Andromeda and Magenta

In the Mystery School, The Source has suggested – several times – that we research about Andromeda and the energy and color by name “Magenta”. On account of our daily works Valérie comes across many references to these, and we have compiled a number of references – principally Youtube videos that give information and background materials. Viewing such will go towards raising consciousness, as will reading transcripts of these messages. Enjoy!


The Magenta Star Astral Chakra Activation


The Magenta, Soul Star, Astral Chakra, 8th chakra or Alto Chakra as it is sometimes called. I will also talk about the Sacral Chakra and the reason that you may be feeling various changes relating to sex and intimacy at this time. How the colour Magenta can help you. The ANKH key and why it is important at this time. I will also share an etheric seal with you to help balance out your sacral chakra and a musical Soul Star Chakra Attunement created with the 528 HZ Miracle Healing Frequencies, to the help you to balance, activate and connect to your own Soul Star Chakra! As you can see there’s a lot that I wish to share with you today, before I do so however, here is a channelling that I have received from the Andromedian Counsel of Light.



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Lilli Bendriss


Lilli Bendriss is a Norwegian medium, an author, a channeler and a celebrity in Norway. She has written two books and appears regularly on the show: “The House of Spirits” on TV Norway (Åndenes Makt på TV Norge). Lilli received an abrupt awakening at the age of 42 when an acupuncture needle was placed below her stomach and she started communicating with spirits as well as beings from another Galaxy. Lilli also channels The Language of Light, a language with a high vibrational frequency which is meant to raise our energy.



Lilli channels at the end of part 2. Watch here:




Anna Merkabah


I have posed the question of “what is happening?” to our benevolent galactic counterparts who have reassured me time and time again that we are moving in the RIGHT direction as a collective, even if it seems like anything but.

What they have explained, is that we are shedding the last bits of debris, releasing all the negative emotions that we were running away from, or hiding behind happy facades. We are finally being brought in front of the “mirror” so to speak and shown what is really going on deep within.



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Magenta Pixie


These are channelled messages coming from a collective energy who present as 9 White Winged beings.

The channel has been receiving this information since 1993 but has now been told to release this information to other like minded souls and those known as ‘Lightworkers’.

They, The Nine, say ‘United we stand, Divided we fall’ and that it is time for the lightworkers, the mediums, the researchers, the scientists and all those with differing perspectives on the 2012 Earth changes to come together as a collective force and bring forward their knowledge in whatever way it may be.

It is the time of the gathering of the like minded and the place you can freely network, share your information and harness that amazing lifeforce energy that is magnified so brilliantly when you are together, is here on “The Internet.”

They speak of the many clues left for you everywhere and that the journey towards Ascension is akin to a “Cosmic Treasure Hunt” and that “you left these clues for yourself!”



You can read the transcript of this message here




Andromedans – Everything You Wanted to Know 2017


The Andromedans are one of the most evolved civilisations working with the Earth at this time of Ascension, their civilisation is very large inhabiting the Andromeda Galaxy in the constellation of Andromeda. It is a spiral galaxy approximately 2.5 million light-years away from the Earth. Their technology is far beyond anything we have experienced on the Earth as is their connection to the Creator.

The information in this video is from the Andromedan contactee Alex Collier and Elaine Thompson’s book “Voices from our Galaxy”



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