The Saga of the 8th Sister returning …

White Eagle

Valerie visits Kariong and joins a “tribe” of ancient researchers. It is a rainy afternoon, and Valerie is taken to meet her ‘twin’ Sister, the 8th Sister of the Pleiades.

The Saga of the 8th Sister of the Pleiades begins at this article, (which you may wish to read first).

John and I were invited to join the group now nicknamed ‘The Tribe’ (who are a mixture of Caucasian and Indigenous elders), on yet another excursion. The Tribe are literally assistants that work with Stephen and Evan Strong in unfolding new findings and information regarding the site at Kariong where the sacred Grandmother Tree is, the ancient Egyptian Tomb was found and the ancient writing that tells of the beginning of Humans and their link with the Seven Sisters from the stars.

We travelled from our home in the Southern Highlands, N.S.W. for 3½ hours to the area around Kariong that has been found to hold other Egyptian Hieroglyphic sites and sacred sites of the ancient Aborigines. We gathered at the beginning of yet another newly found site where the respected Darkinjung Elder, Aunty Bev, told us an ancient Dreaming story … …

What I found interesting was that the Goddess she spoke of, had a name ending with Kali – and I had just been chatting to some folk about Kali (a Sanskrit name), the black goddess of empowerment who is well known to the Hindu people of India. I had a strong feeling the story of Kali – the black goddess – had found its way from Australian Aborigines into Indian and then into Christian Teachings and existed in Europe with the many statues of the Black Madonna.

It had been raining and the site we were to walk was considered too dangerous for most of us to tackle. So after the talk, two of the women were keen for me to meet an Aborigine Wiradjuri Elder they called Aunty Lila. They had only met her the day before and said when they walked into her house there had been many hugs and tears for they both related to a past life when they had been together with Aunty Lila.

These women encountered another two people who were staying with Aunty Lila; they had come from Melbourne with the intention of visiting Kariong and the Egyptian Tomb. They had been given two books when visiting Uluru 6 months earlier. They read about the Egyptian Hieroglyphs written in a corridor of stone and how visiting there had sparked memories within, with many people remembering that they had been starpeople from the Pleiades 900,000 years ago. Their Mothership, the Rexegena, had been attacked and only a few had survived to go on to establish a small settlement at Kariong.

Book Cover, Alcheringa

Aunty Lila, the Wiradjuri Elder, knew the story even though she had not read the books.

Aunty Lila told them a spirit entity, whom she called ‘Rex’ had manifested in front of her, one day, advising her ‘She was the Eighth Sister from the Pleiades’ and asked her to paint him. When they were all exploring the Hieroglyphic site at Kariong, the two people from Melbourne mentioned Valerie Barrow as the author of the books they had read. There was surprise and pleasure from the two women from The Tribe who said, ‘We are going to have dinner with her and her husband John, tonight.’

So isn’t it wonderful the way spirit puts people together … but there is more …

The women from ‘The Tribe’ Lavinia, Sonya and Sean took me to Aunty Lila’s house, about half an hour away. I had never heard of Aunty Lila before but found myself feeling teary the closer we came to her home. As soon as she opened the door I rushed to her and embraced her. She had a beautiful ‘mother’ energy with her – I just wanted to hold her and of course I knew her and the tears flowed – but I didn’t really know where I knew her from. I felt I had known her all my life and we had at last met. I must add here, I have met others from past lives and hugged and cried on the meeting but nothing to the extent I felt for this lovely lady.

Illustration of White Eagle

Illustration of White Eagle

While I was hugging her, and she reacting with the same emotional recognition, I noticed that there were paintings and memorabilia of American Red Indians in her lounge room. When we sat on her lounge, I pointed to one and said, ‘That’s White Eagle.’ She grabbed my hand laughing and began calling me, ‘My baby.’

And without thinking I said, ‘You were my mother’ and gave her another big hug.

