Newsletter № 11, April – May 2011

Hello Everyone,

As many of you know, Sai Baba left his physical form on 24 April 2011, Easter Day. Next morning, I arose and determined to contact Cosmic Sai Baba and received the following transmission – you may listen here.

(This is an mp3 file, 1.9mb, playing time 2.40)

You can read the text of this transmission from the Cosmic Sai Baba here (on the Cosmic Sai Baba Website – opens in new window).

One lady, Irene Watson, has written one book on her personal journey, “From the Form to the Formless” a personal journey to God. This book has an explanation for Sai Baba leaving “early” from his body and is available for purchase from the Sai Towers Bookstore. Volume III is the edition I recommend for reading; I met the author in the Prashanti Nilayam ashram in 2006. Highly recommended. Online ordering link is found here (link opens in new window)

We will be having some coverage of other messages from Sai Baba from other worlds – a new section on this website called “Others Writing”. You can read the experience of Belinda Pate here .

I thought I would let you all know that the Cosmic Sai Baba transmission on the 5th of April was a very gentle and reassuring transmission – for many reasons – the wellness of Sai Baba’s body, and the “adjustments” that our beloved home, Mother Earth, is undergoing at this time. We are asked to focus on Universal love in our hearts, to hold this and give it out. Better still, you watch the video below and we step out of the way and allow Cosmic Sai Baba to speak:

So we make take great comfort in being instruments of Universal love and spreading this all around.

In other news, I have been busy writing the book that my Mentors asked me to write while I was standing on the Great Pyramid at Giza. Please refer to my article about the Great Pyramid of Giza. My friend Mary Shaw has very kindly lent to me the photos shown inside of the Pyramid and the Cobra Divine Light that clearly influences people when they enter the Kings Chamber. My husband John has not been the same since he entered and claims, “The visit has totally changed my outlook on life.” I also feel changed from just standing on the outside of the Great Pyramid.

For this reason I am recommending a consideration being given to join Mary Shaw when she takes a group to the STARGATE of EGYPT on 11.11.2011. Her advertisement and details are given here.

In the meantime I am still awaiting the shipment to arrive from India, of the reprint of my Alcheringa, When the ancestors were first created. I will advise as soon as the consignment arrives. If you wish to order direct from India it is now available from Sai Towers Bookshop, the email is – telephone: 91-8555 287270 .

I have been graciously given a huge number of photos taken with a digital camera, showing images from the next world. We shall be uploading a series of these, the first being photos showing ‘ectoplasms’ then ‘auras’ and then ‘orbs of light’ and then elementals. Physical forms can been seen in many of the photos – it will be for you to decide.

I hope you will continue to join me in prayer for those suffering on the planet and the ‘difficult times’ we are experiencing.

You can read the older entries for this front page by visiting our Newsletters page.

Blessings be with you and Universal love. Val.