Sanat Kumara in Hong Kong

Sanat Kumara in Hong Kong
at Sally Anderson’s New Age Centre 2.11.1993

Meeting at NEW AGE CENTRE – Hong Kong which was televised by ATV (reporter Joanne Gilhooley) 2.11.1993

I rather liked the synchronicity of my travelling in the ‘Star Ferry’ across the water to Hong Kong Island and the New Age Centre. I remember the Light Being Sanat Kumara had only just begun using me as an instrument. This was a short time after I had been given the emerald green ring by Sai Baba and after I had been very ill. (See The Cosmic Sai Baba Website and the page Walking out of the Picture.) The illness helped my body cells to be rung out and lifted to another level of consciousness. This channelling took place nearly 16 years ago, but similar questions are still being asked. I am happy that this work is now going public into cyberspace.




I am Sanat Kumara and it gives me great pleasure to be here this evening and to know that I am welcomed among you. I come from the Cosmic Consciousness – I come with Love and Blessings in my heart. We have been gently influencing many upon this Earth who are willing to work with us and to ‘open up‘and receive guidance along with knowledge and understanding so that they know that Beings such as myself do exist. It is just that you do not readily see them with the physical eye.

We come into mediums, such as Valerie, to illustrate by demonstration that Spirit does exist. It is a Light Form and exists in each one of you. You are all Light Beings it is just that you are in a physical body and you have forgotten because it is of a Dimension that is heavier – it drags you down a little – but deep within you – you know and if you open up and operate with the Divine Spark within your soul, that is in the heart/mind area, connect with that – you will start to remember.

Some peoples would know it as ‘intuition’ – from your God Consciousness – it is your Inner Teacher – if you can follow from that point you will make life much easier for yourselves, rather than running off on little paths of your own with thoughts from your own brain.

You are encouraged to focus on your Soul, the God Consciousness that is within you and now I would like to ask, and invite, any questions that you may have that you would like to ask. Please do not be afraid …. as I have said we come with Love in our hearts and wish only to assist.

Q: It has been said that man will evolve into a new wave called Homo Angelicas evolving from Homo Sapiens. Firstly is this true and secondly, if it is, what form will mankind take?

S.K.: First of all there is a new energy coming upon this Earth from the Central Sun of this Galaxy and it is influencing the Earth and all things upon it. It is creating a lifting in energy. It is speeding up the movement of molecules – atoms and cells – and because of that it is lifting the consciousness of the peoples who are on this Earth also, so it is no co-incidence that more and more people are starting to think and wanting to know about other aspects of themselves, other than what exists in the material, physical dimension.

The Energy that is coming onto this Earth is causing a separation. It is a strong Light of God – it is one of destroying all that is holding people back from knowing that they are of God – The God Energy – and with that separation that is taking place with the division between the shadow and the Divine Light, they are being lifted into a Higher Consciousness and their bodies are actually slowly changing. You may have noticed that many are feeling they wish to change their diet – to change their drinking habits – change the way that they live. They are looking more for fresher air and clear water. It is all part of growing towards Divine Light, Divine Energy that is the true part of God.

As time goes on people will be making choices as to whether they wish to go with the Divine Light – The God Energy – of whether they wish to go a different direction from the will of their own.

If they move with the Will of God which is within all – follow from that point – the changes will take place very easily and all will move into, shall we say, a Higher Dimension. A Dimension that is much more aware of God. They will link with their angelic selves, if I can put it that way and this will happen.

It has been prophesized in many Cultures, in many Ancient Books and Texts – you might like to think of it as the ‘Golden Age’ and it is coming. So does this answer your question?

Q: Yes, thank you … Recently there has been a lot of talk about St. Germaine talking about a Decree of Freedom and also another Decree that is wider in scope, a Universal Eternal Liberation – what is the impact and effect of such a Decree.?

S.K.: I understand what you are asking. With this change that we have just been speaking about – and with the lifting of Consciousness all over this Earth – with the Energy, the God Energy, that is now coming upon this Earth to assist lifting – it is also separating. So perhaps that is another way of putting, shall we say, Freedom? It is a time for all to break from of the Karmic Wheel – it is a matter of choice, as I have said, in aligning the self with Divine Light and Divine Consciousness and from that point they can be free of that continual wheel of coming back and going forth. They can move on to the Golden Age and be free of all the shadow – All that goes against God and be free of disease and dis-harmony and anything that goes against Divine Light. Does this help you.?

Q: I am more interested in the implication of the Decree of Universal Liberation and what that involves?