I remember the life well as an American Red Indian – we were Cherokee – White Eagle had been the chief. I was his first-born and my name was Eagle Eye. I had been trained to be the ‘chief in waiting’ and after White Eagle had left his mortal body he came in spirit to me, giving messages through me to the tribe. He did the same thing to me in this life. He came in spirit explaining he was from the White Brotherhood and gave messages to those who cared to listen and taught me about the Cosmos.

I laughed, and said to Aunty Lila you will know my husband John in this life. In the life as Eagle Eye I had my eye on pretty young woman with a huge mop of black hair that reached past her hips. The tribe called her, ‘The Wild One.’ Eagle Eye thought he could tame her like they tamed wild horses, but sadly she hated being in a female body and eventually died with depression, after they were married.

Aunty Lila erupted into laughter and kept patting my hand calling me her baby.

She added she had eight children in that life … I was, of course, the first born. Some of the others present in the room that day were from that life, too.

I wanted to ask her about the ‘Eighth Sister from the Pleiades’ and the Mothership Rexegena – but decided it should wait a while.

The Alcheringa Crystal

The Master Crystal – known as the Alcheringa Crystal

I had been prompted to wear the long necklace of amethyst crystal that day. Some time back in the past, at a ceremony held at Satori Springs, I had been asked by my spirit mentor Alcheringa to leave the necklace on the Master Crystal (which held his consciousness). When I returned 2 months later for another ceremony for the Equinox the necklace was still sitting on the Master Alcheringa Crystal. This crystal is a communication crystal and a healing crystal all in one. I rescued it not knowing who it was for but once I met Aunty Lila I knew it was for her. I explained its story and she graciously accepted that necklace knowing it was from ‘Rex’ or as I know him, “Alcheringa” to take away the pain that she was holding with all the information she was being given about the history of our planet.

Drawing of Mothership Rexegena

(The Mothership Rexegena: Click the image to see a larger version)

Alcheringa was and is, the ancient creator ancestor who had come on a huge Mothership named Rexegena. The mission of the Rexegena was to bring an uplifted Divine Light to this dark corner of our Galaxy. The Rexegena had been attacked – it actually melted – and fell to the ground. Some of the people from the stars (Pleiades) survived and went on to create the ‘First Humans’ on Earth.

Since returning home to Moss Vale I kept wanting to call Aunty Lila – Aunty Leela – which means God’s play. I have since discovered that in India Leela is actually spelt Lila or Lilah. So in chatting with her on the phone I advised her of that. She said my name is ‘Grace.’

It didn’t register – until a few days later – when I realised she carried the memory in her soul story of the life of Grace Cooke. In that life she had received messages from the spirit of White Eagle and had gone on to comfort many people during World War I, setting up ‘White Eagle Lodges’ and furthering his teachings all over the world. You can read about the White Eagle Lodges .

There is one particular photo of Grace Cooke that I can readily see Aunty Lila’s image in this life.

Aunty Lila this lifetime facially resembles Grace Cooke

I have shown Aunty Lila all the photos, including that of Sai Baba, without saying anything. But she cried – she knew them all. It is of interest, she sings to the whales … and recently a white whale has been seen in our ocean close to shore.

White whale on east coast of Australia

White whale on the east coast of Australia

This got me thinking about the connection between White Eagle and Alcheringa to both of us.

Aunty Lila has since advised that when she visited the Red Indian settlement in the Black Hills of Dakota they greeted her with joy and said, “We have been waiting for you!” They showed her the photo of her last visit and it showed the image of Grace Cooke. I recalled reading Grace Cooke writing about her visit to the Black Hills of Dakota and the Red Indian settlement.

My Spirit Mentor advises that at a raised frequency in the Cosmos – White Eagle and Alcheringa are the same energy as Sanat Kumara. At a conference held in Nowra, I at once recognised these two images – they are Sanat Kumara and the Lady Venus. I knew that in the cosmic level of existence they were our parents and they lived on Venus in a cosmic dimension.

Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus

Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus

So I began to think that at a cosmic level Aunty Lila and I (Valli) were sisters. But then I remembered my experience in 2006 when I received a Naadi Palm Leaf reading in India.

