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Book Cover - two soul mates

Hello Everyone,

Here is the November 2013 newsletter from my website. Much has happened since our last newsletter, and I have a new book published, SOULMATES. The Oracle and Yalarm have patiently helped us to understand reincarnation and the star-peoples. Yes, Starpeople reincarnate! I have a new article on my website about Aunty Lila, who called me “my baby”; we were told we are both of the White Sisterhood of the Cosmos. The Aion Gateway of 23 November gives a Heart Centre Meditation and I hope you find all the other information here useful! It’s been busy days with my new book!

Once again, the local newspaper – Bowral Highlands Post – had an article about me which began on the front page!

Soulmates is available from the Custom Books Website – you can see my book cover on the Front Page of their website. Up until Christmas, the books will be available at half price!

The Saga of the 8th Sister Returning …

Aunty Lila

John and I were invited to join the group now nicknamed ‘The Tribe’ (who are a mixture of Caucasian and Indigenous elders), on yet another excursion. The Tribe are literally assistants that work with Stephen and Evan Strong in unfolding new findings and information regarding the site at Kariong where the sacred Grandmother Tree is, the ancient Egyptian Tomb was found and the ancient writing that tells of the beginning of Humans and their link with the Seven Sisters from the stars.

We travelled from our home in the Southern Highlands, N.S.W. for 3½ hours to the area around Kariong that has been found to hold other Egyptian Hieroglyphic sites and sacred sites of the ancient Aborigines. We gathered at the beginning of yet another newly found site where the respected Darkinjung Elder, Aunty Bev, told us an ancient Dreaming story … …

What I found interesting was that the Goddess she spoke of, had a name ending with Kali – and I had just been chatting to some folk about Kali (a Sanskrit name), the black goddess of empowerment who is well known to the Hindu people of India. I had a strong feeling the story of Kali – the black goddess – had found its way from Australian Aborigines into Indian and then into Christian Teachings and existed in Europe with the many statues of the Black Madonna.

It had been raining and the site we were to walk was considered too dangerous for most of us to tackle. So after the talk, two of the women were keen for me to meet an Aborigine Wiradjuri Elder they called Aunty Lila. They had only met her the day before and said when they walked into her house there had been many hugs and tears for they both related to a past life when they had been together with Aunty Lila.

These women encountered another two people who were staying with Aunty Lila; they had come from Melbourne with the intention of visiting Kariong and the Egyptian Tomb. They had been given two books when visiting Uluru 6 months earlier. They read about the Egyptian Hieroglyphs written in a corridor of stone and how visiting there had sparked memories within, with many people remembering that they had been starpeople from the Pleiades 900,000 years ago. Their Mothership, the Rexegena, had been attacked and only a few had survived to go on to establish a small settlement at Kariong.

Aunty Lila, the Wiradjuri Elder, knew the story even though she had not read the books.

Aunty Lila told them a spirit entity, whom she called ‘Rex’ had manifested in front of her, one day, advising her ‘She was the Eighth Sister from the Pleiades’ and asked her to paint him. When they were all exploring the Hieroglyphic site at Kariong, the two people from Melbourne mentioned Valerie Barrow as the author of the books they had read. There was surprise and pleasure from the two women from The Tribe who said, ‘We are going to have dinner with her and her husband John, tonight.’

So isn’t it wonderful the way spirit puts people together … but there is more …

The light area on the left casts the outline of the spirit Rex

You can read the full story of meeting with Aunty Lila on my website.

Fire Tornadoes

Fire tornadoes occur when a column of warm, rising air contacts with – or creates – fire on the ground.

An astonished filmmaker is coming to grips with the moment he witnessed one of nature’s rarest phenomenon – a tornado comprised entirely of fire- and lived to tell the tale. Chris Tangey had been out in Alice Springs, Australia, scouting locations for a new movie. After finishing the task, he went over to help workers at a cattle station when he was confronted by one of nature’s most intimidating spectacles.

Fire Tornado caputured by film maker Chris Tangey

Fire Tornado caputured by film maker Chris Tangey

At the time, filmaker Chris Tangey was 300-metres away from the 30-metre high fire swirl which ‘sounded like a fighter jet’ despite there being no wind in the area

Fire Tornado caputured by film maker Chris Tangey

Fire Tornado caputured by film maker Chris Tangey

You can read more about the fire tornado and watch a short video on Australian Geographic website.

UFO’s sighted in Colombo

A Youtube video shows that UFO’s – moving white dots in the skies above Pereria, Colombo – were sighted by thousands of people. The Youtube video explains that this happened at approximately 5 pm in the afternoon of November 8, 2013. The Pereira sky was filled entirely white dots. This was an awe-inspiring event for those who were watching.

Orbs: The Veil is Lifting

Orbs: The Veil is Lifting is the first full-length film that brings together scientists, spiritual teachers, and experts to explore the fascinating Orb phenomenon ‘Orbserved’ not just in the pictures taken on Earth’s surface but also underwater swimming around dolphins. The movie/documentary shows viewers how to take successful Orb photographs with a simple digital camera, bringing this phenomenon to everyone.

The film consists mainly of lots of Orb photos interspersed with interviews with people who have spent years studying them. Among them, Miceal Ledwith, of What the Bleep fame, who has taken over 100,000 Orb photos and probably has one of the largest collections in the world.

