The Buddhic Way

Channelled Message – The Buddhic Way

Sanat Kumara designated the energy of Buddha to speak and as the chanelling progressed – the energy changed very gradually from Valérie’s voice that of Sanat Kumara.

The Golden Lotus

I know it is very much connected with Gold energy, gold light the gold aura – so if I just speak – (I don’t know what is going to happen) The Buddha energy, although it is often portrayed as an image, it is really is a state of being. A state of being that all can feel and become. It is true that the gold energy permeates the aura and I have been reminded of a picture of Sai Baba (near the candle) which was taken with an infra red camera and it shows the gold energy around him.

This is a state of being that we will all move into to prepare for the golden age. The Golden Age means just that – that all beings will be of the gold energy and with that comes a lifting in consciousness in wisdom and understanding – an overview of consciousness that is much more ready to listen to another – to respect another and to come to resolving any conflict if any should arise.

This is the Buddhic Way. This will come. This energy is pouring into this Earth’s atmosphere at this time. The energy is partaken like food into the cells to help lift the consciousness to the Buddhic Way. Everything is energy – you are all energetic beings. The energy can be breathed in – acknowledged and ask that you be permeated with this energy. Give all that holds you back to God, to allow the space for this Golden Age is to permeate you – It will fill the place that has pulled away from God and thus energetically magnetise you to the Buddhic Way and to God.

It is very simple, it is an exchange of energy. We have been listening to the talk about the exchange of souls in the ‘walk-in’ phenomenon – energy comes, energy goes, one replaces another. The energy of the Buddha is the gold energy. It can replace any energy that is holding you back from the Source. If you understand this it will help to create this within you. See it as an exchange of energies and have the desire for that energy exchange to take place. It is your choice – your choice alone. This is what was meant when said, there would be a sorting out from the chaff and those that want to return to God. The saying was ‘that God would have chosen people’ but in actual fact it is the people that have chosen God.

They will choose to become the Buddha. I hope that I am giving you some understanding of the higher consciousness, and of the Way, the path that is leading into the Golden Age. I am Sanat Kumara but I have been speaking a little bit differently to help you to think about the Buddha energy. God Bless you my children, we will not speak anymore this day.

(Everyone was asked to sit awhile and just breathe in the Golden energy)