A Healing for John Barrow

Hello Everyone,

Times are challenging, but the Benevolent Star Beings are saying it is time to let ‘our past’ go And move forward with a ‘clean slate’ so to speak. I would like to share a recent time we – my husband John (and I) had in receiving very strong healing from a healer who lives in Mumbai.


I would like to share a recent time we had in receiving very strong healing from a healer who lives in Mumbai. India. John was recovering from a successful operation but still feeling tired, not thinking clearly, no energy and deeply depressed.

The healer came into our lives in a magical way, We shared work and then she offered to do work with my husband.

He was open to it and we agreed a time suitable for the Healer . The time came and he laid on the bed with the computer set up beside him in easy view for him. She talked to him for about ½ hour at first and nailed 3 main points that were upsetting him.

After that, I watched him for another ½ hour while he visibly relaxed , and I could see his face become calm and light. Eventually his whole body was exuding a beautiful Divine White Light.

All this time the Healer was working with energies, as seen by the movement of her hands and arms. And the only sound coming from the computer was a ping sound – sometimes louder – other times quieter. I knew it was past and present negative energies being lifted away.

I thought to myself “Oooh I should be protecting myself! And as I thought that I saw myself surrounded by a cylinder of Light and Cosmic Sai Baba’s presence merging with me. So in fact I received healing as well – that which I had from worrying about my husband.

John is so different – I am delighted and HAPPY … … He is the fellow I truly know from the Star Worlds! He knows he needs to maintain this new state of Being by daily meditation and prayer practices while here on Earth to ground him.

Here are the contact details of this lovely Healer should you wish to contact her:

Email - shivamsaxena@gmail.com
Skype ID - shivam.saxena9

And this is a little more detail about her – that I asked for her to send to me:

Shivam Saxena is a healer and a psychic, based in Mumbai and travels all over the world facilitating workshops and private sessions.

Her sessions include in person and online Psychic reading, healing sessions and she performs Symphony sessions to remove blocks from your universe so you can open to Living in a completely different way and have much greater ease with your body, finances, relationships and personal growth.

After having studied in the US, and working in the corporate world for over 15 years, she chose to step into her capacities and potencies in a much greater way, to work with people as a Life Coach and a Business Coach, and contribute to Mother Earth by facilitating consciousness wherever possible!