We also hear from J.Z. Knight, a physicist, and an artist. The film doesn’t attempt to prove, disprove, or scientifically analyze the Orbs. Rather, it speaks to what it could mean for humanity to be in contact with “beings” from another dimension that seem to be attracted to love and happiness.

Youtube Trailer

Watch the Full Video

The Newgrange Sirius Mystery

James Swagger on Red Ice

James Swagger was first introduced to topical science writing for a historical mysteries magazine in Ireland. He was trained as a Systems Analyst in the energy industry. He holds a Master degree in Engineering, Bachelors in Physics with Astronomy, and a Masters in Science, Research and Society. Initially, Swagger sought out the megalithic monuments of Western Europe in his spare time travelling around the UK, Ireland, and Denmark. His embrace of a multidisciplinary approach to the research of megalithic sites, and the larger view of ‘passage grave cosmology’ produced his first book, “The Newgrange Sirius Mystery: Linking Passage Grave Cosmology with Dogon Symbology.” James joins us from Ireland, to discuss his books and his research. In the first hour, we outline the megaliths in the Boyne valley. We’ll discuss the passage grave cosmology, archeoastronomy and archaeoacoustics. We focus on the relationship between the stars, the art and entoptic imagery. In the second hour, we’ll speak more about megalithic acoustics. James profiles the builder, including who they were and what their purpose was. Then, we discuss Porcupine Bank, the sunken piece of land to the west of Ireland. There is a possibility that this was Hy-Brasil, the mythical island. Was this the origin of the builders of these monuments and ritual temples? Later, we discuss world-wide catastrophe which might have spawned the building of the megaliths as calendars and navigational star instruments.

You can listen to – or download James Swagger on Red Ice Radio.

Gateway of the Heart Centre

The Light Wave of the November 23rd Aion alignment (a merkaba forms around the Sun) is already pouring in as I write this. The gateway of November 23 – 29 is upon us and I AM excited for this passage as these dates have presented to me for a while.

We have intense photonic-magnetic light hitting our beloved star, the Sun, which contains transformative rays for those on the Christed path, and the gift of awakening for others. Many wayshowers and light servers have been in deep release of 3D/4D systems, programs, and structures for weeks. Some have released soul and family monad structures and wounds; consciously taking one for the team. This work is necessary if you have dischord in your lineage; it can tether you to collective belief systems. You’ll feel the release in the physical (pain, aches, illness) as it detaches. Since the physical is trying to keep up with the photonic demands for freedom and harmony, it is best to do this work now.

Read more on Sandra Walter’s Website

I AM guided to fast, meditate, receive and amplify the light available during this passage. Since we are so connected to the Sun, we may feel the effects of ISON as it loops around the Sun on November 27-29. I invite gatekeepers and those in service to the light who are feeling the SUNrise to send out this photonic-magnetic light from the Heart through the collective for harmony, balance, love and stability during this passage. Many blessings for a beautiful gateway experience!

Massive hail buckets down on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast

Massive hail buckets down on Queensland's Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast residents were pelted with hail the size of tennis balls on Saturday as dangerous thunderstorms hit south-east Queensland.

A line of hail storms battered region during the afternoon causing widespread damage in Brisbane, the Gold and Sunshine coasts.

Massive hail buckets down on Queensland's Sunshine Coast

The State Emergency Service (SES) responded to hundreds of calls for help on the Sunshine Coast with damage to homes, cars and buildings.

SES workers were out in force repairing damage to roofs and broken windows.

Massive hail buckets down on Queensland's Sunshine Coast

One person was taken to hospital with serious head injuries after he was struck by a large piece of hail.

Massive hail buckets down on Queensland's Sunshine Coast

Gene Switching on and off

We have received much information on The Mystery School about genetic engineering. In fact, the survivors of the crashed Mothership Rexegena expedition (900,000 years ago) began genetic engineering immediately with the hairy up-standing ape. Much more information about genetic engineering and the so-called Junk DNA has been given. In the last transmission of Jalarm and The Oracle, information was given about how to re-activate the inactive 10 strands of our DNA. Hot on the heels of this comes information – a radio interview with a genetic scientist – which tells us that the experiences of our forebears are coded into our own genes. This gives a bit of a realistic twist to the biblical saying “The sins of the fathers are visited unto the seventh generation”. Perhaps it is all genetic? You can read more about the genetic codes being switched on an off on the ABC Radio website here: Genes Switching On and Off.


On 6 August 2013 prior to the normal monthly transmission, Cosmic Sai Baba gave a Mediation; you may listen to and download the meditation from that page.

Cosmic Sai Baba also tells us that Mother Earth herself also travels through these changes. The Crystal Consciousness grid has been lifted from the Earth and this is what allows the new frequencies of light to touch all upon the Earth, including Mother Earth herself. These are also times when energy is directed here from other places within our solar system; the Earth and those upon her may be considerably aided with your positive thoughts, and sending of love and light. And we may help both Mother Earth and all who live upon her with our affirmation:

I am the Pure Light of Consciousness
Penetrating Everwhere,
and bringing everyone into the Light of God.


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Blessings be with you and Universal love. Val.

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