August 2016 Newsletter

columbiaHello Everyone,
Once again, my husband John and I find that our lives are blessed and cared for in ways that we cannot see. After a recent check-up – and missing my appointment for a channelling – I find that my dis-appointment has become an appointment with spirit guides running about everywhere arranging things. All I had to do was be there! Ha!

And our lives can be like this as well. All we have to do is say, “Dear God, I am ready to serve you” with your own gifts, skills and love, and The Source (God) will take care of everything thereafter. On to our newsletter, we are pretty much going up into the skies – as you will see with Marree Man – and then higher to Venus, then the Sun, then the Milky Way and then the Universe with magnificent images. Along our way we recall a day in the past when the UFO’s and cloudships visited us at Canyonleigh, and we look at a very large modern day UFO – once again taking the form of a cloudship. Migaloo – the white humpback whale – has returned the eastern seaboard coast and we rejoice!


Marree Man Restored


Avid readers may recall that the mysterious Marree Man – first spotted in 1998 and became a big tourist attraction, as people descended on the remote area in four-wheel-drives, or got the best view by flying over the desert in the Australian Outback (far north South Australia) was fading from view. This picture of the “Marree Man” was produced from a Landsat 5 Thematic Mapper image acquired on 28 June, 1998. An article about Marree Man was posted on this website in 2013.

The good news is that the Publican – and other locals from the Marree Pub – have obtained permission from the Arabunna people (traditional owners of the land) and have worked for the past five days to plough the outline back into the desert sands.

Outback pub visitors remembered the original

The Publican – Phil Turner – said the big number of pub visitors who remembered the artwork after it had all but disappeared into the sand made him keen to revive it. “Because we’d been getting inquiries about it every day at the hotel, about three years ago I started working with the Arabana Aboriginal Corporation to talk about the possibility of restoring it,” he said.

“You could see some evidence on the ground of the original work – the right-hand side of the man had totally disappeared but we did find, in doing our ground surveys, about 250 original bamboo nursery skewers (stakes) that were used to peg out the Marree Man back in 1998. “I mean, that’s an extraordinary effort in itself considering it’s 28 kilometres around, and every 10 metres around they’d put in a bamboo nursery skewer.” Improvements in technology made it much easier to accurately plot Marree Man this time, with the keen restoration team using GPS and images taken from space.

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At 46 Billion Pixels, this is the largest image of space


Weighing in at a massive 46 billion pixels, a new image of the Milky Way from the astronomers at Ruhr University Bochum in Germany is the largest astronomical image of all time.

The picture is so big, researchers headed by Professor Rolf Chini had to create a special online tool to house it. The tool allows you to view the Milky Way in its entirety, zooming in and out to explore specific areas.

The image was stitched together from 5 years’ worth of data collected by researchers, who were searching the galaxy for objects with variable brightness. So far, more than 50,000 new variable objects have been discovered.

You can read more here


100,000 Stars


100,000 Stars is an interactive visualisation of the stellar neighbourhood created for the Google Chrome web browser. It shows the location of 119,617 nearby stars derived from multiple sources, including the 1989 Hipparcos mission. Zooming in reveals 87 individually identified stars and our solar system. The galaxy view is an artist’s rendition based on NGC 1232, a spiral galaxy like the Milky Way.

Instructions: Pan using your mouse and zoom in/out using your touchpad or mouse wheel. Click a star’s name to learn more about it.
Go to 100,000 Stars here

Warning: Scientific accuracy is not guaranteed. Please do not use this visualisation for interstellar navigation.


  • Programmed by some space enthusiasts at Google.
  • Music by Sam Hulick, whose work you may have heard in the video game, Mass Effect. The track is titled “In a Strange Land” and is used with his permission.
  • Galaxy images provided by Wikipedia and ESO/IDA/Danish 1.5m/R.Gendler and A. Hornstrup.
  • Star renderings derived from Wikipedia
  • Sun images courtesy of NASA/SDO and the AIA, EVE, and HMI science teams.
  • Star data provided by:
  • HYG Database, by Astronomy Nexus
  • Gliese/Jahreiß Catalog, by Dr. Wilhelm Gliese and Dr. Hartmut Jahreiss
  • Bright Star Catalog (5th edition), by Dr. E. Dorrit Hoffleit and Dr. Wayne H. Warren Jr, and the Department of Astronomy at Yale University
  • HIPPARCOS Catalog (3rd Edition) by the European Space Agency

Go to 100,000 Stars here


Lightship Over Columbia



Some of you will be aware of the day in September 1994, when Valerie and friends assembled to paint the symbols from the Councils of Light, and a squadron of cloudships appeared in the skies and flew over Canyonleigh for a time. There is an account of this day here. And you may also view a photo album of the occasion here.

