Alcheringa speaks on Dust Storms

Alcheringa speaks about the recent Dust Storm in New South Wales, Australia

Sydney Harbour Bridge

30.9.2009 – Alcheringa explaining Red Dust Storm

We had a very rare and eerie dusty Storm that we felt that there was more to it happening – a metaphysical reason?

Can you please enlighten us?

Alcheringa speaking: It was a clearing My Dear,

It was a clearing of radio-activity in the Centre of Australia which has spread and thinned out … it has fallen into water and so

weather-map of dust storm

It will not do any harm to anybody at all.

It was time for clearing My Dear, this country as you call Australia is meant for many things, Many important things and it needs to be clear of energies that work against of what it is about,

Sydney Opera House obscured by dust

It is a centre of all creation in the time after the Reptillians were destroyed and I mean the Dinosaurs.

After that My Dear, the red earth appeared in the Centre to take the place of what was already here. However, it was symbolic for change.

Looking under Sydney Harbour Bridge in the Dust Storm

The earth’s people of that time – knew that – they were given understanding about that. They evolved from the upstanding ape-like creature, a weapon wielding creature to the human as you know now, after the star people visited and the story that has been given to you – you understand this.

The Red Beach with a lone swimmer in the dust storm

However the star people had come before that – I myself had come before that and taught some rituals to the up-standing ape like creature. That is why it is within their psyche to connect to the red earth because they saw it and knew it to be CHANGE.

Sydney Harbour Bridge obscured by dust

Change upon the earth and change upon everything upon the earth – including themselves. They knew it had come from God. They knew that although it was a terrifying event they knew it would lead to better things.

So does this help you My Dear?

Note: Many parts of the Maralinga and Woomera Test Facility were used for testing of thermonuclear devices, from 1945. Atom Bomb testing was done at Maralinga, in the middle of the desert of South Australia back in the mid – 1950’s, leaving the area radio-active.