S.K.: Perhaps I am just putting it in a different way. It is a Universal Law that exists in the Cosmic Consciousness – it is a very real Law, a very real Government that exists in the Cosmic Consciousness. However, the little Earthling operating from the 3rd and 4th Dimension is not readily aware of how this Universal Government operates. So … I’m not quite sure if I am understanding your question – if you are not accepting that a time of Grace has been given by Universal Law from the God Consciousness – that all who exist here on this Earth Dimension can move free of the Karmic Wheel and become one with their Angelic Being. As for names – there are those in the Cosmic Consciousness and the Hierarchy that do have names and personalities, but they prefer to mostly be seen as one. Because they work as one, and in harmony, and what one may say – it comes from a point that all say, also. So is this answering your question?

Are there any other questions?

Q: We are supposed to be growing a new brain as far as connecting us with the 12 strand D.N.A. that we were created with, which got dislocated. Do you have any advice as to how we can speed up the process?

S:K: A new brain are you saying? (Yes, it is supposed to grow on top of the existing one and to a 12 strand of the D.N.A. – How can we speed up the re-connection?) Yes, I understand. If you can think of it as cells and inside of each cell is movement, you understand that – so that it is really energy. With this lifting that is taking place (again we are getting back to this point) the Energy is lifting – it is moving faster – and so cells are operating from a frequency that is higher than what exists now. It is starting to operate more from, shall we say, a point of Light, Divine Light, and so the form, the brain, that is in the physical body, is beginning to be restructured – as is all other parts of the physical body. Does this answer your question?

Q: Yes, in the D.N.A. sense. (S.K. said that is exactly right) How do we speed up the process of re-connection?

S.K.: By aligning the self with Divine Light. That permeates every cell within the body and with that, the God Consciousness which is part of Divine Light (it goes together,) and the change will take place, as you are ready. I would encourage all people to work with their own Inner Teacher – to work from that point and if they choose to align themselves with Divine Light, which I feel you all are by being here, just by that simple exercise, every day and allowing your whole body, your whole aura to be permeated with Divine Light, the changes will gradually take place.

It will cast off the shadow and it will make it much easier for you to go forward towards the Golden Age.

The Earthling as a Physical Being is rather limited – and all are encouraged to tune into and work with their God Beings. Could you do that?

Q: Yes, thank you ….

S.K.: It is a matter of choice – that simple. It does not have to be a complicated exercise … Is there anything else anyone would like to ask?

Q: You said that we have forgotten. What have we forgotten and why?

S.K.: I would correct myself if I may. Not all have forgotten. I think many here are starting to remember that they are truly Light Beings – God Beings – that they are more than what they appear to be in the physical. There are many that operate in the physical body and still know that they are Light. As I have explained the cells, the D.N.A. operate at a lower frequency in the physical body – the water that makes up most of the physical body, is heavier by nature and all this helps and does blot out the memory of the existence of Spirit.

If by choice you start to work with Divine Light, it is that simple, memories will start to come back – and there are many ways that you can be guided and led towards situations when you start to remember and begin to understand. Does this help you?

Q. I am still not quite sure what the connection is to God?

S.K.: Simply that you are of Spirit and that you are a Being of Light. That you have come by choice into a physical body and it is from this you have to start again to re-remember to go back to the unlimited space of a Being of Light – a God Being.

As I have said, I have said before, there is really only one spiritual path to the understanding of God – but it is individually walked differently. So it is a very individual search and to realign, in coming to understand and although at times you may feel strongly prompted to attend a work shop – some sort of healing – your own Spirit will prompt you if it is right for you – and you are advised to follow that inner-prompting.

All the knowledge and all the understanding is already within you it is just a mater of unlocking the doors to allow those memories to come forth. As the shadow, because you live in the duality of Light and Shadow, as the shadow falls away the memories will begin to come back or re-appear. Is there anything else you would like to ask?

Q: Yes. Some Spiritual Teachers say if we get in touch with our psychic abilities we should not use them but go beyond them in our growth.

S.K: You are speaking of psychic abilities? (Yes.) These are abilities that you can develop so that you can begin to understand what exists past this 3rd Dimension – the Physical Dimension. We from the World of Light see the 3rd and 4th Dimension as not much difference. But the Earthlings here on Earth in the 3rd Dimension have forgotten even the 4th Dimension, or the Astral, and it is working with these, the soul, the Inner Senses and the Inner Feelings which are related to the Spirit, you can come to understand and know of other levels. This can be described as Psychic Development…and it can be encouraged because it will perhaps help for you to understand about Spirit.

