Regression with a Woman who was a Spider; the Galactic Spider Race

funnelwebIn the year 2000, Valerie leads a regression with a woman who recalls being a Spider. The visions and journeys of this woman/spider challenge ordinary human perception. She comes from a planet that has a Black Sun and everything is in silhouette. The woman/spider speaks of spider webs, the role spiders play on Earth with elimination of disease and their coming to Earth in space vessels.

Regression with Alicia Benning – Spider woman. 25.7.2000
(real name of client has been changed to protect identity.)

Alicia settled into what I call the hot seat, in our Healing Room. She didn’t think she would be very good at getting anything. She believed it would all be imagination. I led her slowly into a meditative state and then assisted her to connect to her Soul Consciousness. She relaxed … and entered into an altered state of consciousness.

We called upon Sai Baba and with his permission, we asked for her to bring a memory of a galactic race that she is very much connected with. We also ask if she was connected with the mission of the Rexegena and the creation of the first humans.

For the moment we are asking for her to be connected with the Galactic Consciousness. There is no right or wrong. We will ask for you to be helped to connect with that consciousness. And we ask what you are experiencing.

With that Alicia, with her eyes closed, began to speak in a dreamy way … …

“I see a spiral”

(When Valerie is speaking to her it is noted in brackets.)

(That’s fine. We ask that spiral to lift you. You are all-right. You have Sai Baba holding your hand. There is nothing to worry about – you will start to feel something under your feet.)

“ I see a black butterfly. It’s possibly part of me.”

(Move into it – hang on tight (Alicia laughed) and let it take you some way.)

“It’s going round in circles and going down. Deep down. There’s not a lot of light. The door opens and I see a lot of white birds.

(Open the door and walk through)

“It’s not actually a door. It’s like a big black tunnel with water running through it. It’s cold. It’s a long long tunnel.

(That’s OK. At the count of three you will be at the end of the tunnel)

“I can see like trees, no colour to them. It’s dark – it has light behind it. It’s like a silhouette. (She was reassured)

“It’s like a purplish there – like a faint cloud and a very purply colour – it’s still very dark.

(That is OK. At the count of three you will see it much brighter.)

“I sort of come to a verandah. And along the verandah it has railings in a type of pattern in the bottom part of it. But again I can’t see to look out over the top of the railing or what the floor is. I can’t see as I walk along it.”

(That’s OK. Just keep walking along it…)

“Its like a roadway at the moment with a whole lot of lights. Like headlights.

(Hurry along and see what the lights are all about.)

“In the distance it was the outline of a township, the lights have all gone now. Some of them have spires on them. Everything always seems to be far for me. (She asked Baba to come closer) Now I can see the headlights are eyes”

She began to feel a tightness around her chest. “I can just see a sort of bluey colour and I cant get past it.”

(Just walk straight up to it. Don’t be afraid – get it over with.)

“I’m just wondering if this is where I died?”

(Look back and tell me what happened to you – you know that consciousness lives on after you leave a body.)

“I don’t seem to be able to do that, Valerie. (She was encouraged) All I can feel is this tightness in my chest.”

(She was encouraged to go into that tightness and feel where it was coming from.)

“She felt she was female. I can see a light – again it was like a tree and a hill with rocks – all silhouetted. Then it seems to fade away. I can see green in the trees this time and the sky. I feel I am going through a narrow opening.”

(Just turn around quickly and see what is behind you.)

“It’s all black on this side.”

(Have a look on the other side – quick!)

“Its clearer. The buildings are all broken up. Now there is like a water going out like a sea or something. The word England is coming into my mind. Again it has all come over black again. (She was asked to keep looking) I was just looking up to see if there was anything above. I can’t see anybody. Nor anything. Nothing; only the ones I saw before.”

(I am going to count to three and you will move in closer in or out of your body and you will see it more clearly.)

“I just see a big mushroom thing.”

(Goodness me – your looking down on a mushroom thing -is it like a bomb or something?)

“Probably – it would relate to all those buildings being flattened. Now just down here there is like a golf course, nice and green and a sand trap.”

(She was quiet for awhile, so I asked, “How are you feeling?”)

“I am lost.”

(Have a look up and you will see a light – )

“There is a face in a big white cloud with two black eyes.” She kept saying she was lost.

(She was given some healing to release the blocks and the pain across her chest.)

You will start to get a feeling about what that pain in your chest was connected with. I think a lot of it is guilt. Give the energy of guilt to God right now … … After a while I asked, “How are you feeling?”)

