Cosmic Sai Baba Introducing Andromeda Val from the Galaxy Andromeda M31 with a Message July 3rd, 2018

Cosmic Sai Baba

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Valerie Barrow: With great love and respect in our hearts we are calling upon Cosmic Sai Baba to make His presence this day – it is 3rd July, 2018 and we are at Moss Vale, New South Wales, Australia. Thank you.

Cosmic Sai Baba (through Valerie):

“I am Cosmic Sai Baba, and it gives me great pleasure to be here – I am very glad to be here to assist with this meeting to take place with Andromeda Val, all the way from Andromeda Galaxy M31. And so, she is here, and she is waiting, thank you My Dears, thank you for being here.”

Andromeda Val makes her presence through Valerie Barrow:

I am Andromeda Val and I am pleased to be here. It gives me pleasure to come. We have set this meeting as a platform and it is to happen the first Tuesday of every month. And so I hope you will join us in this way for the messages that we have.

It has taken me a little while to get used to speaking through a ‘voice box’ but it is happening – and I am happy for that. A little difficult I must say, for in Andromeda we communicate telepathically.

Telepathic communication is something many races do in other worlds from your planet, although in early days your telepathic communication has taken places with many Indigenous races – in particular your Australian Aborigine.

I would like to speak about them if that is alright. For, they are the first humans as against man. There have been many names given by different Archaeologists or Anthropologists or where ever scientific study has been made and a lot of study has been made upon them.

The creation of man happened millions of years ago. But from there was a specific up-grade 900,000 years ago upon your planet and it is the Australian Aboriginal people that is known as the oldest race upon your planet and it was the first humans.

They know this, they know this and they know they came not from somewhere else, they know they began here which was known be another name, but it is now known as Australia.

The Australian Aboriginal people used to communicate telepathically, very easily, they would be like me on your mobile, across the other side of your country and to let people know that they were having a Corroboree, a meeting – a place of song and dance and sharing of information, and gifts to each other as well. It (the Invitation) would go out and spread but that way of communication has been lost a lot but in some ways some people do telepathically communicate. And joke about it – but it is a reality.

You now use telephones – and it is no co-incidence that telephone is very similar to telepathic. It is a way of getting back to that old way. It may be old actually but it is still used in the future. As I have said, many many star people use it in other worlds.

I have said before, also, that the Angelic Realms from Andromeda have created your planet Earth. And everything upon the Earth has come from somewhere else. Because the planet was created from ‘scratch’ if I can say it that way.

It grew, it was a garden, and many things grew, but to grow it meant that many things had to be brought here. And the way of teaching and influencing the consciousness upon this planet also came very much so from Andromeda but then others from other planets within your galaxy, offered to assist and they came also. And they still do.

We have said there is a United Nations of Planets and it exists.

It is a Universal Government, if you like. It is agreed by many, many races from different planets and different galaxies.

I would like you to think about that – for, we are hoping that your planet Earth will join us and be part of that community. It is one of love and compassion and always caring for one another.

It is a raised consciousness, which seems to have been lost a little, here upon your planet. But it is changing and the changes are noted by the Hierarchy that exists within the government of United Planets.

I hope you will accept that, and realize that – there is no co-incidence that you have a United Nations – That has been influenced by ‘thought forms’ that have been given to many upon this Earth who care to ‘pick it up’ – run with it, I would say, and work with it to make it a reality upon your planet.

So we do help in that way – but because of Universal Law we cannot just come in and take – over. We work on the way many have picked up, shall we say, the influence, shall we say, or the inspiration that comes from us, to re-think about your way of living, your human values and your desire to live in peace and harmony.

For that is a natural instinctive thing that is within all of you. So do not be afraid to speak up if you are not happy about something that is developing upon your planet within your leaders of different countries – but also, be prepared to listen to them and their way of speaking because sometimes the way of speaking is simply another way for the very thing that you are thinking yourselves.

Misunderstandings can happen very easily – so it is important that you do not rush and change or get angry without seeing first if there is total understanding of what another nation in another language is trying to say.

This is very important.

Everybody upon this Earth has been blessed from the Source of Creation and so they are all, what you would call Creators or God Beings. And I am using the word God in a very over-view way. Not a religion – but rather a Being – a place of who you are. You have come from the Source – you go back to the Source.