It is not necessary to develop psychic abilities to gain knowledge of the God Self or your own spirituality. This can be developed without any psychic ability. It is a matter of choice. You have lived many lives in the past and I am sure you can accept that … and you will have developed various abilities with various personalities … and in this personality you may choose not to get involved, shall we say, with psychic development. You may wish to develop in some other way – perhaps in a practical way.

It is a matter of choice – there is no wrong or right but it is very important for your own growth to align with you own God Self. Is there anything anyone else would like to ask?

Q: You talk of God – Does that mean you are Christian?

S.K.: (repeats) “You talk of God does that mean I am Christian” – Well …. God … the God Energy exists in everyone no matter what religion, or what culture or custom they may have – it is a Force that exists within. It is a Force aligned with Divine Light that brings only Harmony and Goodwill and Peace within. It is a Force that would not dream of causing harm toward the Earth or anyone. It wants only to bring love and caring and compassion and I speak of Love in a much more overview way.

It is one of caring for one’s neighbour for one’s family without judgment – it is seeing the little Earthling sometime stumble and make mistakes but with the God Energy it is one of always forgiveness, so it is not necessarily labeled by any religion, although promptings of all Religions that have come onto this Earth, have come from the World of Light in the first place. They have been shown in different ways, in different cultures, so that they may come to understand who they truly are.

It is unfortunate that sometimes the understanding has been misused and the power misused, and there have been some terrible things done in the name of God – but that is not the God Energy or God himself. So does this answer your question?

Q: Yes, and carrying on from that will there by a Second Coming of Christ?

S.K.: As we have said, all that goes against God and the understanding of God Energy is – shall we say, anti God. The energy that I have already spoken about that is coming now onto this Earth could be described as Christ Energy. It brings with it much love and compassion as it infiltrates all Beings on this Earth and as I have said, it lifts the Consciousness …. and so it is no co-incidence that there are many that are reaching out now, that would not have done the same, sometime ago. Is there anything else you would like to ask about that?

Q: With all the catastrophes and disasters that have been prophesized with the transition of which you speak – are they still likely to happen and will they be as bad and as damaging as originally prophesized?

S.K.: If I can put it this way. What man has done to himself and what he has done to Earth, man has to un-do. If you think about every man, woman and child as an individual in making choices – choosing to align themselves with Divine Light then all would be moving in the same direction and the shadow would fall away very quickly. It is only those that are confused and do not understand that and get caught up in the shadow that causes the problems.

So if more and more people move towards that decision to move with the God Energy there will be less trauma upon this Earth. I think you could accept that. There have been prophecies of much trouble coming and I do not wish to cause fear. It has a lot to do with how man accepts the existence of the energies that exist here and make the choice. If the bulk of the masses of people move with God Energy there will be less problems. If some choose to stay confused and pull away, then there will be more problems. So it is up to man himself to decide whether there will be more problems in the future. I hope I am making myself understood here.

Q: Yes – thank you very much. As has been suggested, mankind is not terribly good at taking responsibility on the Global level and re-aligning themselves with Divine Energy – Could you advise whether the God Energy is an internal or an external intake.

S.K.: Yes. It is both. It is internal and it is external. But with many there is confusion in between. That is why I am encouraging people to align with Divine Light – bring it into their whole Being to cast away the shadow and then, of course, there would be no separation. So does this answer you?

Q: Er … yes, However without appearing too negative the kind of atrocities I see and constant trouble in Bosnia, Northern Ireland and added to which there is still masses of destruction by mankind on a Global Scale … If the Planet is under the influence of a new Energy Force – it would appear to be influencing a very small minority of mankind at this time.

S.K.: We have spoken of the God Energy and the Divine Force and unfortunately there is also a force, how can I say, that pulls against that – that is of shadow and it is very real — It takes form – it takes form of life. Because, although its forms of life are aware that they are losing control, they are losing the battle, they are causing much mischief I regret to say. So if people were aware of that and choose to walk with Divine Light then nothing could harm them – nothing could touch them. Divine Light is the strongest. Understand, that Divine Light is Divine Consciousness – it is everything. I am putting this in simplistic terms, but it is everything and it is the strongest.

However, in the un-seen dimension of the Astral there is, shall we say, a battle going on, an unseen battle, a battle between the dark and the Light Forces and it does influence those on this Physical Dimension and you can see for yourself the outcome.

So it would help if anybody would like to, at anytime, form groups … or even on their own, to ask for Divine Light to be brought into this Dimension, and to be used in any way that, shall we say, the Healing Angels can use to bring in Divine Light onto this Earth and to the Beings that seem to be caught up with the negative influences. I hope you are understanding what I am saying and would anyone like ask more about that?