Some argue about UFO’s … we have been told by Cosmic Sai Baba AND others of the Councils of Light that these vessels are made of living, organic materials, are plainly visible in higher dimensions (the 4th, the 5th and the 6th Dimensions. We mention these dimensions because – in the higher dimensions – UFO’s when observed in our 3D reality can appear to be light-ships or cloud-ships. On the day the UFO squadron visited Valerie Barrow in Canyonleigh, they presented themselves as cloudships. A very large cloudship has recently been observed over the city of Cartagena, Columbia (in the Carribean), early July of 2016.



As you can listen to the narrative of this video, keep in mind that we have had many lives here on this Earth planet. It is rather like having a déjà vu. You have a faint memory of ‘this’ taking place before. This is how you recognise your TRUTH. Whereas some speak of conspiracy and others speak fearfully of beings from another place, Lightworkers speak of the Star People who have come to help us through the coming transformation of Mother Earth to higher dimensions. There is much to be revealed. Our soul personality has lived in many universes and on many different stars. We signed up – in the light when we made our soul contract – to come to Earth, help other humans through this transition and to save Mother Earth from the destructions wrought by greenhouse gases, global warming, and climate change.

We do not know from which star this vessel came, nor why this vessel and the star peoples on board showed themselves in the Carribean over a four hour period. You will note there was no harm done; you will observe that this was simply a “showing”, a showing of light, for the Sun was not behind this cloud. It is not a lenticular cloud of high altitude and cold air, for this took place at low altitude over the equatorial zone, a place of warm air. Cosmic Sai Baba has shared – through the instrument Valerie Barrow and her voice box, that these cloudships show themselves and hide themselves, quite easily. A simple matter of popping back into the 4th, 5th or 6th Dimension.




NASA thinks Venus once looked a lot like Earth

What Venus may have once looked like. Picture: NASA Source:Supplied

VENUS was once a planet capable of life, boasting a shallow liquid-water ocean and habitable surface temperatures for up two billion years, according to NASA scientists. New modelling done by the space agency’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) indicated the planet could have enjoyed a vastly different past to its current form.

Michael Way is a researcher at GISS and the lead author of the report which was published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters. He said the systems we use to monitor climate change on Earth can be employed to give us unprecedented insight into the former climatological life of other planets. “Many of the same tools we use to model climate change on Earth can be adapted to study climates on other planets, both past and present,” he said in a statement released by NASA. “These results show ancient Venus may have been a very different place than it is today.”

Venus as we know it is a hellish place with surface temperatures as high as 462C. It has a carbon dioxide atmosphere 90 times as thick as Earth’s and almost no water vapour. However scientists have long theorised that the planet was once made up of similar elements to Earth but given its proximity to the Sun took a different evolutionary path.

You can read more here



 View of the planet Venus seen in transit across the Sun.

A glass-bottomed spectacular sight


Migaloo gave whale watchers one last experience before continuing north. “We had one of our glass-bottom boats on the western side of the island with a bunch of happy guests snorkelling,” Mr Gash said. “All of a sudden they heard a sound and it was a whale singing, and they looked over and spotted Migaloo. “These boats are designed to look at the animals and the fish and coral that are underneath and he actually came under the boat. It’s almost like he was people watching. “The people were just ecstatic. It’s a once in a lifetime experience.”


YouTube: Migaloo on YouTube

Working on the reef for the past 30 years Mr Gash said he had seen a steady increase in the number of whales, with close-up sighting at the time of year becoming more common. “These whales are one of the really good news stories. When I started there was less than 1,000 of them, and now there is over 20,000; the herd is growing,” he said. “Last week we had four days out of five where people were in the water snorkelling and the whales come in close and eye-balled them and looked at them.

“With that positive sign of things getting better, I’m hopeful we’ll see Migaloo again in years to come.”

You can read more here


Colourful Destinations Around the World

Lavender paints a field purple in Provence, France. The apex of the Dome of the Rock shrine glints gold in Jerusalem, Israel. The red rocks of Sedona, Arizona, jut into a boundless blue sky.

Colour makes us stop short in our journeys, compelling us to linger, gawk, and-long after we’ve returned home-remember a destination.

Memory, in fact, works better in colour. Psychologists in Europe studying the effects of colour noted that we humans are significantly better at recalling colour images because colour tugs at the senses, creating a stronger connection to the parts of the brain that store and trigger memories.