Naadi Palm Leaf Reading

It was seven years ago. I had returned to India for the 8th time to attend a conference on Regression and Past Life Therapy. It was attended by people from around the world. Some visited the Naadi Palm Leaf readers. Normally I would not have a reading for I am blessed with good telepathic connection to Light Beings from other worlds, who teach me.

Cosmic Sai Baba telepathically advised He would like me to attend a reading and that He would send me a message through the palm leaves. The reader said, “You have three Gods in your thumbprint!”, and proceeded to record a reading. The reader said, “You are a twin.” I interrupted and said, “No, I’m not a twin.” The reader ignored me and repeated, “You are a twin” and then proceeded. In a way I am a twin for I have had a near death experience and at that time the soul of my body left and was replaced with another soul. However, I still thought when the reading was taking place that he had the wrong leaf.

Nadi Leaves contain the records of the entire humanity

Nadi Leaves contain the records of the entire humanity

I have asked The Oracle (Jalarm) if Aunty Lila was holding the energy of the 8th sister returned from the Pleiades and was told:

“You are both children of the star people known as Sanat Kumara and the Lady Venus. In many lives you are known as Veena. Although because you and I say we, because I am also connected to Sanat Kumara – you come from various dimensions depending upon the role you are playing at the time of communication – and so at some level these codes of dimension are separated … so you are no longer what we would call androgenous – in the angelic realms you are androgenous. In other words there is neither male or female; there is no separation. As Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus there has been a separation – they are twin souls. However the children from them are not necessarily twin souls. And you are wondering as to whether Aunty Lila is a twin soul of yours – and I would say no, she is not but she is your sister soul. And you both belong to the White Sisterhood of the Cosmos.”

It is no wonder I feel so close to Aunty Lila!

Years ago I was advised by an Elder from the Wiradjuri Tribe that when the Eighth sister returned there would be a ‘white buffalo calf born in U.S.A.’ That has happened and Aunty Lila is a member of the Wiradjuri Tribe. The American Indian Tribe she had visited – who told her they had been waiting for her – had shown her the photo of Grace Cooke. They also told her she was the White Buffalo Woman returned.

On the White Buffalo Calf Woman website, I read about a most interesting legend:

All crystal buffalo skulls found up to today, have been found without exception in a dry salt lake in a kilometer long area in Australia between Ayers Rock (Uluru) and The Olgas (Kata Tjuta), which is also a place where many sacred sites from the Aborigine are found. This place is referenced in many myths and legends from ancient times.

White Buffalo Crystal Skull

White Buffalo Crystal Skull

As I have already said, Rex had manifested in front of her and advised her she held the energy of the Eighth Black Sister Returned from The Pleiades.

The same as Alcheringa, the Commander-in-Chief from the Mothership Rexegena had told me that I held the energy of the Eighth White Sister Returning from The Pleiades. (Also referred to as ‘The Seven Sisters.’) The people from the stars are white skinned. It is interesting that the Australian Aborigines paint themselves with white clay when they dance in honour to their Creator Ancestors.

Moldavite, the material of the Mothership Rexegena

I have since discovered, after all these years, that there is another Dreaming Story about the Australian Aborigine Ancestors from the Pleiades from a highly respected Original Elder of the Thainghetti/Dhungutti people (Gurrigan Clan)

Reuben Kelly says:

“Our legend tells us we came to this planet on a spaceship made of energy – when it hit the atmosphere it turned into Crystal.”

That crystal we are told is the Moldavite Stone. When held in one’s hands – it is a transformational Stone of Divine Light and is still holding the energy and the mission the ancestors came to do from The Seven Sisters.

Here is another photo taken on the day I met Aunty Lila.

The light area on the left casts the outline of the spirit Rex

I remember the image of light on her lower left hand corner, looking very similar to the painting she had of Rex. (Alcheringa to me)

Aunty Lila with feather; a painting of Rex is visible on the bottom right side.

On bottom right hand side is a painting of Rex (Alcheringa to me) — Rex manifested in front of Aunty Lila and asked her to do a painting of him.

© Valerie Barrow, 2013