I see that it succeeded in not happening but then…

It can be written in another way. There are many stories that relate to the same event, if that makes sense.

There are different levels of consciousness – there are different levels – if I may describe it as a dimension. It is a level of consciousness that, shall we say, has a measurement of higher or raised ascended consciousness.

Or there is one (dimension) that is not ascended.

So I can look back from where I am and I can say Yes, a catastrophe has happened in the limited consciousness but yet, when I look again, into the raised consciousness, that no, it did not happen.

However, it was in the Mother Earth that is needed change. And the change has taken place. It was a stepping stone for her to be part of the catastrophe and then also, part of the raised consciousness. This will continue on and connect totally to the Creative Source of All. This has been prophesied and the Earth will align with many suns in future and it will be the Golden Age.

So am I giving some understanding of what can be seen or what can happen?

It depends on which level of consciousness that you are thinking. Does this make sense? Can I assist you to understand this more?

And what would you like to ask My Dear?

Question: Will there be a lift-off of humans by Extra-terrestrials? Around the time of that correction / adjustment to the Earth?

Andromeda Val:

Remember I have said that it is different levels of consciousness. And so in the level of consciousness that you are speaking – is one where the catastrophe does happen and does take place. And yes humans were lifted off – for they went on then to be raised in consciousness by their connection to the star people and they then came back to Earth to help with the Earth’s evolvement in the Golden Age.

So is there any other question you would like to ask? (Can’t think at the moment)

May I prompt a question in that if there is awareness of the level of consciousness that exists – in the main across this planet Earth it is what is going to be created.

So if the level of consciousness can be changed and lifted then the catastrophe will not happen although the change will take place. So does this makes some sense?

Question: It is hard to understand in the third dimensional physical world?

Andromeda Val:

I can understand that. The consciousness level of thinking in the Earth human as it is now is very much focused on the brain. Now I am not negating the brain in anyway – it is a good source of remembering and recording many, many different events, or ideas and thoughts. But the ideas and the Creative Thoughts that have come to you have not come to you from a level of consciousness in the brain, it has come from your soul consciousness which is a raised consciousness and then goes on to actually connect to your Oversoul. Your Oversoul is actually the aspect of the consciousness of the Creative Source of All.

Or, as some would say, ‘The God Force’. Do you understand that?

So that is not always readily linked into by the human thinking at this time. What I am asking is would you like to understand how to reach this raised consciousness within the human. (Yes) Then that is good. Because that is the secret. The secret is of course, that the earth brain, when the Earth body goes back to Earth and no longer continues, it just has a beginning, a middle and an end.

But the Light Body that is actually a photo copy of the Earth Body – immediately after it leaves the earth body which has gone back to the earth, it is still alive. It is you – who you really are.

Because consciousness when it is raised – it is real. And it is very much part of what a lot of people have been talking about and believing there is ‘Life after Death’. AND it is true. There is no death in continuation…

There is change yes. Change of form, yes But the consciousness No. It is still the same and continues and when it goes through the doorway of the Soul Consciousness it reaches into who you really are. As an OVERSOUL.

That can be quite complicated but it is as I have already said, it is your God Self.

Your Creator – it is linked totally with the One God The One Source of Creation.

So would you like to ask anything about that My Dear?

Question: In the lower consciousness would the lift off of humans with the Extraterrestrials around us now – is it the Light body that is lifted off or is it the three dimensional Earth body as well?

Andromeda Val:

It is a little of both. There is a transition that takes place. Once you move on to a place where you are welcomed by the star people. This is a time, for shall I say a re-entering the world of Light. And changes do take place a sort of casting off sometimes of heavy weight of certain energies that may be attached. And there are others where there is no need for that – they actually just meld – the energy just comes together. And becomes quite strong, but it is a Light Body.

I would like to suggest, in fact I hope, that you will think more; not of the catastrophe that could happen if you remain in the earth body consciousness but let your ascended state in your Light Body come together (they are both together while you are here on Earth) and think from that ascended state of consciousness.

You will begin to connect then to a part of you that knows a lot more about you than you do in your just general thinking of your earth body. Am I explaining how it is. In other words your Earth body is limited in consciousness.

Your Light body as connected to your Soul consciousness is no longer limited, it is what has been keeping your earth body alive. But it moves on and so there is much more to you as a consciousness as a whole – which I can say is your OVERSOUL.

Or your Angelic Being if you like. It is a little hard to sort of put everything out all at once – but there is a need for a raising of consciousness and to be open to much more than what you believe is just a body on earth with a consciousness that dies and that is all there is.

It really is important that you re-think about this – I urge you to do that – because once the raising of consciousness happens in a much greater way upon your planet earth then you will be moving into yes, changes – major changes within the Earth but not with the severe loss of life that could happen with the lower consciousness – do you understand? (Yes)

This is really for me to say that you are Creators – You are God Consciousness in the truest form. There is no reason that you need to stay in this lower form of consciousness and suffer.

There is an edict that ALL will move on. Happily and Joyfully to the World of Light. Where there is no restrictions and there is only LOVE.

Do you understand? (Yes, thank you.) I think that is enough from me today.