But colour doesn’t just affect your memory of a place. It can affect our mood while we’re looking at it. And that mood’s not just personally motivated; how a colour makes us feel is connected to our cultural background. Here’s how certain colours can evoke reactions.



Photograph by Ander Gillenea, Bostok/Redux

The world’s largest food fight, dubbed La Tomatina, breaks out at 11 a.m. on the last Wednesday of August every year in Buñol, Spain. Tens of thousands of people and 110 metric tons of overripe tomatoes flood the streets in an every-man-for-himself-style melee for one single, all-out, red-dipped hour.

Crimson can excite. This exuberant color often signifies a festival, such as La Tomatina, which for an hour on the steamy last Wednesday of every August drenches the streets of Buñol, Spain, in 110 tons of vibrant red fruit. Also in Spain every spring, scarlet scarves denote the daring feats of the Pamplona bull runners.



Photograph by Jenni Holma, Getty Images

Sunset settles over Oia, Santorini, and a crisp white enclave of houses clinging to the hillside. Originally used to lessen the heat of the sun, then to meet official edict beginning in 1974, the whitewash has become a refreshing and welcoming signature style of the Greek island.

In some cultures, white calms. Think of those milky houses of Santorini stretching to the sun-dappled Aegean Sea. They have become such a unifying symbol for the Greek island that it’s been a law to paint houses white since 1974. They fit the Western association of white with cleanness and purity.

On the other hand, the glistening snowy marble of India’s Taj Mahal or Myanmar’s Hsinbyume Pagoda-both tributes to beloved wives-are reminders of the Eastern association of white with mourning.



Photograph by Frans Lanting, Getty Images

Two tones of brilliant blue waters lap gently at the barrier reef that circles Bora Bora and the green jut of Mount Otemanu. The extinct volcano, at 2,400 feet, beckons with hikes and 4×4 tours that offer unparalleled views of the lagoon and the darker surrounding sea.

A very saturated blue crosses most geographic boundaries as a favourite, says Stephen Palmer, a psychology professor at the University of California, Berkeley’s graduate school. He says he thinks the near-universal bond to all things blue is that “almost all of the things associated with saturated blue tend to be things people like: a clear sky, clean water, sapphires, lapis lazuli, forget-me-nots.”

Read more about colours here.


Origin of the Romani People Discovered


Romani with their wagon, photographed in the Rheinland of Germany in 1935.
Credit: Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-J0525-0500-003 / CC-BY-SA, distributed under a Creative Commons license (German Federal Archives)

Europe’s largest minority group, the Romani, migrated from northwest India 1,500 years ago, new genetic study finds. The Romani, also known as the Roma, were originally dubbed “gypsies” in the 16th century, because this widely dispersed group of people were first thought to have come from Egypt. Today, many consider “gypsy” to be a derogatory term.

Since the advent of better and better genetic technology, researchers have analysed the genetic history of much of Europe, finding, for example, the history of the Jewish Diaspora written in DNA. But though there are 11 million Romani in Europe, their history has been neglected, said study researcher David Comas of the Institut de Biologia Evolutiva at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Spain.

Linguistic history as well as a few limited genetic studies had already suggested the Romani originally hailed from India. To confirm this idea and uncover more details on the migration, Comas and his colleagues used a technique that compares DNA segments from across the whole genome with that of other populations. They used DNA samples from 13 groups of Romani spread across Europe.

“In our study, we do not focus on specific regions of the genome, but on the genome as a whole, which provides us the complete genetic information of the populations under study,” he told LiveScience.

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Smiling Volcano in Hawaii

A smiley face in an erupting Hawaiian volcano’s crater has been captured on film by a helicopter tour company, as thousands came to view the lava slowly oozing into the sea. The cheerful Kilauea volcano has been erupting since 1983, making it one of the most active volcanoes in the world.

But lava from the volcano’s Pu’u O’o crater finally reached the sea for the first time since 2013, attracting tourists intent on seeing the molten red mass hitting the water.

Mick Kalber of helicopter company Paradise Helicopters filmed the spectacular scene, saying in a Vimeo post that the face “announces a gorgeous new ocean entry of Kilauea volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii!”

“The Volcano Goddess Pele’s new flow covered the nearby road and moved quickly to the coast for the first time in three years … visitors flock to the eruption for a once-in-a-lifetime up-close view of red hot active lava!”