You are all Creators, if you would understand that and so from that point you need to be careful what you think – let alone what you put into action.

I am not trying to tell you what to do exactly but I am trying to influence you into helping to understand how you can make changes for the very things that you are not happy about that are happening upon this planet – for it must change.

This is I am saying – for it is an EDICT from the Universal Government.


And we pray that you will find the way to make these changes and to make it happen. Certainly it is going to happen with your planet itself. It is an Edict from the Source of All Creation –or God – and so if you think about that, you cannot change it. It (the earth) is moving into that change.

The Golden Age that has been prophesied for so long. It is lifting in Conciousness and the consciousness holds a vibration where talk or ‘action with weapons from you to sort out a problem’, does not exist.

So please think about that – the change is coming – it is happening – it is happening in this time now in your time.

And so I would like to say a few things in my language that I have promised to do when I come – So, please allow me – and I will be translating this language – but not just yet – not just yet.

[32 second recording of Andromeda Val in her own language as channelled by Valerie Barrow]

I feel a sense of joy when I am allowed to speak my language and I hope you will join me in understanding eventually.

But now, I have promised to answer three questions is the agreement, and so does anyone have a questions?” (Yes)

Question: I have just finished reading Valerie’s book ‘Alcheringa when the first Ancestors were created’ and I have a few questions I would like to ask?

Firstly, If humans were created by the star people and imbued with the Divine Light why did they forget their history?

Andromeda Val:

“Humans that has been shown in the story of ‘Alcheringa, when the first ancestors were created,’ which the Aborigine of Australia know very well. The thing about coming into this planet with the consciousness at the level it did was – and stlll is to some degree, is a level of consciousness that is not capable of understanding all the history that has taken place upon your planet and other planets around you – let alone the Solar system, the Galaxy and its relationship to other Galaxies within the Universe.

And so it had to be released, shall I say, portion by portion or bit by bit. And for the people to come to live, they have come to live here – some to hold the energy so that the consciousness can be readily lifted – and others come because they are wanting to raise their own consciousness to a point where they would be accepted in Universal Terms.

And so, a veil of memory against their soul consciousness was placed upon them. In other words it was held back – otherwise it would be too much confusion. The whole thing about Beings coming onto this Earth in Human form in particular, is one of sharing, coming to understand each other, to know each other and to learn from each other. Also to give and to learn to forgive.

So I hope that answers the question My Dear. For, as the consciousness and the changes that are taking place at this time, it gives opportunity to raise consciousness ad come to understand things in a much broader sense. Does that answer your question?” (Yes)

2nd Question: Are the Moldavite stones remnants of the destroyed Mothership Rexegena that was attacked and exploded- or are they something else?

Andromeda Val:

“The Moldavite Stone, as it is known, is actually a Tektite – green in various shades and glass like. And it is found in just a specific place upon this Planet Earth and people can research its existence and where it is – and also know that it is actually the remains of the Mothership Rexegena that was attacked and exploded and fell to the Earth at that time 900,000 years ago. It is also known as the ‘Grail Stone.’ For there are many people influenced and feel and have experiences of when they touch the stone –because the stone is holding the raised consciousness and the energy from where it came and so it does influence people and help them to remember who they are. So does that answer your question?” (Yes)

Final Question: One of the people in the book mentioned that there were more planets in our solar system at that time.

Andromeda Val:

“Yes, the planets in your solar system – there were more…(she sighed) unfortunately there has been problems in this corner of your galaxy and certainly your solar system, which is one of the reasons that the Angelic Realms from Andromeda made a decision to come to assist. Previous to that there were wars in the star worlds and there were planets that were lost.

To show there was the one named Earth or Mu as Andromedans called it …
And it was to replace one that had also been shattered – part of still remains from the previous one in your asteroid belt – but there is also those of other planets there also.

So yes, there was confusion and wars and to do with power and wanting to claim and make their own without thinking of the good of all – and those times have gone. Now it is moving forward to everyone upon this solar system or within the solar system, to raise consciousness and make decisions for the good of all – not just the few – but the good of all.

So with that My Dear I thank you for the questions and I thank everyone in this room and I am glad I have been welcomed so beautifully – thank you, thank you, thank you. God Bless you.”