World Peace and the coming of Respect for Planet Earth

erdeAfter some travel, excursions and byways, the ladies of the Mystery School come together once again. And again, the Source – God in any other word – reminds them that they chose to come to Earth at this time and do this service. As told previously, there is a high level of respect and trust between the light bodies of all present, and indeed, this occasion is one of light bodies being perceived. The Source confirms that world peace is some years away, and when it comes, Prema Sai Baba will be spreading the evangel gospel of worldwide peace and the divinity within.

There is much to learn and to understand for humanity. Violence in the name of religion has nothing to do with The Source of All Creation, nor has it to do with any of the names and forms of God as given to humanity. For each and every name of the Divine gives itself as selfless, overwhelming love, pure love that is just that in itself. Love. And there is no teaching for calls to violence; man introduces fear and acts with violence, not the Divine. For the way humanity has changed it all – is not helping for the transition from one dimension to another dimension and that is what is happening.

Many people know what is happening and the future of life on Earth. They are like that class of elevated souls, the superhumans. Even if you approached them and asked them for help, they would keep silent, as do many, many lightworkers on this planet. All our actions change the future of life on this planet today. If you go back and check through the transmissions of Cosmic Sai Baba you will find the one where the Cosmic Sai Baba is begging us to change; to change our thoughts, our words, our actions to those of selfless love.

And for this transmission, The Source (God) tells that – just as many lightworkers have seen and shared – this transformation could occur in the blink of an eye. And it cannot happen in the blink of an eye any more, for there would be too much destruction on Earth itself. The Source has shared that the Earth herself has consciousness and takes up a role in such clearing out by way of earthquake, tectonic plate movement and tsunami. You can read more of this important transmission and the work of the Mystery School here.