Newsletter № 10, February – March 2011

Hello Everyone,

I thought I would let you all know that the Cosmic Sai Baba transmission on the 1st of February was given over to the Archangel Mikael and the Archangel Maria. At this point in time on our home we call Earth, it was communicated that the times are very difficult at this time, quite challenging – and so we felt it important to share this with you all on my own website.

Blessings be with you and Universal love. Val.

Today is the 11.01.2011

Here is wishing you a Prosperous, Peaceful, Healthy and Blessed New year 2011.

Having said that, will you join me in daily prayers for the safekeeping of all who are suffering on earth.

I hope you will enjoy the various articles I have written – headed under Menu “Visits to Sacred Places” – there are more to come.

My mentors have always prompted me about Uluru being an asteroid, and I am well aware that scientists do not agree and have come to their own theory as to how Uluru, in the centre of Australia, was formed.

I was prompted to write an article about the existence of a huge impact crater existing in the most part of Australia. (Click to read this article) Recently I received an ’email forward’ showing wonderful photos taken by an astronaut traveling in outer space. Among the photos was one of Uluru and the surrounding area.

Photo of Uluru taken from space craft

Photo of Uluru taken from space craft

When you look at it, it is easy to see Uluru as if it has just dropped onto the earth creating an impact crater and then, what looks like water, is now hardened rock but flowing in a circle away from the rock. You can even see the formation of a crater. At another time The Star people have advised that there were two major movements in the Red Centre of Australia – and that one crater covers a much bigger one.

We were three mediums. In 1994 we began working with Alcheringa (oversighting Guardian Spirit for this planet). As Alcheringa was speaking, the candle I had burning on the table ‘caught fire’ and leapt into high flames – although we were not in any danger.

Photo of Uluru and the candle that caught fire

Photo of Uluru and the candle that caught fire; the resulting wax impression is not unlike Uluru

Alcheringa had been telling us that Uluru was an asteroid – and as if to demonstrate this, the candle was set alight by him, and the wax melted running on to the glass table to look something like Uluru or maybe Kata Tjuta. We were flabergasted at the time.” I realize some of the candlewax still on the saucer (a low triangle) is also part of the image. With that in mind I believe the image looks like Uluru but what it is really illustrating is that the rock (asteroid) was a flaming object of fire before it hit the earth.

Scientists do know there is a paleo valley between Uluru and Kata Tjuta – unfortunately the Astronaut’s photo does not show Kata Tjuta But there does look to be an opening in the crater that could lead towards Kata Tjuta.

If you would like to see more photos from the space craft, then please look at these:

The astronaut who took these photos is Colonel Douglas H. Wheelock of NASA

You may like to look at what I believe to be a “miracle” photo The Grotto of Mary Magdalene at Sainte La Baume.

when the first ancestors were created

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Star People Revisited

Following on from my last newsletter announcing the availability of STARPEOPLE REVISITED in eBook format, I would now like to add that it is also available with coloured pictures, in a PDF file which you can Download, print out and have it bound so that you have your own copy to share around.

Book Cover, Star People Revisited

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    Blessings be with you and Universal love. Val.