An Introduction to Regression

beginningMy constant service to humanity has been regression: helping people to understand their journey through the Cosmos – their lives on other stars, other planets, and their lives here, on Earth. I have learnt a lot from listening to the ‘people’ remembering Galactic memories. No one person I have worked with has been the same. Similar perhaps – but never the same. I can understand this is why everybody on Earth is different – again sometimes similar – but never the same. In this series of articles, I will be sharing regression work I have done over many years.

I have been thinking for quite a while now to share some of the regressions I have worked with Humans who remember coming from other worlds and are here to assist with the ascension process that is taking place now and why we are all on this planet.

Our ‘Advisors’ from the Galactic Worlds, under the guidance of the Angelic Realms, advise there has been a Great Plan put in place with the issue of Souls to all Beings coming on to this planet and being born into a physical earth form. This began about 900,000 years ago when humans were first blessed with Souls and the Divine Light of God within them. Each Soul coming onto Earth had an Agreement with the Karmic Board to assist one another, learn from one another, and to assist this Planet and all upon her to raise in consciousness to match the new frequency of Divine Light, and Vibration of the 5th World.

The world of Beings in our Galaxy/Universe has many different physical appearances – and all who come to this planet are here to assist one another.

The Binding thing here is, as humans we all Look alike on Earth, even if our skin differs in colour, we all experience the same human emotions and love of family.

Some may struggle with negative emotions that are within us but we are all blessed with the Love of God coming from the Source of All Creation.

I find that many of the people (humans) I have worked with have come from a very different Galactic Race with a very different culture, conduct and appearance. They have all come to learn and understand one another – The Great Plan is meant to lead to PEACE – not only here but in other Worlds. The Great Plan is constantly being monitored.

I have been prompted to share a number of Regressions where humans have remembered having a very different ‘Appearance and culture’ before they came into their human body here on planet Earth.

I do hope you gain something from these regressions, for our Cosmic Advisors tell us that the experience of human life – with the love of family – is precious and it is taken back to other stars, other planets, when life resumes in their own form.

Only names are changed … … This first one is where a lovely lady has remembered coming from a GALACTIC SPIDER RACE – from a planet with a Black Sun and everything appears to be silhouetted. I hope you will read with an open mind. When working with people under regression I have witnessed them speak with pride in the way they look and act in a way that is obviously quite normal to them from whence the planet they come from. Now Read on. !!


regression: looking to see what has gone before in the galactic lives we have had
regression: looking to see what has gone before in the galactic lives we have had