Valerie Barrow – Copyright

The Book of Love by a Medium ,Star People Revisited and Two Soulmates are the literary works of Valerie Barrow. The moral right of Valerie Barrow to be identified as the author of these works has been asserted by her in accordance with the Copyright Act (Australia), 1988 (Cth). This copyright Act extends protection to Books, Articles, Short Stories, Compilations of Information and text on Websites.

Valerie Barrow also asserts her rights as the moral author and owner of the works spiritually transmitted by Valerie Barrow on this website, on the website and in her channelled writings.

Valerie Barrow is a Medium. As a medium, Valerie transmits teachings from her guides – Sanat Kumar, Alcheringa and the Cosmic Sai Baba, The Creative Source of ALL. Valerie Barrow does not give private readings and does not give private messages from Cosmic Sai Baba. Cosmic Sai Baba does not have any go-betweens and cautions all peoples to make their own inner, personal contact with Him.

Material on this site may be reproduced provided the source is given, and the material is not altered nor misrepresented as the work of any other person in any manner.

Blessings be with you and Universal love – Valerie