“The tightness is not as heavy.”

(You can ask Baba to release any more memories maybe in your dreams tonight. … … Is that O.K?)

More silence … …

(We are going to ask if Sai Baba has a message for you?)

“I hear him say to me, “You are Love!”

(That is a lovely message)

“He says I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. But I keep doubting myself.”

(Could you just ask him, quickly, why you have such a strong attraction to spiders?)

“Is there a race of spiders?”

(Yes, a galactic race, I believe)

“He says I am one?”

(You are connected to the galactic race of spiders?)

The Galactic Race of Spiders


The Peacock Spider - a unique Australian Spider
The Peacock Spider – a unique Australian Spider


“I must be. (Ask him about the spider race) Spiders are very intelligent. They are very wise. They build their webs so that they can trap their meals. They use the breeze to swing to where they have to attach themselves to. They can make good strong webs. The webs are the first alphabet. They are also part of the grid that goes around the web around the Earth. Their threads are very, very strong. It’s just they we have a fear of spiders, but most of them are here to help us.

They take the flies out of the houses. If you watch the way a spider builds its web; the patience that it has in building these webs. If something breaks her web she will automatically go back and patch it up. To keep her web the way it should be.

A spider can come down its web. Eat and come down a long way. (She laughed) I am seeing a spider that is coming down from a space ship.”

(Yes. I have seen that before. It was only yesterday that I was talking about being in the ancient 13th sign of the Zodiac known as the Arachne. I am part of that, also.)

“The web is so strong it can be placed over wounds to hold the skin together, like stitching … It would stop the bleeding.

Actually a spider is very very gentle. They walk very, very lightly when they walk over you. They are so gentle with the little legs as they walk over you. They don’t deliberately set out to bite you. But it’s like everyone else, if you are threatening they will bite you.

The poison. It’s like the flight and fight path we all use for survival. The spider will protect itself. If a funnelweb is on the floor it will walk right past you but if you put a barrier in front of it – then it will stand back and have a go at you. But if you just let it go it will keep going and not disturb you.

If there is a trap-door and you make a movement – it is not to know that you are not food for it and it will jump out and get you the same as the funnelweb can jump at you. If they are all left alone, they won’t harm us – its just our fear of them that makes us think we have to kill them … for our probable peace of mind, worrying about other spiders going near them.

So they actually have a place within our society. For there are a lot of things that they eat that make a nuisance of themselves to us. Such as Flies and Mosquito’s. Things that get caught in their web and while they are eating that it is stopping us being disturbed by those insects.”

(Were spiders brought to Earth by galactic beings?)

“Yes, as I said, I see them coming down a string from on high.”

(Did they come of their own volition or did a race bring them?)

“I see them standing on their back legs. And the other two – they are doing things with the first two.

(What are they doing?)

“Its like a bench thing and they’re doing something on the bench. I can’t see clearly because its dark. It’s similar to the ant, their body is long with two legs on the ground and they are standing up with two legs in front, like arms

(So they standing up?)

“Well that is what I can see them doing but it doesn’t sound like that does it? And if they move along they seem to go down again; and move along the ground; and then stand up again when they come to a stop. They also make a sound.

(What is the sound like?)

“The sound seems to come from around their mouth or somewhere. It’s like little feelers and they rub them together and make a sound.”

(What do they make a sound for?)

“Well its just where they are working on this bench thing; they would be telling others what to do, or talking to each others. But in real life, here, you don’t see spiders acting together. So this must be somewhere else.”

(Ask Sai Baba?)

She laughed. “In my head. I have a feeling, on another planet – at another time.”

(Does that mean they exist somewhere else in the galaxy?)

“I feel he is saying yes – they are highly intelligent, but I don’t know where. Some are brown and some are black, but we know that we have white ones here on Earth.”

(So are all these spiders that come from another planet – do they have a soul?)


(So that means they can incarnate into a human body?)

“No.” (She was thinking of the spiders that exist on Earth.)

She changed her mind and said, “These souls are of the galactic spider race. It is possible. Because some people are born with more fingers and more toes. That doesn’t really answer the question does it?”

(Didn’t you say you were connected to the Spider race?)

“I think that, but whether I am a spider or not I don’t know.”

(No you’re not a spider now, but we are talking about a Galactic Spider race)

“Possibly because there are people that can handle spiders and nothing happens to them because they are of a similar energy. They have more understanding. Personally I am still frightened to a certain extent of spiders.”

