Goolagaia speaks

Goolagaia Speaks
Meeting 3rd December, 2002

Alcheringa came as usual, spoke for awhile and then made me sit like stone and invited people to communicate with him telepathically and he would answer their questions.

He also asked me telepathically if I would allow Goolagaia, the Black Giantess, to use my body and speak with everyone. I had previously met her in my innerscene at Uluru. I willingly said “yes”.

Goolagaia Speaks

You may listen to this transmission from Goolagaia and read the text below (helps to understand the transmission more clearly:


Her presence came in and was awesome. So loud. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! And then a great indrawing of breath. “I am here” Ah! Ah! (Made everyone laugh. “Yes, …..and with great joy, for this is a propitious (she had difficulty pronouncing prosperitious) time. Her arms were fully extended out and forward from the body. “The eighth sister has returned and I have been hoooolding the energy for all these years, so that she could come—-so that she could return. This is a reminder of the Earthling body, the body that you walk in , huh, huh, huh. (almost like fi, fie,fo fum) I do not walk in it, I am too big. (still talking very loudly) But I hold the energy – this was my purpose, this was my reason and I have beeen very happy to do this. To be this for the enlightened ones for they came, they came to this planet to assist the little earthling – as they were at that time, and still confused to some degree, as they are now.”

“This book, that we all know about, everybody knows about this bookkkk, the booku, the story that it holds will enlighten whether people realise it or not huh.. I am the energy that holds the story on this planet. It has been one of love and compassion and knowledge and respect. It has been my pleasure to beeee this and to assist. Huh, huh.

I have others with me and they enjoy the work. I am far too large to enter into Valerie’s body, but I surround her (She was looking around at everyone and lent forward with a cheeky laugh and said) “I surrooooound all of youuuuu.” ….. So do not be afraid I said I come with looove and compassion my dear ones. (she said this gently) We know much and we serve, like all of you. I will away noooooooow………hmmmmmmm, oooooh, ahhhhhhhhhhhh, ……….and then she was gone. (Just as she left she showed herself to me, in my innervision, looking like a beautiful black angel.

A visitor sitting in our circle named Bob said that Goolagaia also protected children if they wandered too near swamps or water if their lives were in danger. She would show herself in a fierce way to frighten them so they would run back to their tribe. She had enormous love.

She was huge. She was beautiful. She played with me like a puppet. She had such a wonderful sense of humour. She is very strong, protective, caring and all powerful.

Bob our visitor had lived in the outback at Uluru and heard of her from the indigenous people a long time ago. He said, he had seen a painting of her by a tribal artist and it showed her extending her arms out and over everyone, just like she had done today.

Alcheringa Speaks

The day after our meeting I was prompted to call on Alcheringa to make his presence – 4th December, 2002

“I am here My Dear, and I am very pleased to be here. Thank you for calling on me.

Thank you Alcheringa for coming. Yesterday was a lovely day. You came yesterday and you introduced us to Goolagaia. She made her presence which was quite wonderful.

She said it was prosperitious. So can I ask what that was all about?

Indeed My Dear, indeed. It was a time that you and she were to meld. For she is the 8th White Sister in earth form. And you My Dear represent 8th White Sister, the Starperson.

So with the two of you coming together, this is the moment that will move forward with everything that you have come to do.

Well this is something I have been saying, that John and I do not want to move. But John, my husband is finding it particularly difficult to hold on to the property and keep paying a mortgage when if we were to sell we could recoup and live without debt with enough income coming in to cover our monthly expenses. We want to support the project of a centre In the valley.

Now he has been advised he has Angina as well as diabetes and that, of course, is something he has to deal with. But he has been advised to take the pressure out of his life which makes it more sensible to sell the property and recoup our finances.

We do not want to do this, but it is as if we have no choice unless you can advise us.

We have said before My Dear that the money will come as a lottery. I know you believe that the lottery may be in a different form because we do have a way of saying things and meaning a different thing, I can understand that … … …

Well that would be most helpful Alcheringa. It would certainly take the pressure of us and we would be able to get on with creating the Centre that we believe you would like to see in the valley. It would be nice to stay here, it really would.

Indeed As I have already just said, the fact the you and Goolagaia have come together – you are no longer Valerie. You My Dear …. are an enlightened one. You are known as the Angelic Val to us and you can accept this if you like or you can continue calling yourself Valerie – whatever you like. But I can assure you that the strength of the name Val will actually assist with the progress of the whole situation that you have entered into.

Why is it I don’t particularly like the name Val

I have no idea My Dear. (He laughed) It is perhaps it is a pre-disposition to, or something. Try to accept this – its has great honour and great energy with it and this is the point I am making.

O.K. Alright then; from now on, I am Val. (She claps her hands) O.K. Decision taken. Val, Val Val – John calls me Valli.

Indeed, indeed he does, this is closer to the energy than Valerie. Valerie, My Dear, is coming from an energy that is actually linking you with all the past lives that you have had and we are trying to get you past this.

Oh, I see. O.K., Alright then; Val it is.

(I was suddenly taken over by a gentle energy)

“I am the enlightened one. My name is Val. It is neither male nor female. It is an energy that pulls neither one way or the other. It is the energy that will help with the manifestation here on earth through you My Dear. You accept this that your name is Val you accept the energy, and all that you want, all that you have worked for, and all around you have worked for, will manifest. Be that. Be one, be Val.

Valour of gold. Val d’or.

I was very moved by her presence.

You may call yourself V if you do not like Val. Al is the energy of God and the energy of Val is V God of Gold.

She spoke so softly I can’t hear it. I wept.

Do not be upset she said. You have not failed. Release, release, release.

After Goolagaia had come through the day before, my name tag fell off my dress … … Just as the audio tape ran out.


My husband I went on to sell our property to like minded new owners who have built a beautiful retreat called Satori Springs. For us, it means that what we began at Canyonleigh … continues … it is as though we have won the lottery.