Newsletter № 12, June – September 2011

Hello Everyone,

As some of you would know, I have recently travelled overseas to South America, and visited the medium known as “John of God” at Casa Dom Ignicio in Abadiana, Brazil. I attended there for a spiritual healing, and you may read of my healing journey. I will also be adding some photographs of this journey, soon.

I met with Howard Toose at the Casa, where John of God does his work. Howard has shared his story of how he became in need of healing, his death on the journey to the Casa, and his subsequent healing. You can read of Howard’s story here. Howard and his sister-in-law Noreen (who I met at the Casa) have graciously sent a large collection of fairy, elemental, aura and orb photographs taken over many years. You may view these wonderful photos here.

Recently, John and I travelled to the Central Coast and visited with Nina Angelo OAM, Artist and Creativity Mentor, who had a mysterious story to share about a hot water bottle. You can see the mysterious hot water bottle and read Nina’s story here.

The Cosmic Person

I have come across the following Divine Discourse given by Sai Baba at the beginning of the New Millenium and thought our readers may like to read it.

At that time many were nervous of a problem with a Y2K bug associated with a computer-related problem. It virtually amounted to nothing. Maybe we received help from unseen sources?

Now many are worrying about “the end of the world in 2012” but this is also a misnomer – the true reading is “The end of the world as we know it” with the birthing of a new era.

Cosmic Sai Baba continues to give transmissions and these are recorded on our website He says He has never left and this is so, if one can realise the concept of the Cosmic Self.

This is the New Year Divine Discourse – by Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba at: Prasanthi Nilayam given on 1st January, 2000 – while in His earth body.

“Embodiments of Love!

It is a rare privilege to be born as a human. Time is precious. The heart gentle. The mind is sweet. Such is the nature of humanness, but it is unfortunate that man is unable to recognize his true nature. Humanness does not exist in the mere form of the human body. Humanness is actually the very form of the ViratSwarupa (The Cosmic Person). All the powers pervasive in the cosmos reside also inside the human. Man is unable to recognize his own capabilities and does not use even a small fraction of them. Man is devoid of peace and happiness. Why is it so? How is it that man endowed with a precious and rare life, a soft heart and a sweet mind is unable to reap the benefits of these valuable possessions and enjoy peace? Unaware of his innate potential and forgetting his nature, man becomes narrow-minded, selfish and suffers from lack of mental peace. Ancient men led a very peaceful life. Restlessness of the mind and misery were alien to them. By adhering to Sathya (truth) and Dharma (spiritual life) they were able to live in peace and happiness.””

For full transcript:

I have always connected to Sai Baba in a Cosmic Way – even when I have been blessed with an interview, most of the time he was speaking to me telepathically, even though there was verbal conversation taking place with others in the interview room.

Only a week ago I was thinking about the white sacred ash known as Vibhuti, Sai Baba manifests in his hands and gives to people. I had a paper package of grey vibhuti that was blessed from the Ashram sitting on my altar, but when I began to pour it into a small container — it was damp and clay like. The next day, after I was remembering Baba pouring it from His hands, I looked in the container to find it had changed to White Vibhuti and had a lovely aroma – a little miracle for us.

In other news, I am still busy writing the book that my Mentors asked me to write while I was standing on the Great Pyramid at Giza. Please refer to my article about the Great Pyramid of Giza. My friend Mary Shaw has very kindly lent to me the photos shown inside of the Pyramid and the Cobra Divine Light that clearly influences people when they enter the Kings Chamber. My husband John has not been the same since he entered and claims, “The visit has totally changed my outlook on life.” I also feel changed from just standing on the outside of the Great Pyramid.

For this reason I am recommending a consideration being given to join Mary Shaw when she takes a group to the STARGATE of EGYPT on 11.11.2011. Her advertisement and details are given here.

I hope you will continue to join me in prayer for those suffering on the planet and the ‘difficult times’ we are experiencing.

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Blessings be with you and Universal love. Val.