I hope you will continue thinking about what has been said. And I will come back again, so if you have more thoughts or questions I will be very happy to answer them. I thank Sai Baba for holding the light for me here on this planet Earth – I return now to the Galaxy M31.

Thank you My Dears, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Addendum: Valerie speaking. Cosmic Sai Baba has asked me to bring this Quote to you:

Cosmic Sai Baba: (given through Valerie)

“If there is righteousness in the heart, there will be beauty in the character.
If there is beauty in the character, there will be harmony in the home.
If there is harmony in the home, there will be order in the nation.
When there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the world.”

Also I have been asked to write about a recent personal experience at home.

John and I sometimes are in conflict and become cross with each other. I was reminded by my benevolent spirit mentors that if there are issues between us to make a point to look at each other in the eyes while discussing a specific issue. It is true our eyes are the window of our Soul and when connecting with that energy a raising of consciousness takes place. Any difference between us is soon reconciled if we respect each other and are honest about what is upsetting us. In fact we usually begin laughing at each other.

It has been a simple message, a simple reminder – but it works.

It can be difficult for some people to look directly into another’s eyes but with perseverance it definitely becomes easier and one finds that looking directly into anyone’s eyes while speaking an unconscious connection takes place into a raised consciousness.

I would also like to bring everyone’s attention to a question asked at our meeting for the Narayana Oracle recently – August 15th, 2018

JD Was still thinking strongly about the volcano in Hawaii. How the lava has increased the size of the island. Why is the lava still flowing slowly, what is Mother Earth trying to show us.

We ask who is present? Spells out G O D.

JD asked for more information on the volcano in Hawaii (Kilauea)

Cosmic Sai Baba: (given through Valerie)

It is I, Cosmic Sai Baba, and I am replying to the question you asked my dear. This is ??? on the Earth planet, she is asking and wondering about the volcanic activity in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and the Pacific Ocean of course, is known also for the outskirts of it as being the Ring of Fire, because there are many volcanoes in those areas and many have been erupting recently, but still, the one in the middle, Kilauea, is still erupting, but slowly. There has been a question asked also as to why it is slow. I need to say and reassure people that there are many wise ones that work and help this Planet Earth to (shall we say) conduct itself in a safe way for the humanity that exists upon it. If that volcano in the middle of the Pacific Ocean in Hawaii was to explode (the way it would really want to) it would do too much damage on the whole of the Planet. It would create massive tsunamis and interfere with a lot of life. And so, it has been an edict that the Angelic Realm from Andromeda M31 has called upon those that are helping the people and the planet itself to evolve to hold back the activity to some degree in the centre of Hawaii, so that which I have just explained, does not happen. As has been reported, by the scientists that they cannot predict when it will stop, it is because we are allowing it to actually overflow to the point where it will be enough to release the pain and the emotions (which I say not lightly) from the planet, which also has a consciousness. It is much that is needed to release from its past evolution. And I am speaking of your planet. And so, if you can, with a little thought, imagine and understand, what is happening.

Another thing Cosmic Sai Baba wants me to bring to the reader’s attention is:

I record the sound recording of our meetings on Voice Memos on my Apple iPhone.

The next recording after the ‘meeting October 16th, 2018 is a 59 sec length which I did not record. It came from nowhere.

[59 second recording]

I cannot hear it properly so a friend listened and advised this is what he could hear:

“And someone else will control the elevation…she’s made to maintain the engines and now it’s a very different aircraft
2nd Another voice
When huge craft also complicated and require still larger crew
3rd voice
We dropped a line first????????bow??????????????away from it and we lower down just lower the ship down they wouldn’t drag us down they would swing the top guiders down and we get it down low enough we would walk the ship upward to the mast then and then attach a nose cone and then start the engines up??????????????
2nd voice
While the new ship proved itself, a twin giant took shape in Ankora, Ohio
She was named Macon. Her commissioning in 1933”

My friend also looked up these links:

“Very hard to make out but have added my attempt. I think they are talking about an airship
( and another being commissioned in 1933.
Looked up the internet and there is a Airship called MACON built in 1933 (
Don’t know how this got recorded on your phone. Very strange! There might be a message from this from Andromeda Val? Airships arriving?”

I, Valerie, was prompted to telephone APPLE MOBILE SUPPORT to see what they thought.

I was assured by Apple that no phone recordings where sent from them. I needed to explain why I was curious and before I knew it the Apple Supporter was really interested and asking me questions about my work and was told she was a LIGHT WORKER. Ha! Ha!

So then, I had to ask my Benevolent Spirit Mentor: Apparently the message was received on my phone at Mid-Night, I was asleep by then.

Cosmic Sai Baba advised the star people were having a little fun. My body existed on Earth from December 1932 and the Air Ships were being built around that time on Earth. So your Earthbody could read sound from that past time. We are showing you how sound waves exist from ‘all time’. You as an instrument allowed us to REVIEW that talk about ‘Air Ships’ through the time your body was on Earth?? A little fun on our part to hopefully attract questions for your next meeting.

Andromeda Val had been talking about the star peoples ‘Air Ships’ and we were hopefully showing how an instrument (you) could connect to ‘records’ of that time —- Records previous to that time would come in other ways.

I, Valerie, would like to ask more questions myself but shall wait until the next meeting on November 6th, 2018.