Q: Yes. As part of this fight, between the Light and the Dark Forces, it has been suggested that the Dark forces will soon be in certain Holographic inserts into the Earth Dimension so there will be people almost like false Gods and have very large following. Can you elaborate on how we can tell these people apart from real physical humans?

S.K.: There is indeed – and I am glad that you have brought this subject up. It is a difficult subject. But there are Beings and also at this time there are, shall we say, false prophets, for want of a better word and the only way to recognize them is to again align with your own ‘Inner Teacher’ with your own Divine Feelings and ask for guidance. Ask for help and assistance as to whether one feels is right or one does not feel quite right – you make that choice and then er, you just have nothing to do with them. Unfortunately, they do exist and it is a matter of choice and discernment.

Is there anything else you would like to ask about that? (No thank you) It is up to every each individual to make his own decision.

Q: Valerie said the other day there was going to be more contact with the Star Ships, and people here on Earth would be going onto the Star Ships and coming back. Can you tell us more about that?

S.K.: Yes. There will be more activity. We have a Greater Plan to assist the little Earthling and those that are already on this Earth and working with us and have been for quite sometime – they have been able to understand and yes, there will be peoples brought onto Star Ships – just to gain further knowledge and understanding that operates in a Cosmic Consciousness and they will be brought back to this Physical Dimension so that they can speak about their experiences. We are getting to the point now where we wish all to know of the existence of the Cosmic Consciousness and what you would call a UFO’s but what we prefer to call the Star Ships. It will happen all over this Earth – that is our plan and people will wonder what is going on. Is there anything else you would like to ask?

Q: Would this be the Ashtar Command or is this a different entity altogether?

S.K.: No – No – Ashtar is a brother. Well known to us. He has Command of this part of the Galaxy and he has at his disposal Star Ships that are ready to come to this area on his call. There is surveillance going on even now, just a gentle surveillance just, shall we say, to keep in communication with those that are working with us here on this Physical Dimension and there is a time of growing with some. Quite often there may be a Star Person walking beside you but you may realize that already. They come and go quietly. Is there anything else you would like to ask about that?

Q: Do they find it difficult to communicate – if their knowledge of English is very limited? So do they have to learn the language of those that they are going to channel through?

S.K.: With some that is so. With others it is not. If communication is desired – if you wish to make communication you can ask – er, not necessarily verbal communication but in some way contact will be made – at this point I would like to say that we are always ready to work with anyone that is willing to work with us and if they offer themselves in service then we will be glad to work with them to assist us, to shall we say, spread Divine Light all over this Earth.

Q: With the Star Ships, the issue of Choice seems to have become a little blurred – there seems to be ‘no choice’ for some people as to whether or not they want to go on board. Is this going to be the case with future visitations?

S.K.: I would like to say with those that have appeared to be abducted – is this what you are saying? (yes) They have actually agreed on another level of consciousness. It is just on the physical level of consciousness that they have not remembered – and they are fearful.

If you can work with your own Inner Teacher, your Inner Guidance, you will come to a point where you can break through that fear and you would not be so worried. Again if there is great fear you could always call upon Divine assistance and it will be given. So that although you may have agreed at some other time, it can be changed. Does this answer your question?

Q: Yes, thank you ….. How do you define Light?

S.K.: Light of course is an energy, it is constant, never changing it is always there. As I have said in this Dimension of the physical you have a duality which causes confusion but if you work with Divine Light and Divine Consciousness that goes with it – it is unlimited and what is ever right for you specifically, each individually will manifest – it does not matter about language it will manifest in an energy form, and it will be a feeling or an image or word, a taste or a smell – in some inner sense and you will be guided along the path.

The first and most important thing is to have a desire to want to link with the God Energy and from there all else follows. And now I think it is time for me to take my leave. I thank you again for welcoming me here. As I have said there are many of us from the World of Light who are very willing and want to assist – all you have to do is ask – and help will be given although you may not readily realise it – you must not pre-empt – but I am sure you understand that. And so with great Love in my heart I thank you. God Bless you.


After a little while a new energy came in – powerfully, male sounding and quite loud — standing up, and spreading his arms like wings, he said…..

“I am Mikhael the Archangel Mik.ha.el .. I come with Love and Blessings. You are known to us …. Do not be afraid. We exist and I come through this woman so that you will see and recognize that there are other Dimensions. We love you all. We wish only to assist and bring help and guidance to all.”

People in the audience said later, they could feel his presence, they were in awe about his visit..