Alcheringa Speaks: Sharing Human DNA

Many speak and write about so-called abductions, and vile material – fake news actually – is propagated on the internet about disembowelling of cattle. None of these matters are related to the Truth, and we take the opportunity to remind one and all that the teaching from the Angelic Realms is “the universe is based on Truth“. In this message, Valerie consults Alcheringa, the oversighting spirit of this planet who resides at Uluru. Alcheringa also exercises guardianship and protection of our solar system and our galaxy.


I seek to understand why there was a need to share the human DNA with the star people. Why have the star people been coming and taking some of the DNA samples from people – when it seemed it was against their will?

I asked Alcheringa:

Alcheringa Speaks

“Partly My Dear, there was some medical research to see if we could help in ways of healing for the human who were still vulnerable to many diseases and also malformation with births. But also, the cells were used to help create a New Race that was created in the human likeness but with the cells also of the Star People. That had been what had happened in the first place when the starpeople had come from the Pleiades and there was some experimentation done with the existing Man (the up-standing ape-like creature) that was upon this Earth who was raised and blessed by the Source of All Creation.

But there were still errors, shall we say, in the evolvement of the DNA of the human and so we were helping to upgrade the human to the new race that would evolve into the Golden Age.


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The Human – with the Crystal Light – needed a DNA upgrade after genetic engineering

I have spoken of it before and I have given you the name of the Adonis Race. (Do you remember My Dear, it was when you first came to your first house in Moss Vale, after you moved from the property at Canyonleigh.)

The Starpeople from many different levels of consciousness are very familiar with the use of genetic engineering.”


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People from other worlds used to come and go from our planet Earth before The Earth was cast into a heavier net when the Earth fell from the 4th Dimension to the 3rd dimension. There was a reason for that.

Humans in a Light body all hold a consciousness in their Soul history – many of the Earth people cannot easily reach that consciousness.

We are advised that all the starpeople in this galaxy knew of the Pleiadian mission and it being attacked. This happened nearly 900,000 years ago. Many of those people (who were part of that mission) have come into an Earth body and have volunteered to give samples of their Earth/human DNA for further study by the Star people – it was wrongly assumed by the starpeople, they would not be aware, or conscious of the procedures taking place.


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The Mothership Rexegena carried 50,000 starpeople from distant stars and galaxies to Earth
to aid the evolution of the hairy-upstanding-ape who was to go on and become the human,
the man encrystalled with the hue of light from the Source of All Creation (i.e. a hue-man).