(Why is that?)

“Well, I have been brought up to kill them. Kill ’em.”

(And are you frightened of repercussions?)

“Yes. Well, I could be killing part of myself. (Ask Sai Baba are you?) There was a long pause … … … I am not getting an answer to that.”

(Does that have a connection to the pain in your heart?)

“I don’t think so. But spiders live under rocks, don’t they?”

(Well, why would you think that?)

“I don’t know.”

(Well, why would you connect “under a rock” when I asked you about your heart?)

“Oh somebody said, ‘Your heart was a rock. They could see a rock there’!”

(Put everything out of your mind now and ask Sai Baba is there a spider living under that rock? Which is your heart?)


(Can we have an understanding please of the spider with the rock?)

“He says I have an affiliation with the spider.”

(Have you promised to do something in the service of God?)

“I have come here to help the people for when the upheaval and everything comes to be; I am of service to help them.”

(Can we have more understanding about your affiliation with the spiders?)

The Story of Spiders on Earth


Jumping spiders build silken "pup tents" where they shelter from bad weather and sleep at night.
Jumping spiders build silken “pup tents” where they shelter from bad weather and sleep at night.


“I just like spiders because they are so graceful. I just like spiders. I don’t mind them being around me. As long as they are not on me.

(Is there anything else you want to ask or tell, before you come back? She was seated comfortably with her head on a pillow and talking gently still with her eyes closed.)

“Spiders are strong. Be as strong as the spider. Insects have 6 legs – spiders have 8 legs. Spiders are here to help eradicate insects. You have spiders that will eat mice and help get rid of them. You have spiders that live in the ground. You have spiders that live in a web. You have spiders that are very big that can eat bats.

The spider race is more human-like to our way of thinking. They are very intelligent. Put your fear aside and just watch a spider. They don’t need their homes. They carry their babies around with them. They carry their eggs with them. They carry their babies on their back. In their own way, in replicating their own image here on Earth, they are serving mankind in eradicating disease carried by insects, mice and bats.

Once a spider has laid her eggs in a sack, she will stay with them – she does not look after them – because when they hatch they are able to look after themselves. But there are spiders carrying babies on their backs. Sometimes they carry their egg case on their stomachs.

Alicia then went on to say there is a landing space for spiders in Peru. On a big plateau. I read of it years ago. There are huge drawings on the ground – there is a hummingbird and a big spider there’. I believe that is where the spider people first came in. There. Its a spacecraft of some description that has landed and brought these things. I really don’t know enough about what is out there in the Universe. But I really don’t mind the spider. think they are fascinating – to watch them.”


In the Peruvian Desert, about 200 miles south of Lima, there lies a plain between ... that include a spider, hummingbird, monkey and a 1,000-foot-long pelican
In the Peruvian Desert, about 200 miles south of Lima, there lies a plain between … that include a spider, hummingbird, monkey and a 1,000-foot-long pelican

You can read more about the Nazca lines of Peru here

(Listening to you, Alicia, it is easier to have an affinity with spiders. When one is young it is, as you say, drummed into you to be afraid of spiders and to even kill them. But when you think about it they do no harm. In fact they help to eradicate disease carrying insects, mice and bats. And maybe other disease carrying things as well. I guess the poison that a lot of the spiders carry is really for self protection, to destroy the victim and to allow them to be consumed so that there is nothing left of the body at all. It would seem to be a crime to destroy spiders. I can easily see why the Galactic beings have brought them here in the first place – it was to help eradicate disease. And it would seem in early days they played a part in creating the grid that exists around our planet.

The name of Alicia’s house is Spidersweb. She said that when she goes out in her car she always comes home with a spider in the car. Her house is full of spiders. She said she had a Daddy Long Legs spider at her front door with its babies and that it can’t bite us. But it will kill a funnelweb spider. She actually saw this happen – because of their long legs they can’t bite us. Their poison is suppose to be very deadly to other spiders. Her son loves spiders and would never let his mother kill them.

When you think about how many spiders are on the Earth the figure would be enormous.

The knowledge came that the planet that the Spider Race came from had a Black Sun and all upon it was in silhouette. (Gerry Bostok, the aboriginal Elder with whom I worked, said there was a planet with a Black Sun)

There is a Black Light in the tropical sun to lessen the burning of the Sun rays around the middle of the Earth. Between the Tropic of Cancer – the Equator and the Tropic of Capricorn.



The funnelweb will only brace for attack when it is confronted; otherwise, they leave humans alone …