Alcheringa’s Talk in 1994

Alcheringa Speaks: 21 December 1994

Source: The Book of Love by a Medium

“I am very pleased to be here, My Child. Thank you for inviting me. You have been wondering about the Energy from Uluru, which also could be seen as the energy of the Lion, which is why you have been given the image of the Sphinx. Does this help you, My Child, do you understand? You may remember you were prompted to see Uluru also looking a little like a Sphinx.

It is true the energy that has come through from another Galaxy at another time filters through into the Earth and comes to various points at the surface of the Earth. What you call Egypt is one of them and it is at those points that pyramids were built on many of those places. These too were also built at another time.

It allowed the Star People that came to Earth at that time to use the energy to manifest and to create. It was a network that filtered through the Earth. It is no coincidence that the rock known as Uluru came to this Earth. We as the Star People actually brought it to this Earth to bring that Energy and to help make changes upon the Earth so that it developed. This was at a time before humanity. I myself as an aspect of a Star Being have remained in the Astral (dimension) to help with the changes and the understanding to be filtered through to Humanity until a time that the Earth reaches back to a Dimension that existed when the rock first hit this Earth.

(The sound of his voice changes here.)

For your own understanding Alcheringa is an aspect of Sanat Kumara and it is really Sanat Kumara that speaks with you at this time. I am part of the Council of Light. I want you to understand this, My Child.

You are asking about the Energy being known as the Lion Energy? It could also be seen as a play on words. It is a particular Line of Energy and influence that comes upon this Earth from another Galaxy altogether.

There is also the CAT that is involved, and the HAIR. This is from the level of the Cosmic Consciousness, which you understand is where the Star People exist. There are different Dimensions different Light Energies, different shape and form. The HAIR was introduced onto this Earth in the form of mammal. Up until that time it had been a Reptilian Form. The time of the Dinosaur – and yes, your feeling that when Uluru hit this Earth it was a time of wiping out of the Reptilian Form that had manifested to a point where it was out of control – it had to be re-constructed.

It will help you if you think of Energy as influence. The energy and the influence is what was created here on Earth into a Form. It is very simple really – but of course the Form that took place is very complicated and in many forms.

It was experimental from the Star People’s point of view. We were creating what is called, or what we call the Garden of Eden. We were able to reproduce these forms because of the vibration that existed here on this Earth. At a later time, the humanoid or the Form of Man was created and evolved so that senses were experienced – because of that heavier vibration. There was a separation between the positive and the negative and the sense in between could be felt. In the World of Light the Energy seen as Negative and that of Positive operates together so that there is no separation – but there is power. The Power was lost to some degree when the Form took place on this Earth in the Dimension – where the separation existed.

But with the slow vibration it allowed the form to take a heavier existence. This could be experienced in a way that we were not able to experience in the World of Light.

It is unfortunate that there were those that chose to pull away from the Will of God and the Universal Law and so the development and the involvement upon this Earth went astray – against God’s Law and the understanding.

When it all ended at the time of what you call the Fall of Atlantis, which was not altogether an accident, it allowed that Form, that Energy, that vibration that existed here on this Earth to evolve into what was meant to be on this Earth.

The Formation is now coming into being and it will herald the New Age and operate within the Will of God and the Law of the Universe. It has been an edict from the Council of Light that only those that choose to walk with God and that Energy, will be able to walk forward into the New Age. All that goes against God or chooses to walk in a different direction will be defused or re-placed.

Remember all that exists in this World of yours is of a created energy and form – it is not … the reality.”

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