Valérie Receives Major Initiation from Andromeda

Valérie shares an alarming incident of an anaphylactic reaction which was a bridging experience for her – an initiation which opened the connection to the OverSoul and remembering her past in the Andromeda Galaxy. What follows is an explanation of the works of the star people of Andromeda – past, present and FUTURE.


Addendum to the ORACLE meeting, 27th April 2017

(excerpted from The Mystery School)

Valérie: Before our meeting began I complained to Jacqui and Jill that I was not feeling all that well – having problems thinking clearly – particularly with memory recall and also depressed and feeling I had failed in my other work. I had tried all the Light Workers manifold ways of lifting spirit but it had not worked. Usually I am a very positive person and happy. I voiced that I had thought about taking a herbal tablet to assist with memory and that I knew many people had tried it with great success.

It was expensive to buy over the counter. I was immediately given one to try and did find it a little hard to swallow but then thought nothing more about it. To make a long story short, later that evening at home, I experienced an acute anaphylactic allergic reaction to this tablet and was taken by ambulance to the emergency ward in the local Hospital, where I was given medicine to stop the dangerous reaction.

Looking back, I understood this was why the meeting was not running as smoothly as it usually did. Changes were occurring within me very quickly and not only did it assist my memory, it opened my OverSoul for me to begin to remember my beautiful and loving connection to Andromeda and the people who live there.

It was all meant to happen that way. So many ‘signs’ have been given to me over the years and now I can feel and remember so much about Andromeda. I have walked into this earth body – I was not born into it – and that has made it a little harder to connect to earth consciousness at times. Now the past has been brushed away and I feel thoroughly uplifted and happy, happy, happy – I want to dance!! I have come HOME as they say. Thank you God!


Explanation: The most distant object easily visible to the eye is M31, the great Andromeda Galaxy some two and a half million light-years away.
Source: Copyright, Martin Pugh.

Andromeda – past, Present and FUTURE

My inner knowing about Andromeda is that it is a beautiful place – operating in the 8th, 9th and even 10th dimensions. They are creators – meaning they have no limit.

However, they do have Beings of Light who have come to this galaxy to help raise the consciousness and frequency of Light -and take on physical bodies from different cultures/races in the Milky Way Galaxy – including earth humans. Thus they are true Light Workers and they are telepathically connected to their Oversoul that exists in the galaxy of Andromeda.

Sometimes stories are given (such as myths and legends) to teach. A little like the star people gave the Indigenous peoples dreaming stories to teach.

Because when the Earth FELL to the 3/4th dimension they were no longer able to visit this Earth in their Light-ships. It was just too dark – or heavy … … Jalarm the Atlantean has advised how the star people used to come and go before the Fall of Atlantis. This is reported in the Mystery School Website here

Now the Starpeople are wanting to return … … But they are waiting for the BOSS – whom we know is Cosmic Sai Baba. See his message 2nd May, 2017 to advise them when they will be welcomed if they, the United Planetary Nations show themselves en-masse.

On 16th January 2017 Archangel Mikael announced at a conference at Byron Bay, that the United Planetary Nations wanted to appear en-masse so that there would be no doubt to Earth’s humanity, that other worlds and Light Beings do exist.

The Andromedans will come looking very similar in appearance to Earth humans -in fact we are their ancestors in a hybrid way … … but they are far advanced in technology and wisdom. They are our future. They existed before the humans were created on Earth. Cosmic Sai Baba and Alcheringa have already given us insight about the future race of ourselves as described as the Adonis Race (see here). Greek scholars and the Oracle at Delphi seem to know about all of this -but the knowledge was lost to a degree.

It has still not been decided when they will present themselves – however, Cosmic Sai Baba did say He was pleased with the progression of the upliftment of consciousness from fear – that still exists within the human race on Earth.



I have always thought the race of whales and dolphins were from Sirius, but that does not mean they were not receiving direction from Andromeda by immediate telepathy in the very early days of the creation of Earth. That has always been how they (meaning Andromedans) have worked during this dark cycle. Mind telepathy – is instantaneous.

The Andromedans have said they have been influencing us for a long, long, long time. In fact the Angelic Realms have created our Planet Earth with the assistance of others from the Milky Way Galaxy in the first place.

This gives meaning to when Sri Sathya Sai Baba has said: “This Earth is not the true reality.”?

FROM the first time since I have connected to Andromeda I have a deep feeling of wanting to return HOME. It has been almost a million years … …but I haven’t quite finished my Mission here, in this galaxy as yet … … and as I have always been given signs by numbers, like No. 33 when visiting Sri Sathya Sai Baba at His Ashram, and the dates adding to 33 when a special message is given meaning take note. Also the Number 88 symbolizing past-life messages from ‘upstairs’ particularly when it involved memories of Jehanne d’Arc and now – would you believe – M31.

Which is the number – M31 – given to the Andromedan Galaxy – and would you believe the main highway we travel – which goes from Sydney to Melbourne is numbered M31.

The artery is close to where we live. While travelling this I have often received telepathic messages while driving and needed to pull-over so that I could write the message down.

Now I am looking forward to working with the ORACLE in the Mystery School at Andromeda – said to be thousands of years into our FUTURE.