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Australia Will Suddenly Move 1.8 Meters North On New Year’s Day


Hold on tight, Australians – on New Year’s Day 2017, your entire country will jut northwards by 1.8 meters (5.9 feet). If, dear reader, you are now adorned with a doubt-infused frown, then you’ve probably clocked that this won’t be due to some apocalyptic shift in plate tectonics. Continental drift, however, does have a role to play in this geographic kerfuffle.

The Australian Plate is moving about 7 centimeters (2.8 inches) northwards every single year. This motion has accumulated over the decades to produce a significant discrepancy between local coordinates on maps and global coordinates in digital navigation systems used by satellites. At present, this difference amounts to an error of 1.5 meters (4.9 feet). This is enough to cause a problem to anything in Australia that uses GPS-like systems, including smartphones and vehicles.

“If you want to start using driverless cars, accurate map information is fundamental,” Dan Jaksa, a member of Geoscience Australia, told BBC News. “We have tractors in Australia starting to go around farms without a driver, and if the information about the farm doesn’t line up with the coordinates coming out of the navigation system there will be problems.”

In order to stave off a grim future where autonomous tractors plough into helpless farm animals by mistake, the nation’s local coordinates will jump northwards at the start of next year. By 2020, the inexorable march of plate tectonics will catch up to the adjustment, and both the analogue and digital coordinate sets will match up for the first time since 1994, when the local coordinate system was last updated.

So as to stop this silliness happening again, a new as-of-yet unspecified system will be implemented in 2020 that will keep the two sets of coordinates matched in real-time. “Once we have a system that can deal with changes over time, then everybody in the world could be on that same system,” Jaksa added.

Australia was attached to Antarctica until around 85 million years ago, whereupon they began to initially rift apart. By 45 million years ago, 21 million years after the non-avian dinosaurs bit the dust, they had completely separated from each other. Although the Australian Plate initially fused with the Indian Plate, they have since become segregated, perhaps as little as 3 million years ago.

In 50 million years’ time, Australia will collide into the southeastern coast of China, eventually forming a brand new mountain range. It will be one of the earliest jigsaw pieces that will culminate in the formation of Pangaea Ultima, the next true supercontinent, 250 million years from now. By then, it’s likely that our coordinate technology would have moved on quite a bit.

Read more here.


Honouring the Earth


Mother Earth is ascending to the 5th Dimension. All forms of life on this planet will be affected. Human awareness, consciousness, is also being affected: especially those who do not resist this process. Everything is energy. Some forms of energy will be transformed to higher forms of energy. This may result in a loss of species. However, energy, once created, cannot be destroyed.

Consciousness will shift from the head to the heart, to the soul. While we have human emotion and feeling, the Soul does not know fear. FEAR is False Expectations Appearing Real.

Mankind has a form of knowing called (in philosophy) “unknowing knowing”; there are many names for this, some would call this unconscious knowing. It is soul awareness, soul knowledge. The soul brings skills, knowledge and abilities learned and acquired in past lives. One only has to look at the behaviour of babies and very young children – called wunderkind – to know this. One effect of Ascension is that humans will come to know things not known before. For example, the Angelic Realms have solutions to our greenhouse gas atmospheric problems – along with utilisation of hydrogen for our energy needs – but these things are being withheld until humans rise in consciousness and become less war-like and not inclined to raise a weapon to settle differences and misunderstandings.

There have been advances in medical technology and health awareness; there have been advances in industry and technology, there have been advances in telephony and communications. There has not been a similar advance in soul potential and soul development. In this area humankind has lagged, and what is not seen by the eye or the senses is dismissed.

All kingdoms – mineral, plant and animalia – flourish and reveal signs of the divine presence at work in the world. Despite layers of darkness multiplying in human affairs and conflict regions, spiritual awareness and the knowledge of the hand of God and a divine plan for all on this planet, remains so much as words on a page, rather than life imbued with the knowledge, presence and loving guidance of Divinity.

There are many ways one may honour our Earth as it takes the journey of transformation to the 5th Dimension. Read more about honouring the Earth here.



Alcheringa … when the first ancestors were created

This is the story of fifty thousand people coming from the Pleiades in a giant starship to found the human race on Earth.

It is not a simple story, but one filled with intrigue, deception, and the planned destruction of a mission that left only ninety survivors to be cast upon the Earth.

Part of the story was about their survival on a planet whose atmosphere they could barely breathe, a sun they could not expose themselves to, and a dangerous and poisonous environment that took many of the survivor’s lives.

Their struggle and success in creating our race is the miracle they brought. It is our past and they are our heritage.

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Blessings be with you and Universal love. Val.


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