Water for Rejuvenation

Does water have a memory, and is it a living entity with a consciousness? Pure, clean water with dissolved minerals from the earth is full of healthy, clean, and natural energy. Water is not separate from us. It is within everyone and all living things. Inspiration for novel ways of enhancing water comes from the work conducted and published by Dr Emoto in his published work, The Hidden Messages in Water.


Just as water is part of a greater cycle in nature, water in our bodies is also part of a cycle as it continually comes in and goes out in order to maintain a healthy balance. Water is important for both vitalising and cleansing our bodies. It provides hydration and nutrients as well as flushes toxins and waste from our bodies.

Dr Emoto suggests that water has a memory, which can be imprinted with positive attributes and healing properties to rejuvenate and restore our health and well-being. Science tells us about the water cycle and its link to our bodies and our environment. Dr Emoto’s research tells us that with the inflow and outflow of water, we can attach positive attributes such as gratitude or well being when we drink water, and releasing/cleansing attributes connected to human waste (sweat, urine, tears).

Since our bodies are comprised mostly of water, and we consume approximately 2.5 Litres per day, it takes approximately one month for the water in our body to be flushed out and replenished. If Dr Emoto’s suggestions are indeed correct, imbuing our drinking water with positive messages could improve and rejuvenate our health.

The water supplied by our town water system is very different to the water found in a natural spring, pond or lake, which is exposed to fresh air and sunlight. Town water exists within an enclosed system or network of metal pipes where it is under constant pressure, friction and chemical treatment.



Suggested Water & Healing Experiment

Requirements: Clear Glass & Labels

Process: Daily routine for at least one month: drink water in a glass labelled with positive written words and held with good intentions. (e.g. health and well-being, happiness, gratitude, vitality).

Inflow: Label the bottom of a clear glass so words can be seen through the water. Raise the glass up to the sunshine to absorb and reflect the light. Drinking water with absorbed sunlight brings about a feeling of appreciation and gratitude. Dr Emoto has mentioned that gratitude has a powerful and extraordinary influence on water structure, which enhances its preservative qualities. (I have personally tested this in an experiment using pearl barley covered with water with remarkable results that support this claim).

Outflow: Urine, faeces, sweat/perspiration, tears, exhaling or out breath, allows us to release and let go of accumulated toxins and waste. We can remember to cleanse and release during toilet stops, showering/bathing or deep out-breaths. We have the opportunity to let go and physically release emotions such as unhappiness, guilt, anger, grief or sadness through tears, exercise and perspiration.

Intention: A key aspect of the process is to choose what is to be held energetically and what is to be released in the body so that health and well-being can be improved. This water experiment is about self care, transformation which is powered by our intentions.

Timeframe for Results: Allow a few weeks for the body to let go of energetic toxins as well as physical ones, and to feel more vitality and energy.

Ice Cup and Post-it Notes Method

  • Take a plastic cup (for making ice cube) and place plastic post-it note inside the plastic cup (put in freezer)- Use indelible ink texta (permanent marker- green) for writing on the note.
  • Write the needful message: (forgiveness, gratitude, happiness, and a little story/prayer etc) and place it inside ice cube.
  • When frozen, take it out then let the cup-with-note sit overnight in your room to enable ice to melt and release message from thawed ice in morning.
  • Put all the water into an oil burner to evaporate the melt water (approx 12 hr process) – some have found this very effective for healing family related emotional patterns

Sacred and Living Entity

Water is a sacred and living entity, a powerful life force present in all living things. Just as the calm surface of water reflects like a mirror, the intention of messages in the water reflects our consciousness. Our energy follows our thoughts, and can be used to affect the water. What do we choose to hold on to and what do we choose to release? Our bodies are indeed part of the cycle of water. We can enact our own self-healing through our daily drinking water and what we release through our body.



This page © Dino Parisotto 2017; reproduced with kind permission.