Kariong and the Ancient Egyptians in Australia

Valerie Barrow channels Alcheringa at Kariong

As Alcheringa told many years ago, the Kariong site of the Egyptian Hieroglyphs is a ‘Doorway’ and that the glyphs would mean many things to many people. He also said he would release keys to the story as time progressed. This has happened.

Alcheringa at Kariong 12th December, 2011

Film Documentary ‘Wirritjin’ it is a Ramindjeri (Kangaroo Island Indigenous people) word/philosophy meaning “Blackfella Whitefella Dreaming – together.”

On the 11th December, 2011 we visited the Kariong site to listen to the two talks – one by Steve Strong and the other by Dr Hans-Dieter von Senff, PH.D

We also met a film crew making a documentary “Blackfella Whitefella Dreaming Together.” I was interviewed for the Whitefella Dreaming part and Alcheringa was filmed when he gave us a Transmission.

You may also view this Interview on YouTube. ( With thanks to Olivia Olley and thanks to the Film Crew>)

The transcript of the Transmission by Alcheringa may be read here.

Hundreds of people, if not thousands, have been able to connect to this story as written about ordinary people remembering being Starpeople and how the first humans were created, nine hundred thousand years ago. See the Book “Alcheringa, when the first ancestors were created” Or the E-Book “Starpeople Revisited.”

In his transmission, Alcheringa referred to his talk given to us 16 years ago at the Kariong site of the Egyptian Hieroglyphs when he told us the site was a ‘Doorway’ and that the glyphs would mean many things to many people. He also said he would release keys to the story as time progressed. He also said there was still more story to come. This has happened.

Our story speaks of the Australian Indigenous people not only being the ‘first people’ of Australia but they are the ‘First Humans.’ The Indigenous people say they didn’t come from elsewhere, they began here in this land we now call Australia and then travelled out to other places around the earth.

Ramindjeri Elders claim their ancestors circumnavigated the globe in a figure eight.

A quote from Uncle Rueben Kelly, a Dhungutti (Kempsey) Elder and last man in NSW allowed to carry out initiation ceremonies for boys. “Our legends tell us we came to your planet in a space ship made of energy. When it hit the atmosphere it turned into crystal.”

This story is similar to what we remember as star people although in our memory the space ship was attacked. We know now that the space ship is the Moldavite crystal.

There are other tribal elders who say their ancestors came from the Pleiades, and point to the 7 stars seen in the sky.

I knew of another story gleaned from the same site written by Paul White and how the glyphs were translated into the story of 2 Egyptian princes along with their crew having survived their boat being damaged. However one of the Princes was bitten by a snake and died. This was said to be 5,000 years ago; www.crystalinks.com/egyptaustralia.html

Archaeologists and Egyptologists have not been able to decipher the hieroglyphs and, that, coupled with rumours of an old man seen by a park ranger to be cutting the glyphs into the rock face; the area has been declared a hoax.

This has been challenged by a number of scholars, who produce good evidence of the site’s authencity as being a genuine Ancient Egyptian burial tomb.

I was listening to Steve Strong’s talk and his belief that the Egyptians came here 4,500 years ago. He also said he believed they came on a pilgrimage because they knew and respected the ancient Australian people who had been here a very long time. I was thinking, “I agree with that” … I had drawn an Egyptian like image:~

Draco-Reptilian image found at Cave Hill

Draco – like reptilian image found at Cave Hill, Central Australia
(drawing made with permission)

I had seen on the ceiling of the Cave, at Cave Hill Central Australia, of the Seven Sisters from the Pleiades. On the ceiling it was drawn in black charcoal and was carbon dated over 20,000 years. It looked very similar to the ‘crocodile looking man‘ who is in the Judgement Day papyrus of Egyptian Legend,

Photo of Judgement Day Painting

Photo of Judgement Day Painting

The green headed crocodile man is said to eat some of the deceased’s heart if too heavy before it can move on to heaven. (Read the full article here)

Steve Strong has recently published an article in the latest edition of New Dawn Magazine January-February 2012 edition. Steve has spent time living with the indigenous people and has been initiated as one of them. He and his son Evan has collected an enormous amount of information over the years of the existence of Ancient Egyptians visiting this land 4500 years ago. They say that the huge area of rock art by the indigenous people and new hieroglyphs found, independent of the disputed site at Kariong, make it too important to ignore or write off as a hoax. The area must be protected.

You can read more about this on Steve’s Website, www.forgottenorigin.com

Steve has also written an article, Australian Original astronomical rock engravings will rewrite world history. You can read this here

Dr Hans-Dieter von Senff, has produced a paper recently lodged with the National Library. He says, “These Hieroglyphs are real and have existed for some 4,500 years in Australia. In order to prove that these Proto-Egyptian glyphs are not graffiti, as claimed by various “Experts” and “Egyptologists,” but are the written record left by pre-historic man, written in a coherent and understandable language that makes sense even 4,500 years later. This site is no hoax, but a genuine archaeological discovery; as is proven by the newly discovered second set of glyphs and the existence of an underground airshaft.”

You may download and read Dr Hans-Dieter von Senff’s book, Ancient Egyptians in Australia. (This is the version submitted to the National Library of Australia.) (PDF file, 4.5 MB)

You may download and read Dr Hans-Dieter von Senff’s book, Prohibited Egyptology. (This is an examination of the Egyptian glyphs and burial cave at Kariong.) (PDF file, 2.9 MB)

Of course our work has been about starpeople, or sky heroes as some indigenous folk have described them. I believe the Ancient Egyptians that came 4,500 years ago knew about the original indigenous people and their beginnings from the Pleiadean ancestry and as I have suggested, visited this land on a pilgrimage.

In 1982 the Cairo Times reported that archaeologists working at Fayum, near the Siwa Oasis in Egypt uncovered fossils of kangaroos and other Australian marsupials. Read about this here. It would be interesting to know the dates given to the fossils.

People may be interested in attending another talk Steve Strong is giving at Kariong – please come if you can. You can download a Press Release about this meeting on 18th of February.

“Within this region there is evidence through Aboriginal engravings, formations and paintings of boats meant to navigate open seas, astronomical constructions, an array of ancient Egyptian symbols and a multitude of artstyles and techniques. So numerous and out-of-region are the styles found we have previously referred to this region being the Stone-age equivalent of Alexandria. Such is the quantity, quality and diversity of extremelyimportant sacred sites, there is no other option but to protect and treasure the sites and surrounding land. The entire area, in particular the Kariong / Bambara region, is of international significance. More importantly, what is engraved into rock platforms, constructed and painted in cave-walls goes a long way towards justifying the belief held by Aboriginal Elders and custodians of lore, that they are not related to ancient Africans and always came from Australia, that they were the first intercontinental mariners, the first Homo sapiens and that “all other peoples of the world come from us.” This is not a new interpretation of history but the most ancient and factual account that has ever existed. Find out some of the reasons why this land is so special and so important in fleshing out a much bigger picture of the history of not only Australia but the world.” Steven Strong

Valerie Barrow being with the film team at McMasters Beach.

Valerie Barrow being with the film team at McMasters Beach.
(Next to Valerie is her husband, John Barrow; then Steven Strong clearly visible in this photo;
Dr Hans-Dieter von Senff has his back to the camera (in the white T-shirt and next to him sits Nina Angello.
Thanks to Lavinia Seaton-Smith for sharing this photo.)